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Ch. 1 Suspicions and Conflict

It has been 3 days since Aang and Zuko returned from their journey to the Sun Warrior's temple grounds. And for the most part everything seems to be going alright. Aang's fire bending has progressed significantly even though he still can't hold a candle to his teacher. Toph got her revenge on Zuko by slamming the poor guy against a pillar and nearly breaking his back. Sokka could be seen practicing his swordsmanship for most of the day and occasionally losing a duel to Zuko. Teo and the Duke were still having the time of their lives exploring the western air temple.

However not all was cheerful and innocent. In one of the hallways Katara was talking to Haru as she planned to expose a snake in the grass to the rest of the group. "Do you really think we should be doing this Katara, I mean it is his room" Haru asked.

"Don't be stupid we have to expose him or who knows what he'll do to Aang and the rest of us"! Katara exclaimed. They eventually made it to Zuko's room and found the door was unlocked as they entered.

His room was rather modest. It only had a single bed and it seemed to be the worst one in the temple. He had his cloak from his time in the Fire Nation Royal Palace hung up on a rack. There was also a small table where he had laid out his traveling bag and a portrait of his uncle as well as his mother. Katara and Haru began to look through his bag and only found a change of clothes, some bending scrolls from all four elements, some money, a black outfit for sneaking around, and a top knot holder. Dissatisfied they began to search every nook and cranny for anything incriminating but they found nothing. "Where in the Hell does he keep it"? Katara screamed. She immediately walked over to his table while Haru was cowering in fear in the corner. Feeling spiteful Katara made a dagger of Ice and raised as if she were about to shred the portrait of Zuko's Mother to shreds when she felt a strong arm grab her shoulder and pull her away from the Table.

Katara turned around to see none other than the former prince who she hated. "What the Hell are you two doing in my room?" Zuko asked pleasantly.

"Trying to find out what you're plotting" Katara replied darkly.

"Sounds difficult, especially given the fact I'm not plotting anything against you guys" Zuko said calmly.

"Yeah right, I'll find out what you're planning and when I do I swear I'll kill you myself" Katara threatened.

"Still pissed about Ba Sing Se are you?" "Hell can't say I blame you, if I were in your shoes I wouldn't trust me either". Zuko stated. "However" he quickly moves forward and places his face a mere 3 inches from hers and says "I have four things to say to you, first off I'm not plotting anything I'm wanted dead or alive by the Fire Nation just like the rest of you, second I understand that you don't like me or trust me especially considering how much pain I've caused you, third you can say and do just about anything you want to me, and lastly I want to warn you that if you ever try to destroy my mother's portrait again I promise you that I'll be the one who ends your destiny right then and there"; Zuko states bluntly. "That goes for you too Haru, now if you two don't mind I need to get cleaned up and your brother is whining about food so would you both kindly get out of my room for five minutes"? Zuko asked politely.

Fifteen minutes later Zuko joined the rest of the group for dinner. A few minutes passed until Aang finally asked "so Katara you mind explaining what you and Haru were doing in Zuko's room?" Katara refused to answer.

Aang sighed and turned to Zuko. "She wasn't in my room Aang" Zuko stated.

"He's lying" Toph added lightly.

"So Zuko what were they doing in your room"? Aang asked figuring he might get farther with him.

Zuko sighed wishing Toph would've let it slide and said "she was trying to find evidence that I was plotting to kill you and I'm guessing she convinced Haru to join her little investigation".

"Truth" Toph added.

"Okay now why did you get so angry, I mean did she do something that upset you or something"? Aang asked.

"How'd you know about that" Zuko asked?

"I've noticed that when fire benders get upset their temperatures shoot up to very high levels and I was close enough to sense it" Toph informed him.

"Interesting, anyway since I'm not plotting to kill any of you there was no evidence, she got upset and was about to shred a portrait of my mother I brought along when I came in and confronted her" Zuko said calmly.

"What" the group shouted loudly and looked at Katara shocked.

"So what, I mean it's obvious that he's up to something" Katara coldly stated.

"Katara why would you try to destroy a picture of his mother I mean I thought you loved our mother, you wear her necklace everyday when where're not undercover, so why would you even try it"? Sokka asked.

"Well it's not like he matters, I mean how can you all trust him"? Katara asked.

The group was quite for a few seconds until Aang finally said "because he saved my life from Combustion man".

"Yeah but do you remember who hired him in the first place"? Katara responded shooting Zuko a nasty look.

"Yes and he nearly fell to his death to stop him" Aang added. Katara was quite.

"He could have killed me easily in our sparing matches and have made it look like an accident, I've improved but I'm still not quite at his level with swords"; Sokka said.

"He's passed all my lie detector tests and he's nowhere near his sister's level when it comes to telling lies" Toph stated. "Besides if he wanted to kill us he could do it right here right now"; Toph added calmly.

"What are you talking about Toph"? Katara asked.

"You know how I feel things with earthbending, well one thing I've noticed is that benders have a certain "feel" to them that I can't really describe to you, but anyway the stronger this feeling is the more powerful the said bender is, and the feelings I've gotten from Zuko are second only to what I've felt from Aang when he's gone into the Avatar State"; Toph explained.

"Oh yah well come on Zuko let me see some of that power of yours"; Katara jeered.

"I'm not interested in fighting someone who isn't my enemy" Zuko said.

"Actually that might not such a bad idea"; Aang said.

"What are you talking about?" Zuko asked.

"The fight, I mean if Katara realizes just what you could do if you wanted to, she may ease up on her suspicions like the rest of us" Aang said.

"Whatever, so what do you say Zuzu"? Katara mocked.

"Fine but let's take it topside someone could get killed if we did it down here" Zuko finished.

So the gang went to the grounds above where the higher elevation would give Zuko's firebening extra juice and the full moon would do the same for Katara's waterbending. Katara pulled some water out of thin air and looked towards Zuko and asked; "are you ready for me to kick your ass?"

"I was waiting for you to get ready, let's get this damn thing over with" Zuko said politely as possible. Then in that one moment gold eyes were locked with blue eyes as the fight began.