"Cutie please, just open the door so we can talk. People are starting to stare."

Xavier stood in the dorm hallway, leaning against the wall next to Kory's door as he rubbed his temple and tried to ignore all the annoying whispers and stares.

"Fucking a, it's like high school all over again," he thought, grimacing as he knocked on Kory's door once again. There was still no answer so Xavier raised his fist, ready to knock again, when Kory finally opened the door.

"Here to tell me how much of a mistake I'm making?" she asked angrily, arms crossed tightly over her stomach almost as if hugging herself.

"Can I just come in? I really wanna talk to you and it's really awkward to do this in front of everyone."

No response.

"Please Kory."

Kory sighed. "Make it quick, I have class in 20 minutes," she said while moving out of the way and opening the door wider, allowing Xavier access.

"I hate that we're fighting because of Grayson." The door was barely shut when Xavier admitted this, spinning around to face Kory as he prepared to pour his heart out on the table. Knowing what he was about to do, Xavier felt sick to his stomach and like his heart would surly pound out of his chest any second.

"We wouldn't be fighting if you were more accepting of him," Kory muttered, recrossing her arms and looking down at her shoes.

"Yeah and you'd still be with him if he wasn't a cheating ass and then we never would have met. Would that make you happy?"

"Get out," Kory hissed, her eyes narrowing as she moved to open the door. Xavier quickly moved forward and trapped her hand in his own, the other one placed firmly on the door as to keep it closed.

"No," he stated and Kory's eyes narrowed further. "Not until I'm finished."

"If you just wanted to convince me what a dumb choice I'm making by letting Richard back in, you're wasting your time because I don't care."

"Will you listen to yourself Kory?! The minute Grayson shows up, everything is about him!" Xavier yelled, his grip on her hand subconsciously tightening as he stepped closer to her.

"So you came here to talk to me about something that doesn't involve Richard?" Kory asked smugly and Xavier growled as he stared down at her.

"I'm real close to hitting something Kory, you better watch what you say," Xavier threatened, starting to see red as the thumping of his heart echoed in his ear drums. Kory's voice still run out clearly though, as she spoke again; glaring up at Xavier.

"Richard may be a cheating ass, but at least he never threatened to hit me."

"If Grayson is so fucking great than why aren't you with him right now?!" Xavier yelled into her face, so close now that their noses were touching. Had this been a different time and the strong emotions coursing through them were different ones; the moment could have been a nice one with a promising future. "Why are you here wasting your time with me when you could be off fucking Grayson?!"

A sharp slap echoed throughout the room, followed by the sound of heavy breathing as Kory slowly lowered her shaking hand. "I want you to get out," she hissed lowly.

"Maybe that's for the best," Xavier said bitterly, pulling away from Kory and reaching for the door handle. "Don't come crying back to me when Grayson doesn't turn out to be your knight in shinning armor."

And with that Xavier was gone, slamming the door behind him as he stormed out into the halls that were annoyingly crowded.

"X, what's going on?" Johnny called, jogging after his friend. Xavier just kept walking with his hands clenched into fists at his sides, jaw tight and eyes straight forward.

"We broke up," Xavier finally said, stopping suddenly and spinning to face Johnny.

"Shit man, I'm sorry," Johnny said lamely, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "But if it's because of that Grayson bastard than she's just a whore and wasn't good for anything other than a fuck," he finished, moments later shoved up against the wall as Xavier held him by the throat and glared down at him.

"Shut the fuck up. You have no idea what you're talking about," he hissed, tightening his grip before letting go of Johnny completely.

"Look X, I'm sorry man. Just come with me and we'll go get high and I'll find a real pretty lady to help you forget all about Kory," Johnny said after he regained his breath, his voice hoarse.

"I don't wanna get high," Xavier muttered, pacing in the hall as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Then what the hell do you want to do Xavier? Because you can't just stay like this, it's not healthy or something."

There was silence as Xavier continued to pace, trying to think of something to do that would make the anger coursing through his veins go down.

"Let's go fighting," Xavier finally said and a smirk broke across Johnny's lips.

"Now you're talking my language."


Kory sat on the edge of her bed; staring in front of her while she tried to wrap her mind around what the hell just happened.

"He broke up with me," she thought, feeling her heart ache as the truth of the matter started to resonate within her.

"Oh God," Kory whispered before she was jumping off her bed and throwing open the door, rushing out of her room and down the halls. Never before had the distance between her own room and Xavier's seemed so long, but now it felt like forever just to get to the right hall; all the doors seeming to blend together and none of them seeming closer to Xavier's.

"Xavier?" Kory asked, throwing open the door the moment she got to his dorm finally. It took a while for her mind to catch up with her eyes and when things did connect, Kory was disappointed to see that Xavier wasn't in the room, just two guys lying on the beds smoking.

"Looking for someone honey?" one of the guys asked, sitting up as he blew smoke out of his mouth. Kory wrinkled her nose in disgust as she slowly took a step back.

"Uh yeah, I was hoping Xavier wasn't here, but I can see that he isn't. I'll just come back later," she muttered, subconsciously reaching behind her for the door knob of the door that she had stupidly closed behind her after running in.

"I can be Xavier if you want me to be," the guy sitting up said, smiling at Kory. The other guy sat up as well, a smirk on his lips.

"I'll be Xavier too," he said, blowing out smoke through his nose.

"That's very nice of you guys to offer, but I really need to talk to the real Xavier. I'll just leave now," Kory tried to say, but quickly one of them was up and off the bed and at the door, pulling her hand away from the handle and holding it instead against his chest.

"What's with the rush sweet? Why not stay and hang out with us for a little while? Have a smoke and take your shoes off… clothes can come off too." A wink was thrown in at the end of his sentence as he wrapped an arm around Kory's stiff frame.

"Let me go," she said, trying to sound strong but failing as her voice wavered.

"Aww come on baby, you're so nice to hold," he purred into Kory's ear, a chill running down her spine from the feeling of his breath on her neck.

"Come on now man, don't be selfish," the other guy said, standing from the bed and walking over with a smirk on his lips. He wrapped his arm around Kory's waist and pulled her out of the grip of the other guy, bringing her instead towards his chest. "Oo, you are nice to hold," he agreed.

"Let me go!" Kory yelled, feeling the other guy grab her hips from behind and pull her towards him while still trapped against the chest of the other male.

"You know Kyle," it was the guy behind Kory that spoke, his face nuzzled against her neck, "I think I heard something about Xavier going out with Johnny which means he won't be back for a long time." Kory started shaking upon hearing that as slow circles were rubbed on her hips; hands slowly slipping underneath the fabric of her shirt so that they were against her bare skin.

"You don't say Ryan," Kyle said, a smile on his lips as he slid his hands under Kory's shirt and slowly up her stomach.

"Mmhm, now why would I lie about a thing like that?" Ryan asked, kissing along Kory's racing pulse as she went stiff as a board; her eyes wide open and filling with tears.

"Do you have a name gorgeous?" Kyle asked as his fingers brush over the skin just below Kory's bra. Her arms shot up then and she tried to push him away only to end up backing further into Ryan who let out a low groan as his grip on Kory tightened.

"Let me go!" she screamed, struggling against them which only made them laugh as they held on tighter. It was Kyle who ripped her away from Ryan, spun her around, and then threw her back on the bed; Kory's head hitting the wall as she fell back.

"Let's call you kitten," Ryan suggested as he crawled next to Kory on the bed. Kyle's smile grew at the suggestion of this name as he ran his hands up Kory's legs, stopping at her pant loops which he put his fingers through and pulled out.

Stars danced in front of Kory's eyes as she blinked through the tears that were streaming down the side of her face. There were hands on her and she could hear their voices, but they sounded so far off as the pounding of Kory's heart echoed in her ears. The thoughts in her head were all jumbled together in a haze as her head kept pounding and her body kept shaking.

"Hmm purple. That's cute kitten." It was Kyle that said this as he stared down at Kory's chest after removing her shirt. His hands moved down her naked stomach and to the button of her jeans, popping it out and pulling down the zipper. "Matching lingerie kitten? That's hot."

"Get off of me," Kory tried to tell them but the pounding in her head made it hurt to move, let alone talk. She was left with nothing to do but lie there was Ryan kissed up her arm and Kyle began to pull off her pants. "Xavier," Kory sobbed, slowly shaking her head back and forth as Kyle kissed the inside of her bare thigh.

"Don't worry kitten, he's nowhere near here," Ryan assured Kory in a husky whisper, his hands caressing over Kory's breasts as the other one slid underneath her back and tried to undo the clasp of her bra.

While Ryan was working with that, Kyle slid his hands up the inside of Kory's thighs and let his fingers ghost over her underwear. He hooked his fingers under the waistband of her underwear and just as he was getting ready to pull the garment away, Kyle was torn away from Kory as a growl rang through the air.

"Shit," Johnny whispered, staring from where he stood in the doorway as Xavier pulled the two men off of Kory.

"What the fuck man?!" Ryan yelled before Xavier's fist was slammed into his jaw and his body sent spinning to the ground. Kyle watched with wide eyes as this all happened and when he felt the vibrations of Ryan hitting the ground, Kyle quickly tried to crawl out of the dorm room. Xavier saw this and let out an animal like growl as he followed after Kyle, grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head up before punching him back down.

"Shit," Johnny muttered once again, watching in a demented sort of awe as Xavier went back into his dorm room and dragged Ryan out and threw him onto the floor right next to Kyle.

"You know these guys?" Xavier asked, turning his attention to Johnny who stepped back slightly.

"Well it'd kinda hard to tell right now," Johnny said, laughing nervously as Xavier's eyes narrowed.

"They better be gone when I come back out or even their own mothers won't be able to recognize them," Xavier threatened before heading back into his dorm, the door closing calmly behind him.

Johnny looked over at Kyle and Ryan again before voicing the thought he was sure everyone else in the hallway was thinking.



Xavier walked back into his dorm room to find Kory curled up in a ball on his bed holding his pillow against her chest.

"Those fucking bastards. They were going to rape her on my own God damn bed!" The thought alone almost made Xavier turn and go back into the hallway to make sure Kyle and Ryan would never see the light of day again, but after looking back at Kory he knew his priority and where he was needed most.

"Did they hurt you?" Xavier asked quietly, wanting to comfort Kory but he hesitated and instead just shoved his hands in his pockets. There was blood on his knuckles anyway.

"No," Kory whispered into the pillow, pulling her legs closer to her chest. Goosebumps rose up on her flesh as she thought about what had almost happened and then Kory was sobbing all over again, shaking violently as her knuckles turned white from gripping onto the pillow so tightly.

"They can't hurt you now Kory, don't worry. I took care of them," Xavier assured her, slowly sitting down on the opposite end of the bed. Looking at Kory now, Xavier felt the distance between them and it made his chest ache as he wanted to reach out and comfort her but knew that he had given that power up.

"Do you promise?" Kory asked weakly as she looked over at him through bloodshot eyes. Xavier was at a loss of words as he nodded, freezing up when Kory crawled into his lap and buried her face into his neck. Her body was still shaking as silent sobs moved through it and it took only a second for Xavier to wrap his arms around Kory's frail body and pull her closer as he gently rocked her.

"I promise Cutie," he finally whispered, almost choking on the words because his throat suddenly felt tight. "No one will hurt you ever again. I'll keep you safe."

"I love you Xavier," Kory whispered as she hugged herself closer to his body. Xavier took in a shuddering breath as his eyes began to sting.

"I love you too C-cutie," he choked out before pulling her closer and closing his eyes as silently, tears fell.


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