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It was already dark outside by the time Sakura had finished her medical ninjutsu training with Lady Tsunade.

"Well, you're doing a great job Sakura. It's only been two months and you've already gotten this far. I'm proud of you." Tsunade told her smiling pupil.

"Thank-you Lady Tsunade, but I'd better get home. By the way, what time is it?" she was still packing up when her sensei spoke.

"It's almost 11:30, and besides you live across town. I am not letting you walk all the way there alone this late at night."

Sakura stopped packing up her things and looked at her sensei.

"But if I can't walk home, where am I going to stay?"

You can stay the night over at my house. Its not that far from here so, pack up the rest of your things and then we'll leave." Tsunade started clearing off her table of used scrolls and other various things when she heard Sakura get off the floor and head towards the door. In Tsunade's mind, Sakura was a very good student, but she was also a very good looking girl, although Sakura didn't think so.

Walking through the dark, silent streets, Tsunade tried to make some small talk with Sakura.

"So, Sakura-chan, how are things going with Sasuke?"

"Oh," there was some nervous laughter, "Well, I guess its going okay, but he's not really talkative with me. Come to think of it, he doesn't really talk that much anyway, unless he and Naruto start fighting." Sakura laughed at a mental image of Sasuke-kun and Naruto yelling at each other. Naruto would say something about becoming Hokage one day and then Sasuke would just call him an idiot or a knucklehead ninja.

Tsunade laughed. "Well, boys will be boys, and those two are no exception." Tsunade noticed how Sakura's smile turned into a slight frown as they neared Tsunade's house.

'Did I say something wrong? Maybe she had a rough day before training today…'

"Okay then. We're home! Come and make yourself comfortable Sakura-chan."

They both took off their shoes as they entered the Hokage's house.

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