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Chapter 4

Olivia slowed to a walk as she approached her building. Nothing like a good jog to relieve tension. She wondered if Elliot was awake and if so, was probably back to his normal self. Olivia let her body cool down before she made her way back up to her apartment. She walked by the spare bedroom and seeing the closed door, realized that Elliot must still be sleeping. She entered her room and reaching out, swung the door closed. Olivia's hands went to her top to remove it, but she froze. Someone was in her room. She wasn't afraid because she knew who it was; she could always sense when he was near.

She slowly turned around and saw Elliot standing against the wall. Before she had closed her bedroom door, it had hidden Elliot. Olivia took in his appearance. His chest was bare, as were his feet. Blue jeans hugged his lower half. He was standing with his arms by his sides, not really threatening at all. But the look on his face, Olivia knew that look. It was the look that he used in the interrogation room. They stood there silently, staring the other down.

"What happened last night Liv," Elliot asked, going straight to the point.

Olivia kept her face neutral as she replied, "What do you mean El?"

A look passed over Elliot's face that said he expected her to say as much. He pushed away from the wall and slowly approached her. Olivia stood her ground as he came to stop in front of her. The look in his eyes had changed as he made his way over to her. Olivia felt like a perp; like she was being hunted. As she realized this, she was frozen in place and one thought came to mind: Oh, shit.

Elliot gaze over Olivia's form, his eyes glued to the black yoga pants that hugged her curves. He reached out and placed his hands on her hips. From his touch Olivia knew her heart rate increased. His hands slowly rose to grip her sweatshirt in his hands, where he pulled it up and off her. Elliot could do nothing but stare at the sports bra; it was doing nothing to confine the fullness of what was Olivia Benson.

Elliot placed his hands on Olivia's forearms and gently pushed her backwards until she was flat on her back on the bed. Slowly and gently, he lowered himself until he was straddling her hips. His hands stroked her stomach and along her sides. He resituated himself so that he could kiss and nip at her stomach. Olivia's breathing had sped up the moment he touched her bare skin. A throaty gasp escaped her lips as he kissed his way her up body, where he kissed across her collarbone, and up her neck. His hands came up to cup her face and he gazed into her eyes. Olivia rose up until her lips were pressed against his.

The tender, gentle Elliot vanished the moment their lips touched, and years of unresolved passion and lust was released. Tongues anxiously explored the other, hands rushed to remove clothing until there was nothing but skin against skin. Olivia let her hands roam up Elliot's arms, shoulders, and down his back. Elliot's fingertips ghosted over her hip, and found its way to her inner thigh. His finger sought her heat and he found her ready for him.

Elliot positioned himself at Olivia's entrance and gazed down into her face. Olivia reached up and cupped his face in her hands, her eyes locked on his. With that he slowly pushed into her, until he was consumed in nothing but Olivia Benson. Olivia let out a breathless gasp as he filled her. When he began to move his hips, tingles shot through her entire body. Olivia arched her back as she began to experience so many different emotions.

When Olivia arched her back, Elliot leaned forward and began to kiss and nip at her throat. He kissed his way up to her lips. She returned the kiss with just as much passion as his. Elliot braced himself on his forearms and placed his forehead against Olivia's as he increased his stokes. He reached under her, placed both hands on her hips and pushed her lower body into his. The different angle caused Elliot to hit that sweet spot of Olivia's and within moments she froze as her orgasm rocked through her body.

Elliot felt her contracting around him, squeezing him. After a few more strokes his release burst from him and he spilled himself inside of her body. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Elliot laid his head upon her chest. Olivia put one arm around him and stroked his hair with the other hand. They lay like that, with Elliot still inside her and with her arms still around him, until they both fell asleep.


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