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Ch. 29 The New Era

It was just after sunrise the morning after Zuko was officially named Fire Lord inside the Fire Nation's highest court room. The building itself was six stories tall, windowless, and covered in Fire Nation emblems and statues of Fire Lords Soizen, Azulon, and Ozai; but most notably was the twenty foot statue of Soizen on the roof with flames rising from its mouth with another twenty foot tall statue of Azulon to its right and a statue of Ozai to its left, like Soizen's their statues also had flames rising from their mouths.

The main court room was a large circular room, about one hundred feet in diameter, there was only one entrance, when you entered from said entrance you would have to walk down a tight hallway created by the dozen rows of seats for observers who wanted to observe the capital offenders that stretched down for about seventy five feet, and the last thirty foot area looked like a normal court room. In the center next to the wall was a judge's stand with an old man who appeared to be in his eighties sitting there with a stern look on his face; to the judge's right seated next to the border between the observers and the court itself were the twelve counselors of the former Fire Lords Ozai and Azulon who would act as the jury, on the opposite side of the court area sat the court's scholar who would record all the events of the upcoming trial, guards were stationed throughout the room both in the court and the observation area.

There were several reasons for the tight security; first of all the observation area was filled to capacity with people from all four nations who wished to watch the trial, secondly the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko was observing this trial from the front row with his family and the Avatar and some girl from the Southern Water Tribe, but what drew in the most security were the defendants standing only fifteen feet in front of the judge.

There were two defendants; they were both eighteen years of age, one boy and one girl. They both had the same jet black hair and dark blue eyes. The only difference in their appearance aside from their gender was that the girl's hair reached all the way down to the bottom of her back, while the boys stopped about six inches past his shoulder blades. Their names had struck fear into the hearts of countless people within the Fire Nation's government for the past three years, their crimes were numerous in quantity and vicious in nature, but now they stood before the judge with their hands cuffed behind their backs and their legs were so tightly bound that they could barely walk; they were none other than the infamous Zane and Kimiko and they both had an amused expression on their faces.

The courtroom was filled with chatter when the judge cleared his throat loudly, slammed his gavel on his stand and shouted "Silence!!!" the court immediately fell silent "Zane and Kimiko you both stand accused of over a dozen counts of piracy, several dozen counts of arson, over one hundred counts of destruction of Fire Nation property, the murder of over three dozen Fire Nation and military officials, and countless other counts of other treasonous acts which include but are not limited to the killing of soldiers in both the Fire Nation's Army and Navy; do you two have anything to say?"

Kimiko chuckled before saying "Damn good times."

The observers didn't seemed surprised at the comments, the scholar and the counselors were disturbed, while the judge was disgusted "safe to assume you don't plan to deny the charges or to apologize for your actions?"

Zane grinned before saying "Wow sis, these guys appear to have some brain matter left."

"I know" Kimiko began "you know if they had a little more, they might qualify to be considered sentient beings."

"You're not very respectful" the judge stated.

"That's not true" Zane responded while poorly acting like he was hurt "we can be very respectful."

"Yeah, it's just that you have to do more than be a bunch of old men who smell bad to earn it from us" Kimiko stated factually before she pretended to be suffocating in response to their smell.

"This is going to be a long day" the judge stated as he slammed his hand to his forehead.

The trial continued well into the evening. The sun had gone down and the court had to break for lunch around noon, when they got back the trial consisted of the judge questioning the twins and the twins responding with a smart ass answer; until finally.

"Do you two have any closing statements?" the judge asked clearly annoyed.

"Thank the spirits it's almost over" Kimiko stated loudly.

At that the judge had had it "this court!!!"

"Of corrupt old bastards who have been selling out their verdicts to the highest bidder, most for over fifty years" Zane added to the judges comment causing his veins to just about pop as he watched them stretch out their arms and legs "amused us for a short time, sadly it no longer does."

"You impudent!!!" the judge shouted "we are the highest court in the Fire Nation, and you will respect and fear us!!!"

"Two things old man" Zane began "first of all; people should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people" everyone in the court room could tell that things were about to get interesting "and trust me before this is over you willbe very afraid."

"And secondly, you're not asking us the important questions" Kimiko added.

"Like what?!" the judge asked.

"Why are the defendants able to move their arms and legs freely, would be a good place to start" Kimiko stated smugly as she and her brother rubbed their foreheads.

"When did you?!" the judge asked as about twenty guards immediately surrounded the defendants.

"Oh we freed ourselves from the binding about ten minutes after the trial began" Kimiko said happily.

"Say Kimiko, is there something on my forehead?" Zane asked as he held up his bangs.

"You have some dirt there, let me get it" Kimiko said as she pulled some water out of the air and washed it off Zane's forehead.

"Thanks Kimiko, so are you ready for our last hurrah before we go legit?" Zane asked.

Kimiko hugged him before saying "I honestly never thought this day would come, but yeah I'm ready."

"The hell are you…" the judge was about to ask before he was interrupted.

"You're not very bright are you?" Kimiko asked.

"They're apparently not as bright as we first suspected" Zane sighed "I mean they don't seem to get that this isn't a trial, it's a spectacle."

"What did you say?!" the judge hissed.

Kimiko sighed before saying "where do we begin?"

"Still I can't believe he didn't suspect something was up when he saw that all the observers had brought snacks into the court room" Zane said lightly "not to mention all the merchants outside who made a killing off their sales."

"Except for that one guy who was selling cabbages" Kimiko stated lightly "anyway where do we start?"

"Well it started during a little meeting we had with Fire Lord Zuko before the last battle" Zane began.

"You see Fire Lord Zuko takes some pretty unpopular political stances and he'll need all the friends he can get" Kimiko continued.

"So we had a little chat and came to an agreement" Zane stated as his smirk reached new levels "Zuko was to hold off on pardoning us so we'd be arrested and brought here to be tried and let us retain our titles as the Dragons of the North and South…"

"In exchange; once we're done having fun here, Zane is to serve him as his new highest ranking General of the army, and I'm going to be in charge of the Navy" Kimiko explained "and on another note he's going to pardon us for everything tonight."

"Which brings us to what we're about to do" Zane stated evilly "first off, you might want to open your podium judge."

The judge opened his podium and his eyes nearly popped out "what the hell?"

"You see judge during the week after Zuko beat Ozai and the time we got arrested, we had already snuck into this building" Kimiko explained with great amusement "and we rigged this entire building with explosive charges, fireworks, and a hell of a lot of fuse; in fact we stuck the last bit of fuse out of your podium."

The judge was speechless when Zane shouted past the guards "Raine, Riku, you guys have the rest of the fuse?"

A Water Tribe girl and a Fire Nation boy each held up a large wheel of green cord, "Excellent" Kimiko stated proudly "so it's time to get this show on the road."

"Stop them!!!" the judge shouted.

Two of the guards tried to grab the twins from behind, however they both received a kick to the face resulting in them falling painfully to the ground where they lost consciousness.

"Come on guys you have to try harder than that if you want to stop us" the twins said in sync.

Two more guards tried to rush them with their fists in gulfed in flames, the twins ducked and kicked the guards in the stomach, their flames extinguished instantly. Zane and Kimiko then grabbed their guards by the arm and threw them into a third who was trying to charge in behind the previous two knocking all three of them out.

"Score: Zane and Kimiko 5, Guards 0" Kimiko stated smugly "come on guys take us seriously."

"I think they just need a little motivation" Zane sighed "Riku, Raine, if you'd please" he said before he and his sister held out their right hands, a few seconds later they were both holding a sheathed sword.

"Now, I recommend you remaining fifteen soldiers take us at least a little more serious" Kimiko stated as she and her brother drew their blades and the guards started spreading out and take their firebending stances.

The twins decided it was time to take the offense as they charged towards the guards with Zane heading towards the right and Kimiko to the left. The first guard tried to catch Zane with a flaming left hook, however his arm was deflected by the side of Zane's sword and was slammed into the court wall next to the sage by Zane's own red flaming fist, the guard was out cold before he hit the ground. Zane immediately kicked his left foot backwards sending a red fireball towards another guard, overpowering his own bending, when the attack connected with the guard he blown back several feet before he lost consciousness. Kimiko pulled some water out of the air with her left hand as she charged her first target; the guard punched a fireball towards Kimiko, but the attack was dissipated halfway to it's target when a stream of water intercepted it and grabbed the guard by the upper torso, the guard was then quickly and roughly pulled towards Kimiko where his stomach met the but of Kimiko's sword handle causing him to black out in seconds. She then performed a left roundhouse kick sending an arc of water towards another guard slamming him against the jury box; this made the jurors jump to the side to avoid the guard when he slammed into their benches and knocked two of them along with himself.

Four of the five guards surrounded the twins, who were a few feet away from each other, back to back. The siblings turned their heads to each other and looked each other in the eyes before they smiled; both twins held out their blades as Zane's was engulfed in flames and Kimiko's was surrounded in water, the twins then turned to each other and ran forward with their left hands extended to one another, when their hand latched onto each other and swung each other in a counterclockwise circle sending an arc of water and fire out in a three hundred and sixty degrees; the four guards were immediately thrown against the walls and fell to the ground.

"And then there was one" Kimiko said slyly.

The last guard looked at his fourteen defeated comrades and then looked at the twins who were unscratched before putting his hands in the air and saying "okay I give up, please just don't kill me!"

Zane looked to his sister and smiled before walking up to him and placing a hand on the man's shoulder, he then said "relax we weren't going to kill you, we haven't killed anyone for a week and we have no desire to break from that."

"Huh?" the guard nearly spat as his eyes darted from guard to guard and noticing that they were all still breathing.

"Now why don't you and some of the observers help get your friends out of here before we blow this place to hell?" Kimiko asked as the guard nodded and helped one of his friends up.

"Now there's only one thing to do before the evacuation and the fireworks" Zane stated as he looked to his sister who had a sudden realization.

"Oh yeah, I nearly forgot" Kimiko said as she and her brother both threw their swords like spears, each blade was stuck into the wall, each only a few inches away from the judge's head while he was trying to sneak out.

"Are you going to kill me?!" the old man asked hoarsely as he swung his arm out and sent a feeble arc of fire towards the approaching twins which was easily blocked.

"If we wanted to kill you, you wouldn't have a head on your shoulders right now" Zane stated bluntly.

"Besides, we've killed enough already; mostly because of people like you" Kimiko hissed.

"So we wanted to ask you a question first" Zane stated calmly as his eyes took a more sober look in his eyes "so tell us, did you or any of your friends ever feel any shame or regret?"

"For what?!" the judge hissed.

"For fueling the agendas of tyrants, neglecting the people of the Fire Nation whom you swore to serve and protect, helping fuel the destruction of countless innocent people's lives!" Kimiko hissed as a tear rolled down her cheek as thought about her father, Aiko, Konsetsu, and the many other people she had met over the years.

"Don't be ridiculous" the judge hissed "our needs, the needs of the nobility, and the needs of the Fire Lord far exceed the needs of a bunch of lowly peasants and treacherous nobles like your father."

"Bastard!!!" Kimiko shouted as she lodged an ice-sickle into the man's knee caps.

"You're wrong" Zane stated calmly "your generation's time has past, now it's our turn, and this time we will have peace; and we'll be there to protect it, mark my words" a tear then ran down his cheeks as well and the judge finally was silent.

Back in the rosters the new Fire Lord had decided it was time to step in.

"Mother, Uncle, Katara, and Aang please help evacuate everyone and get them to a good vantage point for the show?" Zuko asked.

"Of course" they answered as they got up to usher people out for the fireworks show that was approaching.

"Azula, Kana, and Riku on me please" Zuko said calmly.

"Understood" Azula and Kana replied.

"One moment" Riku said as he handed his roll of fuse over to Raine "would you kindly help Zane and Kimiko rig this up?"

"Of course" Raine said as she grabbed the wheel over to the judge's podium.

Zuko, Azula, Kana, and Riku made their way to towards the trial area as the other observers started making their way out of the courtroom. The twelve former advisories and the sage that had been recording the trial stopped right in front of the new Fire Lord's group.

"My lord is what they're saying true?" one of them asked.

"It is" Zuko answered calmly.

"And you're all under arrest for corruption and crimes against humanity" Azula added lightly.

"What?!" they shouted.

"Didn't you hear her?" Kana asked "you're under arrest, I advise you not to resist; I'm not as merciful as my children."

"You don't have the authority!" they spat at Kana.

"Actually she's the new head of palace security and she's now under orders by the Fire Lord to aid in your arrests" Riku stated calmly as he pulled out some restraints.

Kana smiled before saying "that's why I don't mind the idea of having you for a son in law."

"The arrests please" Zuko said calmly.

"Right away" Azula stated as she helped Riku and Kana restrain the old war criminals and Zuko walked towards Zane and Kimiko.

"Zane, Kimiko it's time for your show, leave him to us" Zuko said softly.

"Thank you" Zane said as he brushed his eyes.

"A deal's a deal" Zuko said before he smiled lightly "now go help your girlfriend set this up."

Zane smiled before saying "yes your majesty" he then walked towards the podium with Kimiko at his side.

Zuko restrained the old judge and lifted him up with Azula's help before saying "we'll get you stitched up before we throw you in prison" they then handed him over to one of his body guards.

"Damn you" the judge said silently as he fainted.

Zuko left the courtroom and walked up to the hill in front of the courthouse where the staff, observers, cart vendors, and anyone else who had been within the vicinity. He took his stance next to Iroh and Ursa.

"So, have I gone mad for striking a deal like this with Zane and Kimiko?" Zuko asked.

Iroh and Ursa chuckled before Ursa said "I don't think you could've made a better deal to win their loyalty."

"That and you'll be sending a powerful message to the rest of the world that the Fire Nation has changed for the better" Iroh added "trust me…in weeks you, Zane, and Kimiko will be considered world heroes; you'll do fine, I know it" he then placed his hand on his nephew's shoulder.

"I'm just worried that I'll end up like Ozai" Zuko sighed.

"Zuko" Ursa said calmly "you and your father are two completely different people; he chose to neglect his duties to the people while you burned for them, he chose to spread war and destruction while you while you chose to help end the fighting for good, and while he killed countless people before and during his reign Ozai killed countless people while you've never killed a single human being in your life."

"You see Zuko, you're not like Ozai and you'll never be like him because you chose not to be" Iroh said wisely "we are who we choose to be, nothing more and nothing less."

"Besides, you have friends, family, and loved ones who'll ensure that you won't become someone you're not" Ursa said with a tone of finality.

"Thank you mother, uncle" Zuko said quietly as he looked to his side to see Katara looking towards the court as Zane, Kimiko, Raine, and Riku unrolled the final bit of fuse.

"Hey Fire Lord Zuko, come here and light this" Kimiko shouted out as she held up the end of the fuse.

"Wasn't this your idea?" Zuko asked.

"Come on" Zane shrugged "you know you want to."

Zuko sighed before walking over and grabbing the fuse with his left hand. Zuko breathed deeply before creating a small white flame in his right hand before lighting the fuse and watching the fire race towards its target.

"While we wait I was wondering" Katara said curiously "what did you do with your father?"

"Oh him, well" Zuko began "I sentenced him to a rather unique punishment."

"Which is?" Riku and Raine asked.

"Life" Zuko answered.

"In prison?" Kimiko asked.

"No" Zuko began "I sentenced him to spend the rest of his day in an armored prison transport that'll be traveling across the globe, the idea is he'll be watching as the world rebuilds and enjoys the new era of peace."

"So let me get this straight" Zane began "you condemned Ozai to spend the rest of his days watching the world he had dreamed of burning to the ground and ruling with an iron fist rebuild, live freely, and become more unified in this era of peace?!"

"That sums it up" Zuko shrugged.

Zane and Kimiko looked each other in the eyes before laughing hysterically.

"We're VERY proud of you" Kimiko stated "he'll be begging people to put him out of his misery for the rest of his life."

"For a guy like him, it'll be a living hell" Zane stated as his eyes traveled back to the court house "anyway explosions eminent in three…two…one…"

Suddenly explosions started coming from the Court house. They began at the base and then worked their ways up to the second and third floors while the sky was set ablaze by rockets, multi-colored sparks, sparkling Roman candle shots, and other beautiful effects.

"Here comes the finale" Kimiko stated as explosions occurred at the base of the three statues on the roof.

The head of Ozai's statue shot up in the air until it came crashing down on a merchant's stand a couple dozen yards away from the courthouse.

"MY CABBAGES!!!" one of the merchants shouted as the building collapsed and five sparkling dragons shot up from the roof. Four dragons shot off in different directions while the last dragon continued straight into the heavens; a red dragon soared off to the west, an orange dragon dashed towards the east, a green dragon raced to the south, and a blue dragon flew off to the North while the last dragon in the center lit up the night sky with its bright white light.

The crowd saluted as the dragons made their debuted in the night and they were all crying. Some cried because their countries had been recently liberated from oppression, some cried because their tribes were now safe from fear, some were crying because they could restore their own way of life after a century in hiding, and one was crying over the loss of his vegetables.

"Zuko" Iroh said happily the future awaits.

18 years later- Northern Water Tribe

It was the anniversary of the war's conclusion; it was the Northern Water Tribe's turn to host the international celebration as leaders of all four nations and the Avatar had gathered to honor the lives of the countless people who had lost their lives regardless of their side and to reaffirm their nation's dedication to continuing the peace.

A thirteen year old boy with golden eyes and shoulder length black hair dug himself out of the snow as some of it melted on his parka; he was not alone however, a fifteen year old boy with golden eyes and extremely short black hair was also picking himself up. Across from them was a fifteen year old girl and a fourteen year old boy both with long black hair reaching down about six inches below their shoulders and dark blue eyes and they were all surrounded by children who watched them spar.

"Damn it!!!" the younger boy shouted "do you know who we are?!" he asked as he conjured up some fire in his right hand.

"Let's see here" the girl said calmly as she engulfed her hand in fire as well "you're name is Roku; the son of Fire Lord Zuko and lady Katara, and the crown prince of the Fire Nation" she then pointed her other hand to his friend "and you're his cousin Gyatso; son of Azula and Avatar Aang."

"She's right Roku" Gyatso said in surprise.

"So you knew who we are and still attacked us!!!" Roku half shouted.

"You need to calm down a little" the older boy stated calmly as he also lit up his hand in fire "for starters this was a sparring match so of course we weren't going to hold back, secondly you need to calm down and learn some dignity in defeat, and lastly me and my cousin are the best firebending team in the world."

"They're right Roku" a man with golden eyes and long black hair stated as the children parted to let him through "humility helps in this world."

"Father" Roku gasped "how did you know?"

Zuko chuckled before saying "Mai and Kya told us you were getting out of hand."

"Damn" Roku swore softly as he thought of his ten year old sisters the twins Mai the firebender and Kya the water bender as they followed their mother who seemed annoyed at her son's latest antics.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Zuko" Gyatso said solemnly "I should have stopped him."

"Save it for your mother" Zuko stated as he turned to the Fire Bending cousins and smiled "do you know who you got into a fight with Roku, Gyatso?"

"No, we were asking when you showed up" Roku said calmly.

"Would you two kindly introduce yourselves" Zuko asked amused.

The boy looked at his cousin before stepping forward and saying "I am Rin; son of Riku and Kimiko and the air to my mother's title of Dragon of the South" he then bowed respectfully.

The girl stepped forward with a huge grin, before she conjured some flames around her feet and held her hands above her head in fists and said "I am Aiko; daughter of Zane and Raine and the heir to my father's title of Dragon of the North" the flames then died away "I'm also the girl who just beat up the crown prince and the child of the Avatar."

"Now be nice" Zuko said as he held his son back "I don't want to hear anymore Agni Kais going on, this is supposed to be a peaceful gathering, so don't cause trouble and keep an eye on your sisters."

"Ok" Roku sighed in defeat.

Zuko made his way back to the other diplomats and said "your kids are something else general Zane, admiral Kimiko."

"What'd you expect?" the Kimiko asked.

"I'm very proud of them though" Zane stated before he walked up to the fire lord "life is fun" he stated before he slapped him on the back and everyone seemed to laugh at the children's antics.

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