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Warning: This is a Liley story...so if your offended by this sort of thing, I wouldn't read any further.

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(Robbie Ray's P.O.V)

I don't know what to do. I just got one of the worst calls a person could get. A girl who's been like a daughter to me, and my own daughters best friend, and possibly the love of her life (I've seen the looks Miley gives her when she thinks nobody's looking,) Lilly Truscott was just admitted to the "Malibu Banner Hospital" with life threatening injuries, after her whole family was in a car accident. Sadly nobody else survived, and she herself is in critical condition.

Since Lilly has no other living relatives I was listed as her guardian, in case something happened to her family. So that's why I was called. Right now I just feel like bawling,(something this tragic should never happen to someone so young, it shouldn't happen to anyone, but it definitely shouldn't happen to a sixteen year old) but I can't... I have to be strong, and somehow inform my daughter of this tragic news.


(Normal P.O.V.)

" Miles." Mister Stewart called up to his daughter. " Can you come down here please?"

" Coming dad." Was the reply he got. " what's up dad? What did you need?" Miley ask in a perky tone, making her way into the living room.

" Um why don't you sit down bud." Her dad said, while taking a seat himself.

" Oh this can't be good. Whatever it is, Jackson did it." Joked Miley, sitting down, like her dad had ask.

" No Miles, your not in trouble, but this is serious." Robbie said in a quiet voice.

Noting the somber tone in her dads voice, Miley got worried. " Daddy what's wrong?" Miley said in a worried tone, while playing with an invisible string on the couch.

" That call... That call was from the hospital." Robbie said, motioning towards the phone.

At this Miley started to panic a little. Mister Stewart took his daughter's hand, and finished speaking. " Lilly and her family were in a car accident. Lilly's the only one who survived." Robbie finished his sentence, and hugged Miley.

At this point Miley was almost in hysterics. " How's Lilly? is she ok? does she know about her family? where's she going to stay?" Miley said all this very quickly.

" First of all Miley, you need to calm down, this isn't going to help Lilly." Mister Stewart, said in a soothing tone. " What will help Lilly, is prayer, and a strong shoulder to cry on. I know it's hard bud, but try...for Lilly's sake, and in answer to your questions...Lilly's alive. How ok she is, I don't know, the doctor told me she's in critical condition.

When Miley heard this, she started crying harder, (if that was possible.)

" Hey Bud Look at me. She's strong, if anybody can pull threw this, it's her." Robbie said in a calming voice, trying to comfort his very distraught daughter. After he was sure Miley was ok, and able to listen, he finished answering her questions.

" As far as I know she's doesn't know about her family yet, and if ... When... ( Robbie corrected himself ) she recovers she'll be living with us. I'm her legal guardian." Robbie said all this, while still hugging and rocking Miley.

" Now why don't you go and get ready, and we'll head on down to the hospital." Robbie finished speaking, and pulled away from his daughter, giving her an encouraging smile.


(Miley's P.O.V.)

I couldn't believe it, my best friend, and the girl I'm in love with, is in the hospital, barley hanging on to life. I don't know what to do. I'm in shock, what if she doesn't make it? I don't know how to live without her. I've never even told her I have feelings for her (Feelings that aren't just normal friend feelings,) and now I might never get the chance.


(Normal P.O.V.)

All of this was going threw Miley's mind as she got ready. She was running around her room at top speed, gathering anything she felt she might need, and stuffing it in an overnight bag, not even caring about the mess she was making. All she cared about was getting done as fast as possible, so she could get to the hospital and see Lilly.

After she was done packing, for what she was sure was going to be a long stay at the hospital, She gave Oliver a call, letting it ring about four times, before she remembered Oliver was at summer camp, therefore out of range. There was no way of contacting him, so he wouldn't know anything about Lilly till he returned, which wouldn't be for another two months. Realizing's this, Miley hung up the phone with a defeated sigh, got up, grabbed her bag and made her way down the stairs, to her dad, who was patiently waiting.


(Robbie's P.O.V.)

I had just finished calling Jackson, when I heard Miley coming down the stairs. I looked up from the phone, to see my daughter just stepping off the last step, looking more depressed than I'd seen her in over eight years. The only other time I've seen her this down, was when her mother passed away. I'd hoped to never have to see that look on my child's face again, but I guess we don't always get what we hope for. I can only pray, that this will all turn out ok.


(Normal P.O.V.)

After a few moments of watching his daughter, go back and forth in the living room, trying to gather up the last of the things, she felt she might need. Robbie spoke up, saying. " Hey bud why don't you go get in the car. I'll finish getting anything we might need."

A very quiet ok, was the only response he got, as Miley turned and headed for the door. Robbie just shook his head sadly, and took one last look around the room, making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. After he was satisfied that he had everything that might be needed, he grabbed his keys, and headed for the door, shutting off the lights as he went.

The next 30 minutes were spent in the car, headed for the hospital. Every once in awhile Mister Stewart would try and make small talk with Miley, but more often then not, all he got in response was a grunt. So after awhile he gave up. The rest of the ride was spent in silence, except for the occasional car horn that would rudely disrupt the quiet.

Miley just fiddled nervously with her belt, and stared out the window the whole time, watching for the sign, that would indicate they had finally arrive at there intended destination. After what seemed like forever, she finally saw it. She was both happy and scared. Happy cause she'd finally be able to see Lilly, and scared cause she had no idea what to expect.