By: Jocelyn D. Hoover

Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT... DUH.


Leonardo sat on the roof, looking up and at the moon and the stars. He seemed deep in thought and had a somewhat saddened look on his face. He only acknowledged the presence of another individual when they sat down beside him.

"What's Michelangelo going to be like in 10 years?" Leo asked, quietly.

Startled, his slightly younger brother looked at him for a moment, before asking, "Is that what's been bugging you, Leo?"

Leo only nodded and returned to gazing at the moon.

Raphael shrugged, "I dunno. He could be like anything. He was goofy ten years ago, he's goofy now, so chances are, he's going to be goofy in ten years. Then probably goofy ten years after that and so on."

"We've all changed... What if he does? And not for the better either. Heck, in ten years Donnie might be some psycho scientist, you'll probably be a vigilante again, I'll be a hermit on a mountain top and... what if Mikey turns out the worst? What if..." Leo swallowed, hard, "What if he starts enjoying killing people?"

Raph rolled his eyes, "He ain't like that, Leo. So there's no chance."

Leo sighed, unconvinced.

Raph growled in frustration, "Now you're acting like a depressed Mike!"

Leo finally turned and looked at him, "What?"

"Mikey ain't ever going to like bringing harm to anyone. The only reason he does fight is to help those in need. And Donnie ain't ever gonna be some psycho! And you aren't leaving us again. We're staying together this time."

Leo sighed and looked to the side, "Yeah... That sounds good."

"Good." Raph commented, relaxing and leaning back on his arms to get a better look at the moon.

"Don is actually already halfway there."


"He obsesses over his creations... It's kind of funny."

"Let's just hope he doesn't become some perverted psycho scientist then." Raph said, a strange expression etched across his features.

"What's bad is when he's a bored psycho scientist."

Raph laughed, "Is that all you're going to go on about?"

Leo shrugged.

"Seriously Leo. Mikey ain't ever gonna change. If you, Donnie and me are like this, he'll be the same. I know I'm not gonna change. Don most likely won't. And... we know you aren't. So Mikey ain't gonna change either." Raph said.

"I.. didn't think about it like that before."

"Duh, or you wouldn't be out here moping."

"You know, if you used your head more like this, we wouldn't have to go after you when you get in trouble."

"Oh shut up."


Joce: Yay! Done... Yeah, it's another drabble type thing. So sue me.