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Elliot and Fin had come back earlier than expected from their extradition in Canada. Once Elliot had entered the squad room,
he'd noticed Olivia sitting at her desk, lost in her thoughts. At least, that was what Elliot assumed as he made his way to Cragen's office.

However, ten minutes later when he left out, Olivia had not moved from the pose she'd been in when he had gone in. Brushing it off to the victim t
hey'd lost on a case she'd worked with Lake, he ran upstairs to his locker. As he walked in, he nearly collided with Lake who was leaving out.

"Is Liv doing any better," Lake asked him.

"She'll be ok. She just needs to be alone right now. It really takes a toll on her when we lose a victim." Elliot replied.

Lake frowned slightly, "But Cooper wasn't a victim."

"Cooper," Elliot asked, "the agent that killed herself. That's why Liv is upset?"

Lake opened his mouth to answer but decided to against what he wanted to say, "Maybe you should talk to Liv," he said and moved to leave.

Elliot moved in front of him, blocking his path. He pulled himself up to his full height, "No, you tell me what happened tonight."

"I don't know what happened," Lake said after a minute, "Everything seemed alright until Cooper pulled out a gun and shot herself.
Next thing, Liv just….lost it. She started crying and ever since we left Cooper's apartment, she hasn't said a word."

Before Lake could say anything else Elliot had turned on his heels and made his way back downstairs. Liv was still sitting at her desk.

"Liv," he said softly, coming to stand in front of her.

She didn't even turn to look at him.

"Come on Liv, let me take you home," Elliot tried.

Still nothing.

Gently, he grasped her under her left arm and pulled her up. She gave no resistance. When she looked into his eyes, Elliot felt like
she was looking right through him. Elliot had never seen her like this before, and he became even more worried.

He moved his hand to the small of her back and guided her out the precinct and to his truck.

Elliot spent the drive to her apartment wondering what the hell was going to happen once they got there. He hoped she would come out of
this trance once they arrived, so she could tell him how he could help her.

He found a park not far from her building and used his copy of her key to let them in. He led her into her apartment then closed and locked the door behind them.
He was hoping she would turn around and thank him for taking her home, and insist that she was fine and that she would see him in the morning.

He wasn't so lucky. Olivia just stood there, staring into nothing.

Elliot took off his suit jacket and laid it over the back of the chair. He knew he might be there a while. It was a good thing
he'd told Kathy he wasn't due back till the next day.

Returning his hand to the small of her back he took a deep breath and led her into her bedroom. He felt kind of nervous for he had
never been in Olivia Benson's bedroom. He'd only seen it in passing from the front door to the living room.

Flipping on the switch as they crossed the threshold, he led her over to the left side of the bed. He'd hoped that once she
realized he was in her bedroom, she would snap out of it.

Elliot wasn't sure what to do next so he decided to start with something simple.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her leather jacket off, then tossed it on the foot of her bed. He stepped closer to her,
waiting for her to tell him to stop.

With no protest from Olivia, Elliot gripped the hem of the sweater she was wearing over her shirt, and slowly pulled it up and over her head.
In the process part of her hair had gotten tousled and Elliot thought she couldn't have looked more beautiful.

The perfume from her sweater played with his senses. It smelled of vanilla and a hint of brown sugar. He placed the sweater on top of her jacket.

He put his hands on her waist where he gripped her shirt on either side. He pulled her shirt from her pants and paused for a moment.
He prayed to God to help him through the next part for the sake of his partner, his best friend.

He slowly began to unbutton her blouse, starting from the bottom and working his way up. Once the last button was undone, he peeked
through the opening of her blouse. He let out a sigh of release and pushed the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms.

She had chosen to wear a tank top underneath. Elliot wasn't sure if that was a relief or not because
the tank top gave him a view of her breasts she often covered up with her layers of clothing.

Elliot cursed himself. Not only was he a married man, but Liv was his best friend and she was in a vulnerable state.

Elliot moved his hands to her hips and guided her backwards until she was sitting on the bed. His hands traced a path from her hips, over her thighs, and down her long legs. He unzipped and removed her boots. His hands then ran up each calf to pull down the dress socks she wore.

"Liv," he said, and looked up into her face to find her looking at him. He could see a glimmer of the Olivia he knew, gazing back at him.
He pulled her back to her feet and undid the buckle on her belt, and slid it out of the loops of her pants.

Elliot continued looking at Olivia as he unbuttoned her pants and lowered the zipper. He gently pushed the pants down and over her hips, where it pooled at her feet.
Elliot kept his eyes on Olivia as he squatted at her feet and lifted one leg, then the other from the pants.

Standing back up he reached behind her and pulled back the covers. He guided Olivia into her bed and as she slid underneath the covers, he caught a glimpse of black lace and her long legs.

He pulled the covers up to her chin.

"Elliot," he heard Olivia say. She had said it so softly he thought he had imagined it.

"Shhh, Liv," he said, "Get some rest. I'll be here when you wake up." He placed a kiss to her temple. She closed her eyes and turned onto her side.
As he left her, he switched off the light and closed the door, but left it open a crack. He made himself comfortable on her couch. He had meant what he said,
he would be there when she woke, even if it wasn't until morning. He would always be there for her.

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