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Kagome squirmed slightly, only to find herself in strong, familiar arms. She cracked an eye open, only to give a quick, "Eep!" pulling away slightly from the yokai beside her. Her eyes darted in all directions, as she wondered how she had gotten there.

That's when the memories came rushing back to her. Going to visit Inuyasha… Seeing him cheat on her… Almost being raped… Kouga saving her… and slight memories of being carried to a door, probably the front door of this house. Too exhausted, she hadn't complained.

But that didn't mean she wanted to share a bed with him!!

Still, she couldn't get herself to complain. If she told her friends she had passed a chance to be in the same bed as a hot guy, they'd never let her live it down. And he sure as heck is hot. No denying it.

She nearly fell off the bed when electric blue seemed to appear out of nowhere. She calmed herself, realizing it was only the yokai's brilliant orbs.

He seemed like he was waiting for something.

She narrowed her eyes in curiosity, wondering what it could be.

Finally, unable to bear his stare any longer, she demanded exasperatedly, "What's with that look?! Am I supposed to do something?"

He blinked, face turning from expectant to surprise. "You're not going to jump to weird conclusions?"

Her eyes narrowed, dangerously this time. "Is there a reason you expect me to jump to conclusions?"

His eyes shone slightly. "Well, you are quite desirable…"

"Trust me, if you had raped me, I would have awoken."

"Eh? Why's that?"

"Why wouldn't I wake up?"

"You tell me."

"Kouga, can you get a room that's not this one?" demanded a voice, more amused than anything else. Kouga turned his head, spotting Ginta's head poking up from the top bunk. He had a smirk on his face.

Kouga waved a hand as if it wasn't that big. "I wasn't going to do anything, you know that."

"Who knows? Maybe, if your yokai blood took over- no, wait, I'm just kidding!" Ginta said, comment directed toward the worried face of Kagome. "Kouga's way too strong to fall weak like that. Unless you seduced him…"

This time it was Kouga's turn to be taken aback by Ginta's words. But he returned it with a scowl. "Seriously, Ginta, stop talking like that. The poor girl almost got raped!" Kouga tightened his hold on Kagome, whether protectively or possessively, no one knew.

Hakaku hopped out of bed, only to spot Kouga beside the Miko.

He was instantly before Kagome, taking in her appearance. "Wow, she's a cute one."

Kagome turned a nice shade of red. Kouga was still holding her, and merely pulled her closer, to where they were flush against each other.

Ginta climbed down the ladder, soon beside Hakaku. "You should get outta bed before Ayame comes in to 'say good morning'."

Kouga growled lightly, helping Kagome out of bed, but not releasing her. In turn, she eyed him curiously. She gently ran a hand across his face. "Kouga, are you okay?"

He blinked, before loosening his grip. "Yeah."

"KOUGA-KUN!" screamed a voice. The three boys in the room groaned.

The girl Kouga had been dancing with yesterday, Ayame, came in, red hair swishing around in pigtails. Her green eyes were cheerful, until she caught sight of Kouga holding Kagome like he'd never let go.

Her eyes boiled as she stomped up to Kouga. "What-are-you-doing-with-her!" she said, between gritted teeth. Kouga subconsciously pulled Kagome closer- more so to comfort himself than the raven-haired girl in his arms.

"What's it look like?" Kouga demanded.

Ayame growled at him. "Kouga, we're supposed to get married in a month, and you're cheating on me?!"

Kagome looked at Kouga weird. Kouga, Ginta, and Hakaku looked at Ayame weird.

Finally, Kouga found his voice. "Since when were we getting married?!"

"We've been dating for a year now, so I figured…" Ayame exclaimed, getting frustrated.

"No we haven't! And you can't just decide we're getting married on your own!" (irony much?)

Kagome felt quite out of place among these wolf demons, being the only human in the room. And she was currently the cause of many problems. She hated being the cause of a problem.

She tried to pull out of Kouga's arms, only to have him hold on tighter.

Ayame eyed Kagome with distaste, before getting an idea.

"You don't really like Kouga, do you? Wolf yokai believe in being the dominant one in the relationship, so you'll be like a slave!"

Kagome was just too confused to even know what the heck Ayame was talking about. 'After all, she seems to be jealous. But she would know more about wolf demons than me…"

Once again, the three males acted the same. With glares and growls.

"That's not true!" Hakaku exclaimed.

"Yeah, we don't treat them like slaves!" Ginta agreed.

Kouga rolled his eyes. "I know I'm possessive, but I'd never treat her like that! Ayame, how could you say such a thing?!"

Kagome, taking Kouga's moment of anger to her advantage, pulled from his arms.

"Hey, that's not fair…" Kouga murmured.

Ginta and Hakaku laughed at Kouga's lame sentence. "Not fair? You weren't even letting go of her! Ha!"

Hakaku stopped, sniffing Kagome. His eyes narrowed in thought. "Hey, why's she with you when she smells like that annoying hanyou?"

Kagome looked at him in amazement. "You can still smell his scent on me?"

Kouga seemed disgruntled, and turned from her. Ginta laughed. "Kouga, she hasn't done that with the puppy!"

The oldest in the room, Kouga, flushed slightly, turning back to Kagome. He leaned over and started sniffing her…

"GAH!" Kagome exclaimed, pushing him away. She was very exasperated. "You may have saved me, but that doesn't give you the right to sniff me! Yeah, you're hot and strong and all, but I barely know you!"

Kouga had stumbled back, and looked crushed. But then he smirked. " 'Hot and strong'?" he quoted.

She flushed red, avoiding his eyes. Did I just say that aloud? Her stomach growled, and she didn't know whether to be embarrassed or thankful because of the diversion it caused.

"C'mon. You can eat breakfast with my family," Kouga offered, linking hands and leading her out of the room. "Breakfast should start in a couple of minutes, anyways."

Kagome found herself pulled down a hall, past many doors. No pictures were hung on the white walls. After descending a staircase, Kagome realized the house was a lot bigger than she had guessed. Only two stories tall, the house managed to hold at least twenty rooms upstairs alone.

Finally they entered a tiled room. Tables of all sizes were randomly placed all over the room, different types of chairs scattered about. Some tables were full of what Kagome figured to be demons. So into this, she missed the ball of orange flying strait towards her.

She toppled over as something hit her full force, her hand pulled from Kouga's grip. She blinked her eyes, trying to reorient herself. On her chest sat a boy of about five, pointy ears showing him to be a demon. He had bright red hair and bright green eyes, a fluffy tail adding to his demon-look. Kagome, however, found him adorable.

The boy sniffed her, eyes narrowing. "You smell like a human."

"I'm Kagome," she said, picking up the little demon and placing him beside her.

"My name's Shippo, and I'm a fox demon!" he said proudly, puffing out his chest. Kagome smiled at this, patting his head before getting up. "Nice to meet you, Shippo."

He grinned, before running off to a table to join the rest of the younger demons.

"There are a lot of people," murmured Kagome.

"Demons," Kouga corrected. "These are demons who either have no parents or need some kind of help."

"What about Shippo?" asked Kagome, curiosity building.

"Well... his parents were killed."

Kagome stopped dead in her tracks. "Killed? By who?"

Kouga sighed, shaking his head. "No one knows. He won't tell us. All we can get out of him is the word 'Naraku'. Does it mean anything to you?"

Kagome shook her head. "Never heard of this Naraku."

Somehow, despite Kagome's lack of walking, she was sitting at a table beside Kouga. There's no way he carried her without her noticing!

Kouga placed a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal before her, and she immediately began to eat it. She had skipped dinner last night in her excitement to get to Inuyasha. Her mom had complained, but Kagome ignored her-

Her Mother! She must be worried sick! Kagome immediately put down the spoon, standing up.

"Kagome?" Kouga questioned.

"I was supposed to be home by eleven last night! My mom probably thinks I died or something!"

"You want me to drive you home?" Kouga questioned. Kagome answered with a nod, and Kouga led her out, helping her into the passenger seat of the car before going around to get in.

Kagome kept her eyes out the window, the events of last night not fully processing. Her mind wouldn't allow her more than a few thoughts on it, and she was glad. The last thing she wanted was to relive that moment with that man...

Kagome shivered, rubbing her hands against her arms as she suddenly felt cold. Kouga noticed this, and cast his gaze towards her. "You okay?" he questioned, voice laced with worry. Kagome merely nodded, knowing this couldn't have possibly convinced Kouga.

He pulled to a stop before her house. "I'll help you explain to your mom why you arrived so late if you want," he offered. "I probably should've given you a shirt, too..."

Kagome, confused, glanced down. She flushed, realizing she was still wearing Kouga's jacket. Despite her embarrassment, she was in no circumstance going to take it off. The oversized jacket was the only thing keeping her from being indecent.

They got out of the car, nearing the front door of the Higurashi shrine. A figure appeared before them, blocking their path.

The miko went wide eyed, taking a step back. Kouga pulled her closer to him, letting loose a growl. For, before them stood Inuyasha, ears back against his head.

"Kagome, I'm so sorry," he said, eyes downcast.

Kagome felt tears forming in her eyes as she remembered how he had been with Kikyo on Valentines day, betraying her when she had finally agreed to become his forever. The memories she had barely managed to hide came flooding back, and soon she was blinded by tears as they streamed uncontrollably.

"You cheated on me with Kikyo, Inuyasha! On Valentines Day!" He flinched from the beginning of her rant. "I trusted you, and you betrayed me! I was almost raped because of you! And guess who saved me? Not you, who had promised to always protect me. A stranger I happened to run into! A stranger's more kind to me than you!" Taking a shaky breath, she continued, "I don't want to see you ever again."

"But... Kagome, I won't cheat ever again! It was an accident!"

Her eyes narrowed dangerously, filled with rage. "Accident?! SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT!" He was no longer arguing, now at the bottom of a six-foot deep crater. For good measure, Kagome added, "I hope you sit sit sit sit down!"

She roughly wiped away her tears. "C'mon, Kouga," she said, avoiding the crater in her way and trying to open the door. It was locked. She knocked a couple of times.

It opened, revealing a boy who appeared to be ten. "Kagome?!" he questioned, surprise held within his voice. "I thought you eloped with Inuyasha or something."

Kouga resisted the urge to growl, as Kagome merely ignored her brother's odd comments. He seems to have a lot of those. "Where's Mom?"

"On the phone with the police, last time I checked. She's balling so she has to keep repeating herself."

"What?!" Kagome exclaimed, rushing past Souta and into the house, knocking the boy down in the process.

Kouga merely stood there, confused. He couldn't hear sobbing, even when he strained his yokai ears...

Behind the wolf demon, a hand reached up from a crater, nails scraping the ground as a hanyou pulled himself up. "Is she stupid? Her mother would have come running the second she heard a knock.

While Kouga cast Inuyasha a glare, Souta merely shrugged. "Mom left a note last night saying she would be gone for a while. I figured she'd be back by now, though... Maybe she got stuck in traffic."

Kagome stuck her head out the door. "Wait, where is Mom? The shrine? But we don't have a phone in there."

Souta dug in his pocket, handing his sister a crumpled note. Kagome opened it, trying her hardest to ignore the many creases. Leave it to Souta to crumble a note this much. She flattened it out against the outside wall of the house.

Dear Kagome and Souta,

I'm sorry for leaving all of a sudden, but it was urgent. Do not worry. Everything is fine. I'll be gone for a while, though. I left a fridge and cabinet full of food, so you should be fine until I get back.

With love,


Kagome handed it back to Souta. "That's odd. She normally doesn't leave without saying goodbye personally."

"Maybe she left you guys for some guy who proposed or something," Inuyasha suggested. This merely resulted in a, "Sit!" and a thud.

Kagome cupped her chin in thought. "She left for something "urgent"? What could be important enough for her to leave without saying bye?" She sighed, adding, "And I don't want your suggestions, Inuyasha. Now can you please leave me alone?"

"No way am I leaving you with this creep!" the hanyou complained, of course meaning Kouga. The two got into an intense glaring contest.

Kouga cast a quick smirk at Inuyasha when Kagome wasn't looking, before turning to Kagome. "You and your... brother?... can stay at my place until your mom comes back, if you want."

"What? I won't allow her to stay with you!" Inuyasha exclaimed, about to strangle Kouga.

"Sit! If Souta wants to, then sure."

"Is there candy?" Souta asked, everyone ignoring the groan as Inuyasha tried to pick himself off the ground.

"Tons," was Kouga's response.

"What are we waiting for then?!" Souta demanded.

"We have to pack some clothes, Souta. And I need to put on a shirt..."

"Fine. If they're going, so am I," Inuyasha said decisively.

"Who says you're invited?" Kouga asked.

The fight continued for quite a bit, Kagome and Souta soon outside, a backpack each. Somehow, the fight had morphed quite tragically.

"At least I don't have grey hair!"

"It's silver, idiot!"




The two fighting demons looked towards Souta in confusion. The boy shrugged. "Can we go now?"

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