Someone was pounding on the door.

Olivia forced her eyes open. She was in bed. Viola shifted next to her. She was in Viola's bed.

And someone was pounding on the door.

For a moment, Olivia sincerely believed she was eighteen and freshly graduated. For a moment, it seemed that the last five years had been a dream, that she was never a cop, that she never came to live with Viola, that Liam never actually existed. For a moment, she panicked over the loss of her son.

And then, the haze of sleep evaporated and reality settled in.

She peeled back the comforter and climbed out of bed. As suspected, Paul stood on the other side of the door.


"Aw, don't you look well rested. What took so long? Had to find your clothes?"

Olivia glanced down at her pajamas, then back up at Paul. "Why are you like this?"

"You weren't too nervous, were you?"

"No, I was not nervous. Okay, maybe a little. But not everyone just jumps right into sex." She made it a point to keep her voice low.

The door to the other bedroom opened and Liam bounded out into the hall. Olivia reached down and pulled him into her arms, still a little shaken from the prospect of losing him.

"Morning, mom." He gave her a hug, then scrambled past her into Viola's room. "Morning, Auntie Viola!"

Sebastian emerged from the second bedroom, one side of his hair plastered straight up. "Mrngmrm," he muttered before stumbling into the bathroom.

With the whole house now up and about, Paul couldn't grill for details, so Olivia was off the hook. She was sure he'd single her out the first chance her got, but instead, he offered to drive Viola to her doctor's appointment. Olivia assumed he meant to pry what he could out of Viola while they sat in the waiting room, but at the last minute, Liam decided he wanted to tag along to "keep Uncle Paul company" and, therefore, put the kibosh on any of Paul's plans to gather hot lesbian intel.

It wasn't until she and Sebastian were sitting alone on the sofa, shooting at each other in an intense game of capture the flag Halo-style, that Viola realized Paul had gotten his way, yet again.

"So, uh, how are things going with you and Vi?"

"Oh. Good."

"It seemed like you guys had a fight yesterday."

"We did. But we worked it out."

"Oh? Good."

"Hey, Sebastian?"


"You wouldn't be weirded out if... um..."

"If you told me Paul was really Liam's father? Yes. Majorly."

"Be serious."

"I am! It would be weird. Way. Weird."

"I'm trying to talk to you."


Olivia took a deep breath. "Viola and I are... we might... we're..."

"I know."

"We... you know?"


"Is that okay?"

"It's not really my business, is it?"

"It's totally your business. She's your sister. Liam's your son. And I'm..."

"Not my girlfriend. Or my wife."

"No, I'm not."

Sebastian set down his Xbox controller. "Liv, we had our run. And it didn't work out. Instead, we have..." he motioned to the room around him. "... this. And that's okay."

"You've always been a great guy."

"I can't help it. Plus, Vi and I are twins. So, it's kind of the same."

"Oh, please. You are so different. Even when she was you, she was nothing like you."

"Wait... hold on. Viola's not Liam's father, is she?"

"I can answer that, or you can pay attention before I capture your flag. Oh, look, SeBadAssTian has been killed."

"Oh, no you didn't!"

Gentle Readers,

Again, thanks for keeping up with this piece. Somehow, bits of it keep coming to me, so I keep writing them down, even with the gaps of time in between. Since the last chapter was posted, I wrote/shot a feature film and am now trying to promote the thing. And still, this little (maybe not so little) fic keeps asking for more life, at least for now. I'd like to get a few more chapters out in the near future, if possible. I just wanted to keep you all posted.

Thanks, again.