Chapter 3 - Two Hours

Hermione was losing her nerve. She had already tried more than 4 dresses for the party tonight and didn't feel comfortable or pretty in any of them. On top of that, she had a mask to worry about.

The day before, Professor McGonagall had posted a notice in the middle of the Gryffindor common room. Making their way through most of the students, Hermione and Harry had managed to read it.

The Graduation Ball shall begin at 7'o clock.

Although the Staff recommends that you should wear the same attire you had chosen for your graduation, you are allowed to wear more comfortable robes, and for women, dresses will be allowed.

As well, everyone should have their Transfiguration skills at their best, since the theme of the ball will be "Venetian Carnival", and every student is obliged to bring an appropriate mask.

Headmaster Dumbledore

Below the notice were several examples of the masks, all of them moving their plastic mouths in different manners. They didn't help with the faces of astonishment of the seventh year students. Harry and Hermione shared worried looks the moment they finished reading.

"Ginny was right, you know," Harry said, "he's gone completely nuts."

"Thank Merlin we don't have to wear candy costumes" she answered, defeated.

But Thursday had gone by quicker than Hermione expected, and when Friday came, she realized she didn't have anything ready for the ball. She was thankful she had access to the Prefect's bathroom, nobody would bother her there and she could try her outfits in peace.

But little before seven, Hermione found herself looking at the mirror as took off a long blue dress, the last one she had tried on, and stared at her naked body in the mirror. It wasn't ugly at all, she realized. She had a flat belly, a nice back, and all of the right curves in the right places. Maybe she was a little too skinny, but she didn't worry much about it. She sat on the edge of the tub and started flipping the pages of her Vogue. If she didn't come across anything this time, she had decided to wear only simple robes. Fortunately, she found what she was looking for at the end of the magazine. Yes, it was a little bit daring, but she felt like it was the one. It was a short black dress, that would fit tight everywhere that mattered. It would've been to simple if it didn't have a very elegant gold belt around the stomach. Hermione was satisfied. She focused on the black dress as she transfigured the blue one to look like it. Glancing at the clock, she realized she had to hurry. She quickly put it on, and transfigured her shoes to be black sandals with a small heel. Finally, Hermione gave herself one last fleeting look in front of the mirror. She was satisfied with the way her curls framed her face, and the way the light makeup she was wearing made her glow. Yes, Snape would not be able to resist her tonight.


"Wow, 'Mione, you look beautiful," Ron said. She only smiled in return. Didn't want to encourage any wrong ideas on that front. Harry and Ron were wearing black plants and white shirts, which fit really well on both of them. She noticed Ron had a red eye mask while Harry had a black one, and realized she had forgotten to transfigure hers! She ran to her room and transformed a piece of parchment into a beautiful satin eye mask. She charmed it so it would fit her face perfectly and stay there without any help. She sure wanted to have her hands free for Snape tonight.


She checked the clock for the eleventh time, only to find out two hours ago the ball had started and Snape was nowhere to be found. Still, she wasn't bored or anything. Right now she was dancing with Dean, who had complemented her 300 times already for how she looked and was on his way to make it 301. The whole atmosphere the Great Hall had was amazing, in her opinion. The Teacher had charmed the candles to have a very subtle glow, leaving a mysterious aura to everything. On top of that, the masks added even more anonymity to everything. You had to be very close to someone to see who they were. But as nice as Dean was, and as nice as Harry, Seamus, Neville and everyone else she had danced with that night were, she still wanted to feel the way only Snape could make her feel. She wanted to shiver at his slight touch, melt in the sensation of being in his arms and maybe, if she played her cards good enough, even kiss him. When the song started to slow down, Dean twirled her around. But Hermione felt a hand grab her free one, and pull her away from Dean. He stood there looking down, wondering who was the mysterious man that had taken her partner. Hermione, on the other hand, was a bit relieved, Dean was starting to get on her nerves. Then, the strong hand left her soft hand and took hold of her waist.

She recognized him immediately.

He pulled her to him and lead her to the middle of the dance floor. Hermione was more nervous than before and more nervous than ever in her life. Her hand felt too good as her fingers entwined with his, and she could only imagine how the rest of her body would feel under his touch. He finally stopped, and placed his hands on her waist as they started to move to the music. It was slow enough to allow such closeness between them, but both knew they had other motives for leaving mere inches apart. Hermione placed her hands on his shoulders and started to pull herself even closer to him. As she brushed her body with his, she felt a sigh of satisfaction escape Snape's mouth. She lifted her head to look at him, and found his eyes clouded with lust as he tightened his grip on her hips. Hermione couldn't help but let her left hand wander to his neck, and brushed a finger along his jaw. He looked so handsome with that black mask that only covered the skin around his eyes. She was amused watching the expressions that played through his face. Hermione could see the initial fear that his eyes had had turned quickly into lust. She cupped his cheek in the sweetest fashion, and let her thumb touch his lips.

He felt beautiful to her.

But the look on Snape's face changed to one of restraint, as if he was stopping himself from doing something. He roughly grabbed the hand that was touching his face and placed it back on his shoulders. Hermione didn't understand. Why had he done that? Everything had been going smoothly and now, he didn't want her? She felt her eyes began to water, and a painful knot in her throat. She released herself from him and almost run towards the exit, already feeling tears escape her eyes. She only hoped he wouldn't see her behaving so weakly.

When she reached the exit, Hermione started to wander around the halls. Why had he behaved that way? Had he been only teasing her? Maybe he liked feeling powerful and only enjoyed making her ache for him.

Who would want a teenager like you when they could have smarter and better looking witches?

That's right. Why would've Snape wanted her in the first place? She wasn't that great. Sure, boys her age found her good-looking, but to him she was a mere teenager, someone expendable who he could leave wanting for more.

Well, he didn't actually do anything. He only prevented you from falling a couple of times and held the door open.

"That's right," she though. Hermione couldn't believe she hadn't seen how things were before. She had been so stupid believing that he would want something with her.

She turned around to head back to the Great Hall to enjoy what was left of the party. She wasn't going to ruin her Graduation because of him. She then notice Dean striding towards her.

"Hermione," he said, short of breath," I've been looking for you everywhere. I thought for a moment you had left the party."

"Uhmm, no, don't worry, " she answered unconvincingly, "I just needed a bit of fresh air."

"Sure… Well, are you up for a dance?," he said stretching his hand with a smile.

Hermione was about to say yes, when she saw him walking towards her. Snape didn't take his eyes off her as he got nearer and nearer.

"Yeah, that sounds nice, Dean," Hermione answered looking back at her friend, "but I have to get something I forgot from my room. You should go back inside."

He nodded with sad eyes and left off for the Great Hall, not noticing that Hermione was meeting someone the opposite way.

Finally, he reached her.

"What do you want?," she said, bravely.

"Why did you leave?," he replied, almost instantly.

"What do you mean, 'why did I leave'? It was obvious that you didn't want me near you."

"Hermione, what are you talking about? You think I came to this ridiculous, hormone-driven dance because I didn't want you near me? You think I wa-"

He was cut off by the sound of students getting nearer. His eyes rested a second on hers, and he pulled her quickly inside a door that was near where they were standing. Both entered what they supposed was a classroom, and Snape placed his arm protectively on Hermione as he gently pushed her to the wall. She complied. It was clear that neither of them wanted to make a scene in front of anyone. When the noise dissapeared, Hermione was the first one to break the silence. The only light that touched their faces was the one coming through the glass in the door, everything else was pitch black.

"Why did you take my hand out of your face? Did it mean that the schoolgirl was getting too close?" she said

Snape looked relieved. Relieved enough to smirk. "You didn't no- You didn't, didn't you? Hermione," he whispered, getting closer, "the only reason I did that was because you were- you were making me lose control. If you kept touching me the way you did, I could've- I mean I would've taken you right there. I cannot resist everything, my dear." His body was covering hers as he pushed her a little bit more against the wall. He placed his mouth next to her ear, his voice only a whisper. "Has anyone told you you look beautiful tonight?"

Hermione gulped. He had overwhelmed her. She had been wrong. Thank Merlin, she had been so wrong. She actually had an effect on him. Hermione looked at her Professor's lips, which were now right in front of her eyes. This was her chance. She whispered an apology before brushing his lips with hers. Hermione felt him groan as he pulled himself closer and attacked her mouth.

He felt even better than she thought.

She could feel her lips warm at the sudden contact. Their mouths started moving in synchronization and his tongue played with lower lip. She granted him entrance and let his tongue do wonders in her mouth. She unconsciously slid her hands under his black shirt, and heard him moan with delight. He started pulling her dress up, so that her knickers were exposed. He was pleased to find they were green. Hermione felt as his finger start rubbing her clit, and let out a whimper of satisfaction.

"More," she moaned," Profe-," she quickly fixed her mistake as she bucked on his finger, "Severus. I need m-more."

But Severus Snape didn't miss the slip. He suddenly remembered this was a student he was about to have sex with. He instantly withdrew his fingers, and met her surprised expression as he completely pulled back from her.

"Wh-what's wrong? Surely you didn't stop because I called you Professor," she said smiling. She started to walk towards him. "It was a mistake, and only that," she murmured grabbing the back of his neck.

"No, it wasn't, Miss Granger, " he said, gently pushing her back, "I'm afraid I've overstepped my boundaries. I should've never put you in this situation."

"What? Severus, I was enjoying this from the first moment you touched me too. I thought this was something both of us wanted."

"You are still my student, and I'm still your teacher," he answered staring at the wall behind her.

"In less than two hours I won't be one anymore. I'm already an adult in the magic world. I want you, Severus, and I simply don't understand why you would want to stop this if you want me too."

He looked at her. She was so young, so innocent. 'But she has the head of an adult, and the body of one too,' his conscience told him. Still, he wouldn't be able to betray the trust the school had put on him.

"I'm sorry, Hermione. Then we shall meet in two hours. I must say, I would be crazy if I didn't admit I want to fuck you right here and right now," he said furrowing his brow, "but even I have some morals I cannot betray. After twelve I will look for you, Miss Granger, and you will have the ride of your life. Still, I have to leave you for the fear that I won't be able to control myself. I truly am sorry," he finished with a sneer, leaving for the door.

Why was he being such a prick?

"Wait, Sir," Hermione grabbed him by the arm," You- I… I don't know if I'll wait for you. Excuse me, Professor," she added with emphasis, "but I cannot understand why you can't do this right now. It certainly feels as if I am less important than what the school says or what others might think. But if you change your mind before twelve, I'll be there. However, I cannot promise anything for later. You are not the only one that can put conditions," she finished as coldly as she could. She was expecting more from him.

"Then, have it your way." the words escaped his lips and he released his arm from her hold. He left, leaving her alone in the classroom.

She couldn't help but wonder if she had taken the right decision.

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