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Chapter 14

Shizune walked quickly, wanting to get to the Hokage's tower as soon as possible. She knew deep in her gut that there were reasons besides the student-mentor bond that had Tsunade nearly in tears.

'What could it be?' the dark haired medic-nin though to herself. Soon enough though, Shizune came upon the tower, and soon after that she found herself on the other side of the large, oak door that belonged to Tsunade's office. Taking a deep breath, she braced herself for whatever tirade she might receive for bursting in on her old mentor. Opening the door, she nearly gasped as she saw the level of destruction that had hit the spacious office.

Chairs had been thrown about; a display of the raw, angry power that now possessed the blond haired woman on the floor in front of her. The desk, once haphazardly covered in papers was now cleared of everything, and looked like it was just barely hanging together, seeing as a large fist shaped hole had inserted itself into the oak desktop.


There in the middle of all the carnage, sat a sobbing hokage, her fists bleeding from the damage she had been causing to the poor inanimate objects in the room. Tsunade barely looked up as her name was called, focusing intently on the floor in front of her.

"What's the matter?" Shizune asked, concerned for the mental well being of her beloved friend. Tsunade wiped her tears and looked up at her old tutor and laughed bitterly.

"Nothing is the matter. No, everything is the matter. Take your pick." Getting up, Tsunade sent healing green chakra to her bleeding hands, closing the wounds.

"What do you mean exactly?" the confused kunoichi asked slightly worried as to what the response might be. With a bitter laugh, Tsunade explained.

"I've been a fool and an awful person. This is my fault"

"How can it be your fau-" Shizune asked, only to be interrupted by Tsunade.

"If wasn't for me, she would have never been out in the village that late at night. If it wasn't for me and my stupid, selfish foolishness, she would have been safe at home."

"But I thought you were training? Isn't that what you told her mother?" Another bitter laugh erupted from the blonde woman as she looked around the messy room, searching for something. Bending down, she found a intact bottle of sake and opened it, chugging half the bottle in a short period of time.

"Training…somewhat." She sighed, sitting back down on the floor, her back against the wall, and the sake glass in her hand.

"I'm as bad as that lecherous old Jiraiya."

"Tsunade-sama, you don't mean you…" A look of confusion crossed Shizune's face, as the sudden realization of what the woman in front of her was talking about.

"Guilty as charged. It wasn't supposed to happen. I didn't do it on purpose, but somehow things just got carried away and…" she left the sentence unfinished, hoping she didn't have to state out loud the intimate things that had occurred between the two of them.

Shizune was quiet for some time before she finally spoke.

"So, I take it you don't want me to tell her mother about this incident?"

"As much as I feel terrible for keeping it a secret, it's Sakura's decision as well. I would hate to reveal this without at least giving Sakura a chance to defend herself. However, if her mother does get told, please let me lay the blame upon myself. I can't let Sakura's reputation be tarnished, seeing as she's only a young girl."

Shizune agreed with a terse nod of her head and looked out of the windows, towards the hospital.

"I should go and fill out the forms for the kit for Sakura." Shizune said to no one in particular. The weight of this discovery sat heavily on her shoulders as she walked slowly out the doors and down the stairs. It seemed as if everything had changed in such a short period of time.

It didn't take long to reach the hospital, despite the fact that the determination she had had setting out from the hospital had long died out, replaced by a heavy burden. Secrets were no light business, especially one as delicate and potentially devastating as this. Shizune walked back to her office and sat in silence as she filled out the necessary forms, trying to think of anything but the pressing matter at hand.

Tsunade, once Shizune left, sunk back into oblivion. She knew that moping like this wasn't going to help Sakura-chan at all, and yet, it seemed it was all she could do. If she got too involved with Sakura's case, her emotions might get the best of her, revealing things that she did not want to be revealed. She sighed, wishing for an easier solution.

Her ponderings were cut short however, by an Anbu ninja bursting through her door.

"Hokage-sama!" The masked ninja near shouted, ignoring the mess around them.

"What is it?" The effects of both her despair and her drunkenness were wearing off quickly, because of the urgency in the man's tone.

"We have just received word that one of the Akatsuki has been sighted near the village recently. We're not entirely sure who it was, but by the chakra trails, we are guessing it to be Uchiha Itachi."

Tsunade thought quickly, wondering if this was a mere coincidence, or a deliberate act by some higher being. "How old is this report? When was he last sighted?"

"We believe the report to a day or 2 old, and the report said that he was sighted only a day or two ago, heading towards Konoha. "

Furious at the delayed news, Tsunade started yelling at the messenger.

"What do you mean an Akatsuki member had been sighted? And no one thought to the Hokage of this earlier?"

The Anbu tried to explain about how there had been communication errors, and that there had been delays in the relay system the Anbu had set up around Konoha, but Tsunade would hear none of it.

"Go tell your Captain that next time a wanted fugitive is spotted, or even possibly glimpsed, to report directly to me next time, no matter what!"

"Hai!" and with that, the Anbu was off to tell his captain exactly that.

With this new piece of information, it was possible that Sakura's rape and Itachi's appearance near the village were related. If he had slipped past Anbu, then it was possible that he might have been able to slip into the village. And maybe, it was possible that he had run into Sakura somewhere during that time. With all the pieces adding up, Tsunade finally felt more in control of the situation.

Shizune had finished with the rape kit, and was currently on her way to the lab when she saw a determined Hokage walking – nearly running – towards her.

"Shizune! I think I have a lead."

"Tsunade-sama, what do you mean?" The hokage glanced around and decided that it was best if they spoke in private, and then headed towards the closet empty office, shutting the door behind them.

"What is it Tsunade-sama? What did you find?" Shizune asked, nervous as to the nature of the discovery.

" I believe I know who raped Sakura."

"Really? Who?" This was better news than Shizune thought possible. After all, most rapes were never solved unless the victim admitted to knowing their attacker, and since Sakura was out cold, Shizune assumed they would have to wait much longer, possibly then letting the trail go cold.

"Uchiha Itachi."

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