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Chapter 22


Two months and some weeks later.


A bright orange duffel bag slapped lazily across Roxas's back as he continued on his way down the block, trying to rid his brain of the endless facts that he had been studying for his final exams for the previous two weeks straight. His black and white checkered sneakers – one of the wonderful birthday presents from his true love – slapped the uneven sidewalk, the blond hitching the bag more securely over his shoulder as he approached the paint-peeling and barred door. He pushed right through, thankful that he caught it when it was still open, seeing that it was quickly approaching nightfall, not thinking twice about ringing up his boyfriend. Axel knew he was coming. They had come to a kind of deal that whenever they were free, they would crash the other's house.

Roxas trudged his way up the bubbling painted stair case, footsteps echoing around the bleak and oddly shaped hallway – if you could even call it that – his body on auto-pilot for the most part. He tapped out a random series of knocks on the scorched door – not nearly as catchy as the redhead's, but it got the job done.

The door opened after a few moments to a brilliant and warming grin, "Hello, Roxie."

The blond responded with an easy, "Hey, Ax." He pressed through the door before they fell into a casual, lingering kiss. The door was closed and their lips separated.

"Finals over, hm?" Axel asked lightly.

Roxas groaned in relief, dropping his bag to the floor heavily before leaning his forehead into the chest of his boyfriend, "God, finally. That last one practically killed all of the living neurons in my head and it didn't help that it got changed to five. I barely had time to stuff my face with dinner. But seriously, if I have to study anything else, I think my brains will combust."

"Did our study session come in handy?"

Roxas chuckled, "You mean the one where you almost blew up my back yard with those bootleg fireworks? I honestly don't think we achieved much studying that night." Indeed, after the whole 'OH MY GOD, the grass is on FIRE' thing, the couple opted to have a de-stressing movie marathon. With much cuddling. "You still need to get me some lawn fertilizer for that, you know."

The redhead shrugged as Roxas stood away, "What's the bag for?"

Blue eyes found the blinding duffel bag and returned to Axel, rather sheepishly, but with a winning smile, "Mind if I spend the night?"

This earned him a rather amused smirk, "What, your friends planning on ambushing you tonight?"

Roxas snorted, "Like they would be able to concoct a realistic plan without my help. No, they won't be home for a few more days, so we have time to make our own scheme."

"Speaking of your friends, are they okay with us now?" Axel's light-hearted tone was subdued and replaced by a more pensive air.

"You kidding? Olette has been all up in my ass about sending fucking couple pictures of us." Eye roll on the 'couple' part.

Axel didn't look completely convinced, "And jerk face?"

Roxas winced, "Hayner? He hasn't really said much concerning us. Nothing, actually. I expect we'll have a little blow up on the issue, but I think he'll see it our way eventually."

"Our way or the highway," Axel threw out, before clasping Roxas's shoulders gently, "You going to be okay?"

A wicked grin crossed the blond's face, "I can throw a mean punch."

Trimmed red eyebrows rose, "My sweet, innocent little Roxie?"

"Yeah, let me practice on your head." Blue eyes narrowed mischievously.

"I'd prefer not to. And why the hell are we still standing by the door?" Roxas was constricted by the redhead's arms and crushed up against his chest. His feet lost contact with the ground and suddenly, his back was dropped onto the overstuffed couch, where he bounced a little before Axel practically landed on top of him – or more hovered over him, seeing as the redhead was on his hands and knees. Their faces were mere inches apart, the smirk not leaving the redhead's lips, "That's better."

"Much," Roxas almost purred, leaning in for an open-mouthed kiss. Blue eyes shut and he leaned forward… and kept on leaning forward… and forward… and forward still. Blue eyes snapped open to find a rather large smirk on the face before him, still at the same distance as before. Roxas gave a scowl-pout and let his head fall back against the cushion. "Axel, what gives? Your supply isn't meeting my demand. I'm having a shortage here."

Axel laughed at his pouting boyfriend, "You're talking economics again, Roxie."

"I've been studying it for the past two weeks, what do you expect?"

"I thought you didn't want to make out when there was nothing to do." There was that damned evil glint of laughter in those green eyes. Axel wasn't making this as easy as Roxas had thought. Or maybe it was all in his head.

"Then what do you propose we do, mister host?" Roxas crossed his arms over his chest and looked expectantly up at the face hovering ever so enticingly over him.

"What people always do at sleepovers: watch movies!" Oh, he was such a fucking tease.

Roxas gave Axel a shove and crawled off of the couch, "You pick out the movie, then. I'm going to get my pajamas."

The smirk morphed into a soft smile, "Sounds good to me, Roxie." The blond couldn't help but succumb to the contagious grin.

Regardless of Roxas's desires of simply sucking face, watching a movie was exactly what the pair ended up doing. The blond curled up beside his boyfriend with his head resting against the broad shoulder, Axel's arm wound around Roxas's waist in turn. It was agony for the blond, to just simply watch the movie and fucking wait. But he didn't want to seem too hasty, like he hadn't been thinking about it for the past who knows how many weeks.

Roxas barely registered the sequence of events playing on the tacky screen before them, his attention focused on the soft grip around his middle. It seemed like an eternity before the credits began inching their way up the screen.

The blond let out a breathy, "Finally," before whipping himself around to straddle the almost dozing redhead. Enchanting acidic green met deep blue.

A gentle smirk slowly worked its way onto Axel's face, "You didn't come over to watch movies, did you?"

Roxas settled himself on Axel's lap, arms falling about the redhead's neck and fingers tangling in the wild spikes. His eyes lowered and he let out a purring, "No," drawing closer to his boyfriend.

Hands were teased along his sides, "I was wondering when you'd snap."

"It's almost been three fucking months, Ax. Plus, I was waiting for finals to be over. There's no way I would have been able to concentrate if-" Roxas's sentence was smothered by the redhead's mouth. It was a simple 'don't finish that thought' kiss.

"I get the point," Axel rumbled, his own eyelids lowering seductively.

"Don't be an ass cock-blocker this time."


Their lips met, as they had countless times before, sweet and spice mingling once again in a perfect medley. Axel didn't hesitate to allow his palms to wander beneath the pajama shirt and just under the elastic of the pants. Green eyes opened and he grinned in amusement, breaking off of the kiss, much to the distress of a certain blond.

"No boxers? Where has my innocent Roxie gone?" The look was wiped off of the redhead's face when Roxas rolled his hips forward.

"I never wear boxers with these," the blond replied simply.

Axel let out a hiss, "That's fucking hot." Their mouths met once more, and were broken as Roxas pulled in a gasp as his boyfriend's hands groped his rear, fingers enticing on his skin.

Their chests were suddenly crushed against one another, both pairs of arms clasping about them. Axel stood, Roxas automatically hooking his legs about his waist, mouth working at the soft skin behind the redhead's ear. The next thing he knew, his back was being bounced against a piece of furniture for the second time that night, though this was distinctly a mattress. And there was Axel, hovering over him as he had before, a hungry smirk plastered to his face.

Axel then began to pay lavish attention to Roxas's neck and jaw. When the needy fingers started to unbutton the sundae pajama top, the lips followed his downward progress. Precious white skin was slowly revealed, not an inch missed by the redhead, who was simply drinking in the sight. He pressed wet kisses and licks to certain points of interest, eliciting a strangled moan from the blond, who squirmed as the redhead ignored a very potent problem in his pants.

Roxas let out needy grunts and noises, which drew an amused glance from Axel as he saw cloudy and pleading blue eyes staring back. The kisses trailed southward, and the last was brushed at the very peak of the problematic mountain. Roxas's hips bucked up automatically, but were caught and pressed back down to the comforter.

Axel let out a breathy laugh, "Woah, Rox. You're going to put an eye out."

"Then do something about it," came the half-growl, half-moaned response.

"A little demanding, are we?" What would have been a joking comment turned into a cock-teasing ear-caressing taunt.

Roxas let out a groan, trying to squirm out of the redhead's hold on his hip, "Axel…" He was rewarded by the long drag of an enticing tongue where the kiss had been brushed before. The redhead sat up then, hands moving to the bottom hem of his own shirt in order to sweep it off. Needless to say, he was stopped as Roxas sat up to meet him before an inch of skin was revealed.

"Let me," Roxas purred, his hands replacing those of the redhead, moving under the material and working their way up his chest ever so slowly. The flawless skin was revealed as the shirt was peeled away, the blond's lips moving against Axel's jaw as he worked, only to depart to find the first revealed nipple. The chest expanded beneath his working tongue as Axel took in a hissing breath, the redhead not hesitating to aid Roxas in shoving his shirt off of his head, tossing it to the floor as the blond continued his gentle hand and tongue caresses.

"Your turn," Axel growled, pulling Roxas's shirt off of his shoulders. The blond completed the job, and the shirt joined the first. Bare chests connected, lips parting in way of dancing tongues. Hands worked at Axel's pants and the fly was undone. Roxas's back was lowered to the mattress once more, the only article of clothing between them now were the infamous banana pants.

Axel's hand wound down Roxas's chest, drawing a pleading moan from the blond as it continued lower, only to draw just short of the elastic. Blue, lust-clouded eyes snapped open to find clear green. The sincere look caught him.

"Roxas, admit to me one thing. Just answer," a grin broke out, "Are we friends yet?"

The blond let out a huff and pressed a quick kiss to his lover's lips, "Of course, dumbass. You're my boyfriend and I love you to fucking Hell, so will you please just get on with it already?" He paused before adding, "And I'm not just saying that, Axel. I- I really do." And he felt it, with every fiber of his being. It was reflected in the adoring green eyes above him.

His words caressed the very air, "I love you too, Roxas."

The hand plunged and set to work and it felt fucking amazing, the fingers expertly touching in every way. Their tongues were doing the tango amongst the gasping and whimpers of pleasure from the blond. As suddenly as it began, the hand moved on to uncharted territory and a finger was pressed in.

Roxas let out a hum, unsure of whether to feel surprised, discomforted, or highly aroused by the intrusion; his brow furrowed and his mouth was released.

"This alright, Roxas?" Came the gentle question. He received a shaky nod and Axel pressed in further, "Just relax."

"How can I relax when you're sticking your fucking finger up my ass?" Roxas ground out. A second finger was gently pressed in.

"Feels weird, hm?"

"More like freakishly bizarre," Roxas replied truthfully, "But… It's okay."

"It'll get better," Axel was quick to promise. God, he hoped so. The adverted attention was killing him.

The intrusion was soon gone, as was the last article of clothing between them. And then-

"Oh shit, that's cold," Roxas tried to squirm, but was held in place.

"It'll reduce friction," Axel explained softly, fingers working at the cream.

Roxas growled, "I want friction."

Laughing green met glaring blue, "Not down there, you don't."

Roxas's brain suddenly switched to the little talk they had had in their freshman year of high school, "S-shouldn't we be using some kind of prote-" His thought was cut off by a mouth closing around a quite sensitive area, sentence broken by a surprised gasp. The blond's head was thrown back, fingers digging into the comforter, and breathing labored.

The lips were removed and Roxas mourned their departure. Axel's response was simple, "I'm clean if you are." And no duh Roxas was. Axel had been – and was going to be – his first everything. There was a distinct pause from the redhead and Roxas cracked open an eye to find green wandering the length of his body, distinctly sober, drinking in every last precious inch of skin.

His voice was soft, "You're so beautiful, Roxas." Small arms wrapped around his neck, and brought their faces together.

The blond arced his body against Axel's, "You are too." They shared a kiss.

"You ready?" The redhead was sporting an animalistic grin. Roxas gave his own impatient and hungry expression in return.

"Have been for a while."

"Did I really need to ask?" Green eyes narrowed.

Oh my God, did he ever shut up? Hands clenched at the redhead's warm back, Roxas pressing his body closer and pleading, "Axel, just- just-"

He was silenced by a kiss, "I love you, Roxas." And then he moved. Damn, did he move. They worked together, grinding and just moving; the sparks of sensation better than anything either had felt before. Then there was a hand at Roxas's lower back and the blond arced forward to meet Axel. And then he was inside the blond. Roxas threw his head back, a gasp escaping his lips.

Axel let out a shaky breath against the precious white neck, "You okay, Rox?" He gave a shaky nod, and the redhead let out a low hiss, "Shit, you're tight."

It was so foreign, but it elicited so much pleasure that Roxas didn't care about the discomfort and the twinge of pain. They were still, all motions coming from their heavy breathing. And they still weren't moving.

Crystal eyes opened to lusting green, "Axel, I'm fine. Move," he dragged his fingers over the hot skin of his love's back, "Please move."

And he did. And damn if it wasn't the best sensation in the history of the world. Their hips ground together, moans splitting the suddenly thick air. Roxas arced and receded in unison with Axel's thrusting grinds, the pair falling into a heavy rhythmic pattern. The blond marveled at the redhead's body working against his own, skin on skin the most thrilling and exhilarating feeling. That and the wondrous friction building in intensity against his groin.

Roxas marveled at his lover's heavy, hot breaths against his neck, his own short and punctuated by gasps and moans. His hands wandered about the redhead's back, only daring to venture lower when Axel's own hand started to knead at his lower waist.

Lips were sloppily thrown together, arms becoming intertwined. Fingers were laced as they were pressed to the mattress above Roxas's head, the blond tangling their legs together and chests sliding against one another. A blue eye cracked open and was received by lustful green. Axel gave a loving smile, which was returned in all of its intensity.

Their movements became sloppy as they reached their climax, each drawing as much as they could from the other's body in the moments before, both in a sort of drunken stupor from the pure ecstasy of it all. Roxas came first, letting out a noiseless cry, followed shortly by Axel, who promptly fell on top of the exhausted blond, equally drained himself.

"Oh my God," the redhead breathed into Roxas's chest. There were no other words to describe it.

"Axel," the blond half groaned, half whispered, his own mind numbed by the explosion of sensation, "Axel, Axel, Axel…"

The redhead let out a breathy laugh, wrapping his arms securely about his love and rolling them both over so that Roxas was sprawled out on top of his chest, exhausted limbs still tangled together. The blond rested his forehead against Axel's shoulder and took in a few breaths, trying his best to still his trembling muscles. They held each other, sweaty and sticky, until the silence was broken by a quiet inquiry.

"You okay, Roxas?" It was whispered into mussed yellow spikes. It took the blond a moment to get his bearings before he lifted himself onto his elbows to get a better view of his love.

An exhausted smile crossed his lips, "Yeah." It was only then that the soreness decided to kick in. Roxas winced slightly and tried to shift into a position that wouldn't hurt his rather sensitive rear.

He was stopped in his shifting by lightly constricting arms, "If you stop moving, it won't hurt as much." Hazy blue met soft green, "You sure you're alright?"

Roxas put on a pained smile and nodded, adding, "I'll get used to it." He was drawn into a light kiss, the gentle touch lingering as they simply melted together.

"I think we could be good friends," Axel smirked, brushing his fingers through wild blond spikes.

An adoring grin was his response, "Well, we make good lovers. How about both?" Lips connected.

"I love you, Roxas."

"I know you do, dipwad." And Roxas knew it was shared equally between them.


They got a civil union two years later, on the anniversary of their meeting, where it all started. Hayner was Roxas's best man and Demyx was Axel's maid of honor.

Roxas went on to get a teaching degree in English and relished in the torturing of his own high school students with essays on odes. Axel got his master's degree in chemistry – combustive chemistry, as he put it – and made "gourmet fireworks" for some of the largest firework shows in the world. Needless to say, he snuck in one firework per show that read "ROXAS" with a red heart surrounding it. He perfected the technique after a few tries.

Roxas sold his family house and they got a fancy and spacious apartment, in which they splurged and added a deluxe video entertainment system with an entire wall of bookshelves dedicated to all of the movies that were absolutely essential to human existence. Axel was ever so gracious to bestow his wonderful sense of decorating on the whole place, complete with the red candles and lava lamp.

The couple made a point to have a box of sea salt ice cream in the freezer at all times.

They were friends first and foremost.

Lovers second and forever.


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