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"Is there truly no sun…" After 2 silent nights of staring out her caged window Inoue Orihime finally spoke, piercing emerald eyes gazed at her back, leaning against the white doorway, for 2 nights Ulquiorra had not moved spoke nor even blinked none the less, he just watched.

"Sun, has no existence in a barren place like this." Her capture answered her quietly "I see… a world of endless night…" Orihime laid her head on the pale window sill and embraced herself , she was so numb.

The 4th Espada walked over to her still form to truly look at her, Orihime's bright orange hair had faded, she looked starved and pale, her gray eyes had lightened they appeared sightless and glassy and donned all white. Orihime appeared dead, a ghost of her former self yet Ulquiorra thought her beautiful, a goddess of sorrow bathed in moonlight.

He stroked her cheek dearly his natural cold fingers sent shivers down her spine, "Abandon all hope, Orihime for the sun will never rise."

He traced her bottom lip with his thumb, which felt like velvet, emerald and gray met, Ulquiorra leaned down and captured her small lips, his goddess of sorrow responded gently and entangled her pale fingers through his tamed raven locks careful not to cut herself on his hollow mask- like all those other times before.

Her caresses drove him insane igniting the flame within his frozen soul, the 4th Espada caressed her lower back roughly, Orihime moaned in his mouth urging him to go further, Ulquiorra held his captive by the waist lifting her effortlessly to sit on the window sill against the caged window deepening the kiss putting his whole body weight into it.

Orihime shivered at her lover and the wind of Hueco Mundo- it was far colder here than Karakura Town… her transparent eyes overflowed with pain , she remembered why she had sat there waiting for the sun, because HE was her hope and now she was betraying him.

Orihime felt her nightgown being tugged at, she clasped her hand over his, instantly stopping his ministrations the 4th Espada smiled and interlocked their fingers "Forgive me Orihime" her slender arms wrapped around his neck, embracing his head in her bosom, they didn't need words.

"You've never seen the sun Ulquiorra" she would tell him, before he could ever reply "the sun will rise burning brighter than anything you've ever seen, and shine a new day on this endless night." It was times like this that Ulquiorra would bite his tounge, he lacked the heart to tell her he liked the night and cared not for a new day.

The 4th Espada would never reply and just embrace her tighter and pretend Orihime was his, As long as the moon still reined her heart was his to hold. Ulquiorra swore on the moon itself that he would kill the sun, her hope- Kurosaki Ichigo.

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