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Summary: Natsume is the schools greatest dork. Mikan is the campus sweetheart. Mikan was head over heels on Natsume. Will Natsume learned to love her even though he thinks Mikan is a slut? What happen if Natsume become a hottie and they become a couple? And for some reason he can't accept Mikan's past. Can they love story continues and end with "a happily ever after" or it will end tearfully?

Special Chapter:

It's been 6 years since Natsume and Mikan become together. They even graduated now from school. She was now a famous fashion designer while Natsume become a successful businessman. They are now 22 years old.

Mikan sighed in frustration. It's been a week since their last date. Natsume wasn't even calling her, nor texted her and not even went to their house. She terribly missed her boyfriend.

"The nerve of that guy! What did he think he is? He not calling me nor texting me! Damn! Damn! What if he found another girl? No! Don't be paranoid Mikan!" Mikan thought to herself.

Suddenly her cell phone rang. She quickly grabbed her cell phone and looked who's calling. She made faces when she saw who's the caller was. She It was Natsume! She calmed herself first before answering her phone. She need to calmed down because she might said awful words to him. She counted 1 to 10 and when she felt her self calmed down she answered the phone.

"Hello?" she said calmly and sweetly

"Baby? How are you?"

"Oh! How sweet of you to asked me that! I'm fine! I'll be finer if you didn't called!" Mikan said sarcastically

"Are you angry?"

"Wow! What do you want me to feel? Happy? Excited? You didn't give in touch with me for one week! And you expect me not to be angry? How could you!" Mikan said while hiccuping

"I'm sorry! I was arranging something last week. Please don't cry! I promised I'll try to make it up with you"

"Hmp! What is that something? Maybe you should bother to explain!" Mikan said

"I'll explain it to you later. By the way, I'll pick you up at 7:00 pm. We're going to have dinner"

"Why? Its not our anniversary nor our monthsary!?It's not your birthday too! Not even mine" Mikan said curiosly

"I'll explain it to you later okay? I need to hang up baby! Bye! I love you!"

"Wait! Natsume! Natsume? Grrrr! He hang up!" Mikan said and hang up too. "That guy! He's going to taste my sweetest sermon!"

6:45 PM...

Natsume wass iting comfortably on the sofa, waiting for Mikan. He's wearing his best tuxedo. He stood up when he saw Mikan going down the stairs. His girlfriend sure is beautiful. Wearing a simple pink tube dress and silver-colored sandals makes her more elegant. He laso saw that's she wearing the necklace he gave her.

He walked towards the end of the staircase. When Mikan reached the end he extended his hand to her. Mikan take his hand.They bid they farewell to Mikan's nanny and walked out the house. Natsume and Mikan stopped in front of the front passenger door. Natsume stared at Mikan and smiled.

"You look lovely" Natsume said and bent down to smack her strawberry colored lips.

"Yeah right" she answered sarcastically

"What's with the sarcastic tone?" Natsume smiled and caressed her cheeks

"Would you care to explain? Why didn't you showed up for one week huh?" Mikan said pouting. Natsume scratched his nape and smiled shyly.

"Well, I have something important to do" he said smiling

"Important than me?" Mikan answered

"Of course not! Well...I'll just explained it to you later okay" Natsume said and open the car door. Mikan sighed

"Fine" she was about to hop in when Natsume hold her arm to stop.

"What?" she asked

"Wear this first" Natsume said and handed her a blindfold

"Why?" Mikan asked confused

"Just wear it baby" Natsume said and put it in her eyes.

Natsume stopped the car in a high class French restaurant. Mikan eyes was still covered

"Where are we Natsume?" Mikan asked to Natsume.

"You'll know it soon" Natsume said and climb out the car and help Mikan to climb out. His right arm on her waist while the left was holding her wrist.

Mikan felt that they were climbing. Then suddenly she heard a song was played. It was "Your Guardian Angel" which happened to be their theme song.

"Natsume, where are we?" she asked really curious

"Just be patient, princess" Natsume answered to her. Moments had passed and she finally felt that she was standing now on a platform. The song become louder. She felt Natsume was taking off her blindfold. When her sight finally back, her eyes widened in shock. It was a candlelit dinner on one of the class restaurant's rooftop. There was also a band that was singing different love songs and most especially their theme song. She was awe on what she saw. She couldn't speak. She seems to lose her mind not until Natsume hugged her from behind.

"This is the reason, why I didn't show up for one week. I need to fix this up to make it perfect" Natsume said and kissed her cheeks. She turned around to face Natsume. She saw him smiling and she can see happiness in his eyes. She hugged Natsume tight.

"Did you like it?" Natsume asked brushing her long brunette hair.

"I love it Natsume!" Mikan said and kissed Natsume on the lips. They broke the kissed to gasp some air. She smiled at Natsume.

Suddenly, Mikan heard fireworks. She turned around and her tears started to flow. She saw the fireworks say...

"I was quite the spoiled brat. I have quite a temper, obviously inherited from my father, and I became very good at ordering everyone around. But when you came into my life, everything change and I become a better person"

Then after that...a new batch came and that made Mikan cried more

"I love You and Thank You, my princess"

Mikan was lost in her own thoughts until Natsume went in front of her and showed her an opened blue velvet box. The box contain the a diamond solitaire engagement ring. Another batch of fireworks came and it says:

"Will you marry me?"

Mikan looked at Natsume. Natsume was smiling. Natsume kneel in front of her and asked.

"Will you take the honor of being my wife and be with me for the rest of our lives?" Natsume said picking her left hand and slipping the ring in her ring finger. Mikan just remained staring at Natsume. Natsume stood up and whispered...

"Now, what's you answer?" Natsume asked smiling. Mikan went back into reality and hugged her arms into Natsume's neck. She kissed Natsume and Natsume kissed back.

"Of course! I'm willing to be your wife Natsume Hyuuga!" she said and hugged Natsume as Natsume hugged back.

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