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Summary: Natsume is the schools greatest dork. Mikan is the campus sweetheart. Mikan was head over heels on Natsume who thought Mikan as a slut. When Natsume and Mikan become an item...Mikan changed for Natsume but Natsume can't accept her past. What will happen?

Chapter 1:

Natsume Hyuuga was getting ready for school. He's wearing a blue jogging pants and white baggy shirt. His hair was flatly brushed on both sides with a hair polish that made it shiny. He has a pair of big eyeglasses on his eyes that cover his tantalizing crimson orbs. A big backpack on his back to complete his make-over. His make-over as the school's greatest NERD OR FREAK. He was impatiently tapping his right foot while waiting for his best friend Ruka outside the house. Suddenly he saw a familiar pink Mercedes Benz coming. His eyes narrowed when saw the car. He was surprised when the car nearly hit him…fortunately he fastly dodges the car and fell on his ass to the floor. The car stopped.

"Hey are you going to kill me?" Natsume shrieked.

The girl opened her window car and turned her head towards Natsume's directions and smile sweetly at him.

"Oh! Ohayo Natsume-kun! What's up?" said the girl.

The girl has brunette hair which is curled in big curls which follow her every move. She's wearing a black tube that shows her curve, a white mid-thigh denim shorts and a black high-heeled sandals. She has big rounded diamond earrings, diamond heart locket necklace, and diamond made watch and 3 big shinning bangles on her right hand. She has white Prada shoulder bag that hung on her shoulder and pink shades that cover her brown orbs. She has smooth pale skin. She was indeed beautiful and sexy and not to mention, really seductive. She was Mikan Sakura. Alice Academy's Campus Sweetheart. She's a head turner. Every people she walked pass was always turning their head just to glance at her. She was popular at her school and outside. Has many suitors in different year level and has 5 different fan clubs. Many girls envious her because almost of the boys try their luck to date her. To the ugliest to the most handsome but Mikan turned them down because the only guy she like rather love is…


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