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Notes: This is my first Ouran fic. It's strange writing new characters – I've been with the FMA fandom for so long! I was reading someone else's fic (don't remember the title, contents or anything) and this just came to me. It sounds like the sort of thing Haruhi would say, to me, but it was funnier in my head.

"Deathbed Wishes" by Dailenna

Suou Haruhi had lived a long and eventful life. She had succeeded in work and in her family. Well known as a powerful defence attorney, she was respected by the working-class and tolerated by the upper-class – her unpolished mannerisms stood out too well for them to embrace her wholeheartedly. Her two grown children had children of their own, and she was proud to have known them.

That is why, when she lay on her death-bed, she had no regrets.

Well, almost.

One wrinkled hand reached out to grab for that of her husband, Tamaki, who sat nervously at the side of her bed.

"Are- are you sure you're ready to go?" he asked gravely, eyes round as he watched her.

"Almost," she told him. "There's one thing . . ."

Despite his age, Tamaki was filled with energy as he leapt up. "What is it? If there's anything I can possibly do . . ."

Haruhi blinked solemnly. "In all of this time, although I've come close so many times . . . I still haven't . . . haven't tried . . . giant tuna."

Tamaki's mouth opened in surprise, and he turned to the maid standing in attendance. "Have the chef prepare some giant tuna at once!"

The girl nodded and made haste towards the kitchens.

A weary smile appeared on Haruhi's face. Tamaki stroked one of her weathered cheeks with a hand, watching her face tenderly. "Hold on just a little longer, Haruhi. It will come."

It was some time before the maid returned, followed by a sombre butler pushing a cart. When the cart was by Tamaki's side, the butler removed the lid and procured a fork.

"Giant tuna, sir."

"Thank you."

Tamaki took the fork and offered some of the fish to his wife. Haruhi opened her mouth and let the giant tuna in, pausing to savour it before swallowing.

"At last, I can say I have tried giant tuna," she said peaceably, leaning back and closing her eyes. "It's not as good as everyone had led me to believe. How disappointing."

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