Welcome to my first story of 2008! I've actually been meaning to write this one-shot for a really long time. WARNING: This story just barely gets away with a K plus rating.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. (Lucky)
Danni Masters/Phantom spent most of her time in parts unknown having all kinds of amazing adventures. Yet from time to time she would stop by Fenton Works and see how things were going. Today was one of those times, but instead of just visiting, this time Danni had a reason. She walked into her "cousin" Danny's room and found him lying on the bed reading a book called "A Set of Bad Happenings: By Glimeny Licket".

"Hey Danny, can I ask you a question?" The young halfa asked.

"Sure." Danny replied.

"Where do babies come from?" Danny turned paler than he already was.

"Shouldn't you ask you're paren-oh yeah…" The halfa said, remembering Danni was a clone and that he was closest thing to a parent she had. "Sit down." Danny patted the bed and Danni sat criss-cross apple sauce on the spot. She focused completely on Danny. "Well, uh, when a man and a woman love each other very much…" Danny began.




"And that's where babies come from." Danny concluded, about hour later. Danni just stared at him awestruck.

"So when's Sam going to have her baby?" She asked. Danny's looked horrified.

"WHAT! Why would you think Sam's pregnant!?"

"You said 'when a man and woman love each other very much' and don't you and Sam love each other very much?" Danni asked innocently.

"We do, but having a baby is more complicated then that. You see first of all-"The halfa was then cut off by Danni, who had not understood his explanation at all.

"I want to be Godmother!" Danny face-palmed.

"Danni, I'll explain things more later, but right now just get it this into your head. Sam. Is. Not. Pregnant. Now lets go have a snack." Danny informed his "cousin". The two walked out of Danny's roomed only to find Sam right outside. It was then Danny remembered she was coming over to return a book. Danny hoped with all his might that Danni wouldn't mention their talk to Sam. Unfortunatley luck wasn't on his side…

"Hiya Sam! You and Danny better get busy and make a baby! I want to be Godmother!" She ran off to get some food. Sam just stood their with a shocked expression. The Goth opened her mouth.

"Don't ask." Danny said before Sam had even gotten a word out.

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