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By: Rita Skeeter

Once again this author has the worrisome job of writing about questionable events surrounding Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Most readers will remember the article, written only a few months prior, in which the headmaster's decisions in regards to his determination to keep the boy-who-lived separate from the wizarding community were questioned.

During the turmoil that followed Albus Dumbledore's refusal to answer inquiries from the public at large and allay the censure of parents as they questioned the value of education he is offering their children a more significant problem arose. As the children gathered for a festive dinner in the great hall, as has been custom for centuries, the normal tranquility was disturbed by a rogue troll entering the castle. This dangerous creature not only managed to make it past wards that have guarded the castle since it was built, but also wondered through the castle uninhibited until a faculty member alerted other occupants to it's presence.

Turmoil ensued as students were left to make their own ways to safety and teachers separated to find the beast. With the interference of Severus Snape, two cornered students were able to escape the clutches of the monster before too much damage was done. The damage amounted to one ruined bathroom, one injured teacher, emotionally scarred children, and the realization that Hogwarts is not as safe as assumed. This author cannot help but wonder what else we can expect of Dumbledore's remaining years as headmaster. It seems that we can at least be thankful that there are at least a few adults alert in their care of our young witches and wizards.

Dumbledore balled up the newspaper in anger. The damn woman did not even need to write her usual lies when the truth worked so well in inciting public anger. Since her first article he had received at least two owls a day, each writer daring to question his actions. This new article had only been published in the morning and he had already received eight angry letters from public officials who have parents demanding something be done about him. He had worked so hard, given these people education, led them away from those that were dark and evil, he had even defeated dear Grindelwald for the greater good. How dare they question my abilities!

Dumbledore pushed a small table onto its side with the twitch of his wrist. A bowl that had rested on it shattered and the pinkish purple goo it had contained spread across the floor, further inciting his rage. The contents of the bowl were another reminder of his recent failure to make a searching spell without a personal item from the young savior. Everything was falling apart before his very eyes and he knew that if he could just find Harry Potter the balance would be restored in his favor.

He tried to think of the things that were proceeding as he had originally planned; there were few, but they were momentous. Ron and Hermoine had grown closer after they had been cornered by the troll in the remote bathroom they had been fighting in and no one had questioned their friendship. They had even begun to work together in their common goal of proving that they are worthy of being a friend to the boy-who-lived as well as satisfying their own curiosity about the forbidden corridor.

His 'casual' comments about what type of friends the boy hero thought he deserved had sparked their interest in proving themselves worthy with daring tales, such as entering a forbidden corridor their first year of school. He had also ensured that they would be ready for their part in his plan by giving Ron a much better wizarding chess set, which the boy used often, as well leading Hermoine to the most useful books in the library.

Then there was his progress with the stone itself. He looked down at his hands in disgust as he thought of the stone. The skin was pale and stretched tight across each bone while his veins were more prominent than ever before. There were even some days that they pained him so much that he could not fully extend his fingers. These appendages that seemed to show every week that he had lived were a constant reminder of his mortality and made him more determined to complete his plan. His understanding of the stone and its power was quickly growing; people were very willing to share information with the headmaster of Hogwarts and once it was all collected the stone would be his to control.

However, that could quickly come to an end if that asinine woman continued writing those articles. His thought increased the anger he had thought to control. Nothing is right without Harry Potter.


Harry could not sit still, he had been filled with excess energy the entire day, but that was just a side effect of being a werewolf when the night of the full moon was quickly approaching. Another side effect that the entire pack had experienced was the extreme irritation from being confined, most had wondered off to hunt in their wolf forms, including Harry's teachers. There had been a few vicious fights over small disagreements and Harry's own anger flared as he sat in his only class early in the morning. Remus' very voice had annoyed him so much that his nails had begun to lengthen as he imagined taking out the older male's throat.

Remus had quickly spotted the warning signs of a wolf on edge and released Harry from the rest of his schedule so that they could both relax. Harry had been spending the rest of his day with Sinicae and Mark washing clothes as well as playing in the small pond near the tree house. They were all stripped to their wastes and their pants were soaked from the multiple times that they had 'accidentally' pushed each other into the water.

"I just wish the unmated doms would remember to soak their blood covered materials!" Mark was viciously scrubbing on a towel that had a large spot of dried blood without making any progress.

"Ha! Mated doms are just as helpless, I still have to go behind Phil and pick up his crap after he has tossed it all around the room." Sinicae gestured wildly as he talked, splashing the subs on either side of him. "Just get used to the idea of cleaning up after them your entire lives."

"Fenrir keeps his stuff tidy." Harry said with a small shrug.

"Ah, yes, our esteemed leader." Sinicae nudged Harry's shoulder with his own. "He would never give his darling submissive more work, at least not until he gets..."

Sinicae's words were interrupted as Mark pushed him into the water. Sinicae spluttered as he sat up and glared at his brother, who laughed. After Sinicae had climbed out of the water and they were once again calmly washing clothes Mark looked at Harry with a serious expression.

"It's true though, Fenrir does everything he can to make sure you're happy. He even made it mandatory that the dominants spend at least an hour with their children because you asked."

Sinicae nodded. "I don't think I've ever seen more children running around wild. Did you all see Bradley riding around on Jonas' back yesterday? Never seen a happier three year old or whipped wolf in my life."

Harry smiled at the thought of the children running around with their fathers at all hours of the day. It had taken a while for the mothers to be comfortable with at first, they were so used to knowing where their children were at all times. However, there was not one pack member that would question the safety of a pup that was with his protective father. It was also still an amusing shock to find the large adult males in the playroom, which was filled with miniature furniture, playing some childish game.

Sinicae watched as his young friend smiled at some secret thought. "Yes, when you come into your own there will be amazing changes in the pack. But, right now just concentrate on being a kid." With those words Harry found himself in the water while his two friends fell in after him.


Fenrir watched as his mate wrestled with his friends in the water. He tried to not be jealous of how close his mate was to these pack members, but there were times like these when he wanted to take the boy and lock him away from all others. These times, when his mate laughed because of others and when he saw another touch his mate's bare skin, were the hardest for him to control that urge because those were the few things he was able to share with his young mate. He could not fully claim the boy, but he could mark the beauty with his scent through innocent touches; he could not show him ecstasy, but he could bring him joy.

Every time he saw another sharing those experiences with his mate he had to fight the urge to jerk the other away and reaffirm his claim by marking the young man's neck. The only thought that helped sooth his beast was that other dominants' instincts would usually not allow the men to be overly physical with their alpha's mate. He also understood that he had nothing to fear from the submissives Harry spent much of his time with and they did get him in these wonderful situations.

Fenrir watched as the submissives fought to reach land while pulling the others back into the water, none of them were any closer to their destination. It was one of those rare moments where Harry was able to act his own age and the sound of his laughter made the older man smile. The activity also showcased the lithe body that had so much potential of becoming the perfectly enticing physique of an alpha submissive.

He looked forward to the day that the boy would reach his full potential and become an adult, when he could truly claim his mate. His pack would flourish with Harry leading beside him; there were already great changes that he would not have thought to make without his young mate's observations. The pack had seemed more like a family since Harry had taken an interest in his submissive duties. Fenrir watched the boys for a few more seconds before turning back to the active pack, there were still many things he had to do before dinner was served and it was already late in the day, he could already smell the deer roasting over a fire.


As others were settling in for the night after a long day of work Master watched as his light followers gathered in the dark dungeon they were forced to hide in. Now would be the perfect time for us to take over the wizarding world. Everyone is so focused on the missing child. The government is still so weak, so corrupt, from Voldemort's influence. If only these imbeciles would stop hindering my plan.

"You have disappointed me." His voice bounced off the stone walls and it captured the attention of every occupant. "All of you have failed and shown me the weaknesses that exist within our group. This behavior cannot continue or we will never win the fight against the dark. I am beginning to think that you want another dark lord to rise, for those creatures to grow strong and attack our loved ones without fear, which will happen without us eliminating the threat while they are still weak."

He stood from his seat to tower over them and they all stared at the ground to avoid gaining his undivided attention. "The werewolf packs have continued to escape your clutches; two of our own were lost in our pursuit of one small pack. Why do they seem to be stronger than when they first scattered? Is it because you are not truly trying, have you all been seduced by the dark natures of those we chase? A cluster of incubi escaped capture by seducing their four captors, who were drained of energy and left for death."

He remembered when his most loyal friend led him to the three men and lone woman who were still weak from their sexual encounter. They did not quake in fear of his presence or try to grovel, too intent on basking in the euphoria from being seduced by incubi. That show of power these creatures held, something that was so far out of his reach, had only increased his anger. The dark powers inside those creatures made him lose everything important, first his love and now the followers he depended on. He had no choice but to kill those sullied people, they had not even taken notice of his own powerful presence until the first man's skin had suddenly disappeared from his body.

He brought himself back to the present as his remaining followers shifted uncomfortably under the fanatical gaze of their leader. "Society, more importantly, the government still refuses to categorize many creatures as dark and dangerous. We risk our safety all because a few men in power have something to gain from continued friendships with them! I can no longer stand the thought that there are creatures such as elves, centaurs, even goblins being so closely linked to political decisions and controlling our money. Many of you have reached your positions in society and the government because of me! Now show me I did not place my trust in the wrong people; that you are still fighting for our cause."

At those words the most faithful of his followers began looking more closely at those surrounding them with distrust. If they did not all complete their parts of the plan then these people were putting all of their families at risk. The world would not be safe until the creatures, and all those who protected them, were eliminated.