Chapter 1

'I just hope you're happy now…'

Those words…

Those were the last words I had told to her before she left me. Forever.

I just hope you're happy now.

But a question formed in my mind when I told her those words.

What about me?

Yes. Maybe she'd be happy without me. Maybe she could live without me.

But how can she be so selfish? How can she not understand that I need her?

It's been five years since I've talked to her. And who knows what happened to her. All I knew was that she's been with Phoenix the whole time. They were the most popular couple. They appeared in newspapers, tabloids, and almost every news channel known to man. I guess people loved snooping around their favorite pro duelist's love life.

All I knew about them was that they were together. Other than that, I never really knew what happened to them; every time I saw an article about the two, I would look away. Every time I heard news about them, I would shut my ears and refuse to listen. I didn't know if it was jealousy or regret. Or was it anger and annoyance?

I hated it that they were together. It's been five bloody years and they're still together. That's just ridiculous.

Well, at least I know she's happy.

And as for me?

I still live in the past.

Why? I didn't know.

It's stupid, I know. It annoyed me that she haunted me. It irritated me that her voice kept ringing in my ear and her face still appeared in my dreams.

Sure, she's happy. Sure, she had a happy ending.

But what about me?