Seven years ago the Dursley's had taken Harry Potter into their home with the intent of beating the magic out of him. Soon they began to see Harry as the source of all their problems. If dinner was burnt blame the boy, if Vernon was having a bad week at work the boy must be the cause of it, and if Petunia's prize roses just weren't the right color of red it had to be because the boy cursed them.

As the blame for their problems was placed on his small shoulders the beatings became more frequent and by the age of seven his back was a map of scars left over from the switch. Malnourishment caused his growth to stunt and he looked like he was five instead of seven and his hands were callused from the hard work he was forced to do.

But now Harry had crossed the line; he had used magic against Dudley. Of course Dudley had been trying to beat him up and Harry had not meant for Dudley to get locked in the trunk of the car. To the Petunia and Vernon Dursley none of this mattered, all they saw was that the freak had used magic on Dudders. This settled it; they decided the boy had to go!


Petunia walked into the living room where Dudley sat playing a video game.

"Dudders, What do you think about taking a car ride today?"

"I don't wanna."

"Oh, it would be so much fun though."

Dudley made a sound in the back of his throat before shouting, "I'm playing a game!"

"You can bring your game boy."


He stood up, threw down his controller, and left the room, leaving Petunia to turn it off.

Petunia walked into the kitchen, where Harry was cleaning the breakfast dishes.

"Boy, go put your shoes on, we're going on a trip."

Harry watched her walk out of the room with a shocked expression before putting down the dishrag and going to find his shoes.


Harry watched the landscape speed by, trying to block out the sound of Dudley's snores and wondered when they were going to stop. They had been in the car all day, only stopping for food when Dudley complained.

He fell asleep watching as the sun went down and a full moon took its place.

Harry awoke hours later to the sound of Petunia's voice.

"Boy, Wake up." She looked back at him, "Get out of the car."

Harry stepped out of the car and closed the door; jumping back she stepped on the accelerator and sped off.

He watched the taillights fade off into the dark with a feeling of dread. I'm alone now. He thought, as tears began to run down his cheeks. He stood in that same spot for what seemed like hours to him before he heard the growl.

He turned towards the sound and let out a whimper when he saw the silver wolf. It was taller than him, with glowing amber eyes, and its lips were pulled back in a snarl showing off long, sharp teeth. When the wolf let out another snarl Harry turned and ran into the woods.

Years of running to escape Dudley and his friends had made Harry fast but not fast enough to escape the wolf. As Harry tried to climb over a fallen tree the wolf bit into his ankle causing Harry to cry out and turn, raising his hand to hit the wolf. The movement caused the wolf to bite down harder. Harry passed out from the pain that was overtaking his body.