Day nine of Kazea's diary

I will not live one more day with that bird!! There is no way in either of the worlds that you can make me! That bird is SO annoying I can't believe that he's even allowed to live! Now I know the true reason Rishabha left us. Okay, I think I have my anger out now. We actually met another Avatar today. Here's a recap:

"I wish I had my Bending," Jinè muttered, "Then that bird wouldn't be living."

"He wouldn't be living if anyone he met had their Bending," I told her, "Why do you think he was put in the Spirit World?"

"Hmm, I never thought of it that way," Jinè said. We glanced at Gaia who was being tortured by 'one day stories' from (guess who) Zhishi.

Poor Gaia had this sad, pitiful expression on her face and she looked at up with pleading eyes. "Kazea," she whined.

"Zhishi," I sighed, "Shut up or leave. Just because you enjoy telling stories doesn't mean that everyone enjoys listening to them." Zhishi ducked his head when I came over to him. I must have looked angry because the next thing I knew he was telling a story about what happened to someone who hit someone else. Jinè, Gaia, and I groaned and Gaia fell over with a dramatic sigh into the mud.

"EEK!" Zhishi shrieked as he landed in the mud. Gaia had forgotten that he was on her shoulder. Us girls looked at each other and burst out laughing, Jinè picking Zhishi up with the tips of her fingers.

Though as we laughed, we failed to notice a female Firebender walking up to us. "Good morning," she said brightly, causing the rest of us to jump, "I see my Zhishi has found you." Zhishi, after seeing who had spoken, flew up and landed on the lady's outstretched hand.

"He's yours?" Gaia asked.

"Yes," the Spirit answered, "I sent him to you so that I would have an easier time finding you."

"Who are you?" Jinè asked suspiciously.

"My name is Avatar Rüza. I believe you've met Yougan; I am the Firebending Avatar before him," Rüza smiled.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Kazea, this is Jinè and this is Gaia. Do you by any chance know what we're going next? Because no one informed us; we haven't seen Amia in a few days."

"Actually, Amia won't be seeing you again," Rüza answered.

"What?" Jinè asked, alarmed, "Why not?" "Well, after six days in the Spirit World, you are on your own. As in no more Amia," Rüza answered. Jinè and I looked at each other.

"So who's leading us?" Gaia asked.

"Only the Avatars you meet," Rüza replied.

"So where are we going?" Gaia asked. Rüza sighed. "I was asked to take you to learn how to stop Azula. This will be a long journey, girls. Most likely six or seven days," she said.

"So what are we doing to learn?" I asked.

"You ask a lot of questions!" Rüza laughed, "But actually we're going to a certain Spirit but first we'll need to train on how to act when you meet him and who is going to meet him."

"Who are we going to see?" Jinè asked.

"Koh the Face Stealer," Rüza answered.

Do I really need to say anything else? We're on our way to Koh's and at the same time training to not show any emotion. Which is kind of hard and if you've never tried it when someone is trying to scare you don't say that it's easy not to show emotion.

Sorry it took me so long to update. We've had a lot of work lately since a tornado blasted its way near our place so we have trees knocked over-roots and all-no more trampoline or play set, and part of our fence was knocked over. So we've spent two hole weeks cleaning up the place and I haven't had much time for writing. Sorry again!