[bDay One of Kazea's diary[/b

"Kazea," whined Kaki. I was in my room working on writing a story early this morning when Kaki came in wanting me to play dolls with her.

"No," I said flatly, "You know you aren't allowed in my room. Now go and make Gaia play with you." I slammed the door in Kaki's face and went back to my writing.

"Kazea," my father's soft voice called. I sighed and opened my door with Airbending.

"Dad, I'm kind of busy with writing. You always say that I need to do what I want to do with my life and for me that's writing. And I can't do that when my little sister is-" I started.

"Kazea," Dad cut me off, "I didn't come here to lecture you."

"You didn't?" I asked, "Then what do you want from me?" I certainly wasn't expecting that.

"Come on," Dad held out his hand and with reluctance, I let him lead me outside our house in the Southern Water Tribe.

"Kazea," My father said again, "You realize that tomorrow you turn sixteen." I had completely forgotten!

"Uh… yeah, I remember," I said in confusion. Why was Dad talking to me about turning sixteen? Then, in a flash, it hit me. Sixteen was the marriage age for young women in my community.

"Sweetie, I talked this over with your mother and we decided that we are not going to force you to marry. It is cruel and almost like slavery," Dad said. I sighed with relief.

"Thank you!" I said, hugging him, "You know you could have just told me in my room. I'll go back now."

"Hold it," Dad said, "I haven't told you the real reason behind this."

"Um, okay," I didn't like the sound of his voice.

"Dao de Yean has asked me for your hand in marriage," Dad said. I stopped short. Dao de Yean? I wouldn't live through one day being married to him.

Dad must have seen the look on my face because he said, "Like I said, sweetie, you get to marry who you want."

"Thanks," I said again.

Then, the most least expected thing happened that night-midnight to be exact. The moon was full when Dao de Yean himself came over. I, unfortunately, was the one who opened the door.

"Yes?" I asked when I saw who it was.

"May I speak to you outside?" Dao asked. I looked at my parents who nodded encouragingly.

"Yes," I said, "Just a moment." I grabbed a shawl and walked primly outside.

"You know, Kazea," Dao started, "I talked to your father earlier and he gave me an odd answer; he told me to ask you." I started breathing hard.

"Yes?" I said again.

"I asked him for permission to marry you," Dao swallowed, "So will you?" I was breathing hard.

"Dao, I-I can't marry you," I said.

"Why not?" Dao asked.

"Because I don't love you," I said.

"Love?" Dao was confused. I knew what he was thinking[iGirls and learning don't mix[/i. I've heard it all before.

"I can't," I repeated. Dao nodded and left me in the dark.