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Kagome grinned, despite the cold.

Shimmering snow was falling from the sky. An inch or so of the heavenly substance was covering the ground, making every step a cold one. Kagome was wearing light clothing, having been too excited to remember to put on something warm.

A bar came into view. She was never one to drink, in fact, still doesn't. But her current boyfriend likes to have a glass or two, not enough to get drunk. He said he likes the taste- it's like his coffee.

And today was Valentines Day. They hadn't made any plans, but she knew he'd be here. After all, it was a Friday afternoon. How could he not be there?

As she got closer, her face lit up ever more, heart pounding in her chest. She couldn't wait to look into his gorgeous amber eyes…

The sound of music got louder with every step. It was currently some rap song from a band she couldn't identify. Truly, she's always been a fan of alternative rock.

When Kagome took a step inside, the loud music assaulted her ears. Lights flashed around the room, the beat of the song one that made even her wish to dance. She craned her head over the people while walking toward the bar, wondering where her boyfriend could be.

"Ack!" she screamed, tripping over someone's feet and falling to the ground with a loud, 'THUNK!' She cringed as a few people stepped on her. It's a common-known fact, that, if you fall in a big group of drunks, you get, whether intentionally or unintentionally, stepped on.

She felt someone grab her shoulder, and instantly tensed. 'Oh please, don't let it be some drunk wanting to rape me!'

"You okay?"

The voice was full of concern, and didn't waver. 'Okay, so he seems kind, and isn't drunk. Maybe I can trust him?'

Kagome allowed him to help her up. He turned her around so they were face-to-face.

Kagome gasped, the breath being knocked from her lungs. Before her stood the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen.

He had long, black, silky tresses held up in a ponytail, which begged her to wind her fingers in. His eyes were a piercing blue, glowing against his tanned skin. And his lips- they looked so inviting.

"Are you okay?" he repeated, this time with a slight smirk. It wasn't very hard to notice the love-struck look across her face.

Her now-hot cheeks flushed a darker shade of red, as she felt very awkward.

Her eyes widened. "Oh! You helped me, and I didn't even introduce myself!" She held out her hand. "I'm Higurashi Kagome."

He grabbed her hand, shaking it. "Kouga, and it's not very often someone's so formal at a bar. A beauty like you should be really careful around here… You're not alone, I would hope."

Kagome sighed. "Well, I was going to see my boyfriend today, and knew he'd be here. So I am alone- right now. But I just need to find him."

Kouga smirked. "Why, you don't need him."

Kagome blinked naively. "I don't? How's that?"

Kouga put his arms around Kagome's waist, pulling her flush against his chest.

The raven-haired eighteen-year-old felt her heart speed up. With the odd lights she hadn't noticed, but now, being this close to him, could feel his well-defined chest. His arms were well built, making her feel oddly safe. She innocently looked up into his electric-blue eyes.

"Because," he whispered into her ear, voice making her want to melt, "you're my woman."

She felt her face heat up. But then she realized something…

A slap went unheard over the blaring music. Kouga stumbled back in slight confusion.

"I'm not some property that any man can just claim! I have a boyfriend! I won't just go cheat on him!" Kagome screeched defiantly.

Kouga's stunned look soon turned into that wolfish smirk of his. "So you're loyal…" He looked back into her stormy-blue eyes. His smirk was firmly in place as he proclaimed, "I will see you again, my Kagome Higurashi."

She flushed, stumbling back again. How could she be mad when he had such sexy eyes? And his lips… they had been begging her to kiss them…

She sighed as he disappeared. 'He's just some guy I met at the bar. It doesn't matter if he's the hottest thing to be put on Earth!"

She pushed through the crowd. Long, flowing silver hair came into view, a pair of dog ears atop the persons head. Kagome grinned, forgetting about Kouga for the time being. She had finally found her boyfriend. They had been dating for two years now.

She stepped up, about to surprise him like planned.

All plans were clean-cut from her mind, leaving her stumbling back with wide eyes. Before her, Inuyasha was leaning over the counter, using his elbows to support him. Beneath him lay her rival in life, Kikyo, who he was roughly kissing. She felt like throwing up and crying all at the same time. He actually touched lips with that Ho? She quickly scribbled something on the back of the note stuck to the present, adding in something she had planned to put on her brother.

"Inuyasha…" she whimpered, unable to believe her eyes. His cute doggy ears twitched, catching on to the familiar voice, despite how low it was.

His ears instantly pressed back against his head as he shot from Kikyo like she was on fire, a nervous smile on his face as he approached the miko. "Uh… Hi, Kagome… I wasn't expecting you…"

Tears blurred her vision. "What, does that mean you do this often? Is this what you do every valentine's day, instead of hanging out with me?!"

His amber eyes tripled in size. "Wait, that's not true!" He grabbed her hand, attempting to pull her closer.

"No! Let go of me, you dirty, betraying, whore of a man!" she yelled. Her eyes were saucer-wide the second she realized the words that had escaped her lips.

Inuyasha dropped her arm, lowering his head in what could only be shame.

"Kagome… I love you so much, I didn't mean to-."

"Didn't mean to what? Kiss Kikyo? No, you'd be in a back room if I hadn't intervened. I hate you, Inuyasha. You're horrible!"

She thrust the tiny box in his hand.

"Wait, Kagome!"

But it was too late, for the girl had bolted into the crowd. He slumped into a chair, crest-fallen. He opened the tiny box, guilt ripping throughout him. Had he really cheated on her, on Valentine's day, and not even had gotten anything for her?

He finally pulled off the lid, revealing a note in it.

He read it, his yokai close to whimpering at what he read.

'Dear Inuyasha,

Happy Valentine's Day! We had our first date on Valentine's Day, two years ago, remember? So this is our anniversary!

I wanted to say, that I've agreed to become your mate. I know I can put my trust in you. Thank you for being there for me! Even with everyone asking you out, you always stay with me!

I love you so much!



He was about to put the note back, when something caught his eye. It was a necklace.

Not the snazziest you'd see. It had beads around it, separated into sections by fangs. It looked like an antique.

With shaky hands, he picked it up, placing it over his head. 'I should at least try it on… I don't deserve it, though…'

He sighed, feeling too guilty to keep it on a second longer.

He tugged at it. It was stuck. He tugged harder. His hands started to hurt. Wide-eyed, he realized something…

Whenever Kagome gives him a gift, she tells him so ahead of time, or in the note.

He quickly looked back into the tiny box. He picked up the fuzz, looking for what he knew had to be there.

After emptying out the contents, he was starting to get unsure.

Then, at the top of the growing pile of the floor, he saw it.

Just a plane, white sheet of paper. But what was written on it made a difference beyond explaining possibility.

He held it up with shaking hands. The handwriting was messy, as if she had done it in five seconds. Which she probably had.

'I can't believe you'd do this to me! Inuyasha, how cruel can you be?! I take back what I said! Oh- and don't try and come after me! Thanks to that necklace I know you're wearing, you should stay away!'

He felt delicate fingers tracing a pattern on his sensitive skin. He looked up to see a face so much like Kagome's, yet oh-so very different, staring back at him.

He sighed. "I'm not in the mood, Kikyo."

She nodded, before slowly climbing on top of him. Her developed body pushed into him, causing him to groan. 'She reminds me so much of Kagome…'

How could he fight her, when she's so much like the girl he wants as his mate?

He felt smooth lips against his, shivering when her tongue entered his mouth, stroking expertly.

His yokai growled at him to be more dominant, while his human side told him to push her off and run after Kagome.

He yelped when she stroked his manhood, unable to help the animalistic growl as she continued. 'She's way too good at seducing me…' were his last sane thoughts…

Tears streamed down her face as she attempted to escape the bar. But it was no use. It was late at night, and everyone was drunk. Of course they were drunk- it was an open bar, and they didn't even ask for your age!

She narrowly dodged being elbowed in the face.

Kagome whimpered in despair. She was trapped, unable to get out.

The miko's small sound caught the attention of all the men around her. She soon found big hands grabbing her.

She screeched, barely heard over the blaring music.

Three men managed to push through the crowd, forcing her against the wall.

She grunted as her back roughly hit the wall, the back of her head painfully following. 'Hope I didn't get brain damage… But maybe forgetting this wouldn't be so bad…'

She weakly opened her eyes, staring into three pairs of glazed, lustful eyes.

Kagome was frozen with fear, unsure of what to do.

The man reached out and roughly yanked her shirt up and off. She started to whimper as the man hungrily pressed himself against her, his two cronies holding her thrashing form down.

There was a lump in her throat, which she fought with all her might. She wanted to scream for help, beg for mercy… but who would hear her cries? Inuyasha was probably back to kissing the hoe, probably worse. And everyone else was drunk, all the sane people knowing to not be here at this time of night.

So who could help her?

Gorgeous cobalt eyes appeared within her minds eye.

"Kouga…" she whispered, barely above a breath, crying out in shock and despair as the mans hands started to roam her body. It was obvious he wasn't the kind of guy who did this for a living- he was going too slow, too hesitantly, to be a rapist. Or perhaps he figured he had enough time, or the alcohol had slowed him down.

"Kouga," she said, this time in a whisper. The man leaned over, taking her lips in a fierce kiss. Tears streamed down her eyes. 'I may be mad at Inuyasha, but I'm glad he took my first kiss instead of this freak! Eiiw, maybe he has mono!'

That truly was the least of her worries right now, but the thoughts kept surfacing. She gasped for air as his lips released hers, tracing down her jaw line.

"Kouga!" she screamed in one final effort to get help. The stranger she had met half an hour ago. The one who was so dreadfully handsome. She closed her eyes, tears falling down her rosy cheeks. The one she knew, somehow, would protect her.

(The end! No, I couldn't do that to you...)

Kouga was dancing with a girl at least five years younger than him, Ayame. And she was an excellent dancer…

But her face kept resurfacing in his minds eye. Yes, her. The angel who had fallen at his feet, quite literally to tell the truth.

His sensitive ears picked up a voice that sounded all too familiar. He concentrated harder, only to hear whimpering. He growled low in his throat.

He felt a soft hand on his forearm. "Kouga, what's wrong? You stopped dancing."

He looked down at Ayame, before granting her a worried smile, removing himself from her hold. "Sorry. My woman's in trouble."

Ayame's face fell as she heard the words "My woman." Though she did swoon over how heroic he was, directly after her moment of misery.

Kouga tried to push through the drunks, having the hardest of times. Why, of all times, did they have to be rushing in the opposite way he was going? It made things a hell of a lot harder.

He skidded to a stop before a scene that made his blood boil, a deep, threatening growl escaping his throat.

A big man stood before him, trailing his lips down Kagome's neck, two others holding the girl down. She had her head down in defeat, body limp as if she had given up hope. Small whimpers slipped from her swollen lips.

Kagome shook in fear, praying for help.

Suddenly, the man stopped. The hands holding her down roughly pulled away. Or at least, that's what she guessed from behind closed lids.

She tensed when a pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. Yet it felt… familiar.

"It's okay, Kagome. I've got you," said a concerned, worried voice.

She cracked an eye open, spotting a handsome wolf-yokai before her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she snuggled closer to him, whimpering into his chest. She shivered, despite how hot it was in the club.

His embrace tightened, turning protective. He soothingly stroked her back.

"Shh… It's okay…"

He noted that she was shirtless, and cuddling up to him, and wondered whether he should do the right thing… Well, she had almost been raped…

He pulled off his jacket, wrapping it around her small body in one swift motion. Realizing the reason behind this, she uttered a quick thank you, slipping her arms through the holes and zipping it up. The metal zipper felt cold against her bare flesh, the stitches digging into her quite awkwardly. The sleeves went to the tip of her fingers, the jacket trailing down her hips.

She closed her eyes, leaning her head on Kouga's shoulder.

He gently picked her up, cradling her slightly in his strong arms.

"What about I take you to my place? So I can keep you company," he suggested. She gently nodded against him, sleep taking its toll on the poor, worn out, heartbroken-40-minutes-ago girl.

He managed to make his way out of the club while allowing her to relax. Her fragile body relaxed into his hold, melting against him. He resisted the urge to nip at her neck.

He reached the door of the club, about to exit-

"Hey, whatcha doin' with my girl?!"

Kouga turned around, coming eye-to-eye with an angered hanyou, only a couple years younger than himself.

"Your girl? If that's so, why was she almost raped when I found her?!" Kouga exclaimed, before lowering his voice upon seeing Kagome stir.

The silver-haired hanyou grew wide-eyed. "Wait, she was almost raped?! When?!"

"Ten minutes ago, I found her, with some drunk pressing her against a wall. I had met her earlier, when she had fallen while looking for her boyfriend- you, I presume- and I had helped her up," the wolf-demon informed.

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. "How do I know you aren't going to rape her? Why's she in your jacket?"

Kouga bared his fangs, growling menacingly. "I wouldn't do that. The drunk disposed of her shirt, so I gave her my jacket."

The hanyou growled right back. "You're not leaving with Ka-."

"Inuyasha…" she murmured in her sleep. They both stopped, wandering why she had said his name.

"…I need to sit down…"


A groan was heard from the crater that had appeared, as Inuyasha smashed into the floor.

When the spell wore off, he forced himself to his feet, ready to shake Kagome awake and demand her to take off his necklace.

But Kouga and Kagome were already long gone, figures blanketed by the darkness of the pitch-black night.

Kagome groaned slightly when Kouga set her down in the passenger seat. He lovingly placed a kiss on her forehead, watching as she relaxed, mumbling something about wolfs, dogs, and demons to herself.

Kouga watched as the angel before him fell into a calm slumber, soon after shutting the door and getting into the drivers seat.

After placing the car in reverse to escape the parking spot, then putting it back to… forward, I think you'd call it, he removed his right hand from the steering wheel. Gently, he grasped one of her hands in his. She mumbled something before her grip tightened, as she leaned over the center and onto his chest.

He held in a groan at the arousal being stirred up. Her scent was overpowering, sending his nerves reeling. Honey and vanilla…

His yokai was telling him to pull over and take her now and then, hidden by the darkness of the night. But he couldn't do that. Not to this girl who he had so easily fallen for.

He pulled up to his house, knowing his family wouldn't mind the visitor. After all, Ginta, one of his many pack members, often brought stray yokai to stay with them.

He carefully carried the girl up the stairs, making sure not to step on the creaky one at the very top.

With so many people in one house, he obviously shared his room. He happened to share his with his two best buds, Hakaku and Ginta. He knew that they wouldn't mind her staying with them. They'd be more likely to tease him and give whistles, maybe some added hoots.

He entered the average sized room. It had a bunk bed, and another bed. Kouga slept in the spare bed.

He pulled back the covers, carefully setting the girl down. She clung to him, refusing to loosen her hold. Not like he was going to complain…

So he did what he found logical. He got in with her, pulling the sheets over the two of them. Oh, how he hoped she wouldn't be too mad in the morning… Girls tended to come to the worst conclusion they could think of. And he definitely wasn't going to say, "All I did was sleep with you!" No, that wouldn't fly at all. It sounded too suggestive, and left room for many misinterpretations.

He couldn't help the smile that laced his features when she cuddled up to him, snuggling into his chest. He wrapped a protective arm around her, pulling her even closer. Kouga couldn't help himself. She was just so… perfect.

He closed his eyes, soon falling into a dreamless slumber…