Author's Note: Sheesh. After being obsessed over AkuRoku fanfictions for the past who knows how many months, it's about time that I wrote my own. I actually was hit with the plot brick when I saw this one cute little underclassman at my school… well… blowing his nose into a crumpled up tissue. And, being me, my brain was automatically redirected to Roxas. Then Axel shoved his way in. And, thus, the idea was born.

Pairing(s): AkuRoku. That's a given. Dunno if I'll put in some other stuff. I might.

Disclaimer: Ohh, never had to write one of these before… Erm. I claim no ownership of these sexy devils… erm. Something like that.

Warnings: Some swearing and guy on guy stuff. Obviously.

Other junk: This is dedicated to anyone who has been/is/will be sick and needs an Axel.

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Are We Friends Yet?

Chapter 1


It started with a cold.

A harmless little cold.


There is something about college freshman with wild blond hair and a petite stature blowing their nose into a rumpled tissue as they pass by in the hallway. Said miserable blond passed by a certain perky, outgoing redhead, who just so happened to notice how miserable he looked.

But let's start at the beginning.

Roxas: eighteen years old and a college freshman at TTCC, or Twilight Town Community College for those not familiar with the snazzy acronym. It was halfway through his second semester at TTCC and, frankly, those honors classes he took in high school were far harder than his current load. He cursed himself for being so prestigious in high school, because it left him bored out of his mind, seeing how he had missed the sign-up dates for the college entrance exams, and thus was doomed to at least two years of community college. Add that to the Biology essay that he had put off until ten o-clock the night before which was due in the morning, and the cold that he had caught two days previously.

It was a puddle of exhausted, sniffley, and silently enraged Roxas who was walking down the campus that the redhead encountered. The redhead: Axel; twenty years old and a college sophomore - notorious trouble maker and possibly the most well-known in his class - more because of his pyro stupidity than his popularity.

Roxas barely registered the flaming red hair in his sleep-deprived and ill-clouded mind as he shuffled along the quad, the cursed tissue never leaving his constantly running nose, and glaring at the air before him with thick venom streaming out of his crystal blue eyes. He was silently cursing his Biology teacher for the mundane essay on protein synthesis within a cell that he had wasted seven hours of good sleeping time on, when he was jolted from his hazed thoughts by a loud and rather obnoxious voice – rather akin to his hairstyle.

"Feelin' alright there, blondie?" It didn't make it any better by the fact that it was spoken directly beside his ear and he could barely hear the footsteps trailing behind him that had been continuing for God knows how long.

Roxas almost inhaled his tissue, but pulled it away at the last moment before doing so, simultaneously jumping around to face the predator-stalker… Axel. Same difference. Roxas' eyes grew and his breath caught in his throat – choking painfully against the already sand-papery throat.

He let out a grating cough, "Jesus," he sniffled, "Where'd you come from?" Black and red stripes glared back at him and it took Roxas a moment to realize that it was Axel's scarf he was staring at. His eyes trailed up to find almost cat-like green eyes and a wide smirk blazing down at him. Yes, down. Roxas cursed his genes for giving him the short end of the stick. But, then again, it wasn't he who was short. Everyone else was just taller. Just like the pyro towering before him. Roxas was vaguely reminded of his traumatic first day of high school when the jocks had bodily grabbed him and stuffed him into the nearest trash can.

Moving on.

The smirk grew on the redhead's face as he answered Roxas's question, "English."

Roxas's brain was slow to turn back on. He rolled his eyes, "If you had said it was your mother, I might have had to castrate you."

Axel visibly flinched, "Good afternoon to you too, blondie."

Roxas narrowed his eyes to slits, "Whatever." He spun on his heel, immediately regretting the action, seeing that it caused his head to spin just as fast, but he pressed on. This time, he actually heard the heavy boots fall into place off to his left side.

"So, you seem a bit under the weather as of late." He had shoved his hands into his coat pockets nonchalantly, taking long and easy steps beside the shuffling blond.

The tissue was back over the runny nose, "Your point?" Roxas gave a side glance towards the redhead – the hair color just a bit too intense for his slightly feverish head in the cold and foggy weather.

The smirk softened, but was still definitely a smirk, "I was wondering if I could treat you to some noodley-o's"

Roxas pulled to a slow stop, Axel falling into place just a bit ahead of him. The blond blinked slowly once, twice, and gave a large sniffle before clarifying, "You want to buy me soup."

Axel shrugged, "Unless you already have a date." Which Roxas definitely did not have.

"And why would you want to?" Roxas eyed him suspiciously, though it was only half-hearted the way he glared.

"Because you're walking alone in the cold, it's lunch time, it looks like it's going to rain, and something warm would do that little cold of yours some good. Oh, and because you look like total shit." He placed his hands on his rather girly hips and leaned down just a bit so he could see those brilliant blue eyes just a little better.

"Gee, thanks. That makes me feel so much better." He rolled his eyes as Axel's expression brightened.

"So, can I offer you some soup?" To this, the blond shrugged.

"It's better than eating alone." He continued walking, the redhead beside him.

"Awesome opossum!"

They were soon seated in the dining area, Axel with a hamburger and Roxas with a large bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup.

"So, blondie-"

"Dude, it's Roxas. Blondie makes me sound like some Barbie slut." Roxas turned his eyes back to his steaming soup as he swirled his spoon in the broth. He missed the brilliant grin on the other man's face.

"And I'm Axel. A-X-E-L, got it-"

"I know who you are." At Roxas's words, Axel's obviously over-said speech faltered.

"Memorized?" He paused, "How did you-"

"The bathroom incident? When you 'accidentally' lit it on fire? Yeah." Roxas rolled his eyes once again as Axel's expression turned to one of guilt.

"Shit, does everyone in this whole fucking school know about that? It was in first semester." He gestured obnoxiously, almost tipping his water glass in the process.

Great, he was stuck at the same table as some pyro spazz. Roxas massaged the bridge of his nose, the headache that had been developing since the morning – or rather, since the night before – insisted on growing progressively worse. "I don't think people forget things that catastrophic that quickly, Axel."

Axel gave an exaggerated flinch and leapt into a different topic rather abruptly, "So, how is the soup?"

Roxas raised an eyebrow, "Hot." For this, he gave all of the blame to Axel. After all, he was the one who had ordered it extra hot, as if it were some Grande vanilla café latte from Starbucks. The accursed soup had already scalded his tongue, and for that, he was feeling all the more resentful towards the redhead. "So, how did you manage to set fire to that sink, anyway?"

The smirk was a wicked one that sprang up. Roxas wasn't sure whether to feel fearful for the pyro's sanity or for his own safety. Axel then launched into a very elaborate story about how he got all the materials and calculated the formula for the explosion which – at least he said – was supposed to be some sort of Bloody Mary remake, with a multi-colored flaming sink. And apparently it had been to impress some friends of his, but it had gone horribly wrong.

"I accidentally put too much sulfur in the black powder. But man, Demyx's Mohawk is still recovering. It was fucking awesome before it started combusting like that." As he listened, Roxas had gained an expression of growing horror. Take that back; he was stuck at a table with an insane pyro spazz with a tendency to make things spontaneously combust. And he had quite forgotten about his soup, though it was probably still to hot to eat.

"Did you ever think about a career in firework engineering?" Roxas asked the pyro-maniac sitting across from him, half hoping that he himself was joking by asking that.

Axel shrugged, a wide grin still in place, "I'm already taking all the chemistry classes this God-forsaken school has to offer." Roxas let out a snort of laughter before he could stop it. The grin turned to a malicious smirk, "What, have you thought about what you want to do with your life?" And there was that question again. Roxas hated that question.

He shrugged and took up a spoonful of soup before slurping it loudly. Truthfully, he had been so focused in high school on grades and exams that he had never figured out what he liked to really do, besides play video games on the weekends. "Something with an English major?"

"Oooooh," Axel twirled a finger in the air, "You could help me on my essays for English. The last one Aries had me do in class was fucking awful."

"Did you answer the prompt?" Roxas raised an eyebrow before spooning more of the soup into his mouth. It actually was quite good.

"Of course I did." At this, Roxas lifted a doubtful eyebrow. Axel groaned, shoving a hand through his gravity-defying hair, "Well, my evidence wasn't all that relevant. And neither was… the rest of it."

Roxas snorted, "Just answer the prompt, Axel. But that's all the help that you get. One bowl of soup only gets you so far."

The redhead's jaw dropped incredulously, "Don't friends get reduced rates?"

Roxas raised his eyebrows, "We're friends?" But his small smile gave him away.

Axel's face brightened, "I like to think so."

"I didn't think friendship could be bought with a two dollar bowl of soup."

Axel leaned forward and pointed a finger in Roxas's face, his sleeve coming dangerously close to the puddle of ketchup on his plate, "But I got it for you to make you feel better because you are sick. That's gotta give me some extra points."

Roxas shrugged, "True."

"Does that mean we're friends now?" His wide grin was back.

Roxas rubbed his pink and runny nose with the back of his hand, "Get me another tissue and I'll decide."

Axel leapt from his seat and disappeared in an instant, but not without reaching over and mussing Roxas's wild blond spikes.