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Chapter 1

"In 5- 4- 3- 2" A boy named Freddie said as he pointed to the two girls standing in front of the camera.

"I'm Carly," The brunette said as she looked to the blonde to her left.

"And I'm Sam," The blonde said with a big smile back to Carly.

"And we like to photodock pictures of our teacher onto the bodies of hippopotamuses," Carly said holding up a picture of their teacher Ms. Briggs.

"Actually that's a Rhinoceros," Sam said which made Freddie chuckle a little.

The show went on as normal with the girl doing various things of interest as they always did on their show. Freddie kept his eyes on Carly though as he always did laughing whenever she made the simplest of jokes. They neared the end of the show though and they knew it was time for their final segment.

"And now we will move on to a new segment of the show that we like to call, Random Question Answerer," Carly said as Freddie backed up inching to his computer.

"Actually it's a form of a Random Number Generator that instead of rolling through numbers it…." Freddie went to say but Sam put her hand up to stop him.

"Nobody cares geek, now before he explains in geektron let me explain in English, see what we will do is randomly select one of our viewers questions and we will answer it no matter how out of this world it is," Sam said, "Ok geek, roll the thing that picks a random question," she added motioning to Freddie who switched the cameras so he could work with his computer.

"Ok randomizer is rolling," Freddie said as he stepped out from behind his computer standing next to Sam and Carly. The randomizer came to a halt on a question.

"Looks like we have a question it says, 'Hi iCarly I was wondering how do you guys afford all of those amazing technical items all over the set'," Carly read looking over to Freddie, "That seems like a question in your field," she added.

"Well all of the computer stuff is mine and as for the big TV my mom and Carly's brother Spencer helped us get it but then I went in and inst" Freddie started to go on but Sam pushed him out from in front of the camera.

"Ok geek get the randomizing thingamagig rolling again," Sam said walking back to Carly's side. Freddie gave her a distasteful look before hitting the randomizer again before walking back to the girls.

"Look's like it is slowing down again, and this time the question reads, 'Hey everyone at iCarly, I was wondering does Sam have a thing for Freddie, she always picks on him and I heard that when a girl picks on a guy or vice versa they are trying to conceal their real feelings'," Carly read then looked at the two as she backed away from the two.

"What no, right Sam say I'm right please," Freddie said taking a step away from Sam already nervous that she was going to take a good smack at him.

"Yeah ew, who would like a cyber dork," Sam said hesitantly looking over at Freddie before looking back at Carly.

"Well on that um interesting note that's the end of this episode of iCarly so keep clicking and keep sending your random questions if you like seeing these two acting like this," Carly said as Freddie snapped out of his thought trance and cut the show.

"Good show guys, and what was that question about," Freddie asked looking at the two when he suddenly heard a loud FREDDIE from downstairs, "That sounds like my mom, I'll be right back," Freddie said running out the door nearly falling down in the process.

"Ok Sam spill it what was with the hesitant response," Carly questioned her best friend.

"Nothing," Sam said trying to hide her face from Carly. Ok on the outside she may always act tough and like she is just making fun of Freddie but ever since that girl Valerie went out with Freddie and tried to steal him from the web show something had been clawing at her insides.

"Sam do you actually like Freddie? Awww how cute," Carly said with a small chuckle liking the fact that she can pick on her friend so easily for once.

"I don't like him, I think, I don't know ever since that Valerie girl I'm not sure what I think, just don't tell Freddie that I'm even battling the thought, I just need to think," Sam said. To be honest with herself she was never going to think about it before but that question took her by surprise, and it was a hard thing to think about because now she thought of every time Freddie went all puppy dog from seeing Carly and that made her burn up inside. Ok this could be a problem for her. "I'll see you tomorrow," Sam said before walking out the door and past a reentering Freddie.

"My mom was trying to check if my leg hair had started to grow yet," Freddie said to Carly scratching his leg where his mom and been holding looking with a magnifying glass.

"Why does she care," Carly asked him with a weird look on her face.

"She thinks something went wrong at birth," Freddie said looking around, "I am really glad Sam isn't here right now cause she would have had something to say about that," he added looking around again.

"Well with Sam who knows," Carly said as she heard a loud FREDDIE again.

"Ooooooh not again," Freddie sighed, "Guess I'll see you tomorrow," he added as he ran out the door yelling 'Mom I don't have leg hair yet.'

Carly decided not to say anything to Freddie about Sam acting oddly, she would let Sam do some thinking before she decided to mess with either of them. As she walked downstairs she looked around for Spencer but didn't see him anywhere.

"Where's Spencer at?" Carly asked herself before walking past Spencer's latest sculpture of a giant cell phone with a man's ear attached to it as if it was stuck. "Well knowing him he's just getting more socks from Socko," she added with a laugh as she went to get food from the fridge for her dinner.

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