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Summary: Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke were high school sweet hearts. He promised her that they would one day wed once they were out of college…but promises were meant to be broken right? Six years later his wedding day is just around the corner but it's to another woman? And their wedding planner is none other than the famous Haruno Sakura.

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"I can't find the flower girls!"

"Where's the best man!?"

"The priest isn't here yet!!!"

"Where are the rings!?"

"My veil is missing!!!!"

"…This is a disaster!!!!!"

Chaos filled the whole room, close relatives and friends of the bride and groom ran around the area; looking for this and that, searching for this person and that person when all hell seemed to have broken lose on this supposed to be special day, a woman with unusual pink hair neatly tied into a high pony tail, wearing black slacks and a white collard shirt stepped into the room.



Name: Haruno Sakura

Age: 23

Occupation: Owner and founder of Cherry Blossoms wedding Inc.

Background: Used to be the smartest girl in both her High school and College years

Has an abnormally large forehead

Can be freakishly strong

Other: Currently suffering from a broken heart-though she'll never admit it


Immediately the panicking people crowded her asking…or rather shouting the questions that they hopped to be answered.

The girl kept her clam façade as she began to answer the questions one by one:

"The flower girls are playing dress up in room 203, I want at least five people to go there now and get them dressed in their proper attire" as soon as she had finished her sentence five women dressed in a light purple brides maids dress disappeared from the crowd.

"The best man is in the lobby taking an important business call. I want two of you…" Her well manicured slender finger pointed to the two men neatly dressed in black tuxedos at the back of the room "…to go down there right now and inform him that the ceremony is starting in five." They both gave a nod before exiting the room.

"Mrs. Takahata the priest is already at the altar waiting for your soon to be daughter in law to arrive, kindly go back to the church and take you place…we're about to start" she said turning towards an elderly woman dressed in a beige pant suit.

"…Are you sure?" she asked the pink haired woman

"Yes. Turns out he got lost and went to another wedding…Luckily one of my assistants found him before he started to perform the ceremony." She replied directing the elderly woman out of the crowded hotel room where the bride- to-be was placing on the finishing touches of her make-up.

"Ahh… Alright then I'll leave everything else in your hands Ms. Haruno" she said before closing the door.

She turned around as soon as the door clicked closed and assisted the other panicked people "Takashi, the rings are with the ring bearer! He's already waiting outside of the Church doors along with the flower girls, brides' maids and the maid of honor, according to my assistant, Hinata, you're the only one missing aside from the bride!" Sakura said to one of the best men who was going crazy thinking he lost the rings.

"Great! Got it! Thanks Sakura!" and in a flash he was out the door. Sakura couldn't help but shake her head at the behavior of the boy 'Well…it's not the first case of best man break down I've seen…' she thought.

She made her way to the bride who was almost in tears due to the lost veil "What's this? We can't have the bride in tears now can we?" Sakura said wiping away the tears of Hikaru, the bride, from her eyes before it could ruin her make-up.

"I-I can't find my veil!!" Hikaru choked, about to burst into tears. Sakura did a quick scan of the room then smirked "You're sitting on it." That said the brunette stood up to reveal the elegantly designed veil; despite the creases formed.

Sakura smoothened out the veil and placed it on the brides brown hair "There! Perfect!" she said as she took a step back to examine Hikaru. She had a custom made gown and hand sewn veil, her brown hair was tied in a neat bun her pink lips and blue eyes had a very light touch of make up on, truly she looked angelic.

"Hikaru you look beautiful!" Sakura complemented with a sincere smile on her face, Hikaru turned and looked at Sakura "T-thanks…I can't believe that this is it. This will be my last moments as a Tsukiko." She said as crystal tears formed in her eyes once again

"No! No! You can't cry! What will people think when they see the pretty bride in tears?" Sakura said once again wiping away the drops of liquid from her eyes.

"You're such a big help Sakura! I don't know what I'd do without you…I don't think this wedding would be successful if it weren't for you!" Hikaru said calming down a bit.

"Now, now…I want you to clear you thoughts and focus on your wedding alright? C'mon, they're all waiting for you."




"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest said taking a brief pause; to admire the big smiles growing on the newly weds faces.

"You may now kiss the bride." The man and woman looked into each others eyes before leaning in to capture the lips of the other. Once the couple broke apart from the kiss the wedding march began to play and the seated relatives and friends began to applaud the newly pronounced husband and wife.




"Y-you did it again S-sakura-chan that was another s-successful wedding." Stuttered a girl with dark blue waist length hair, she had unusual white eyes and wore a blue collared shirt and black slacks, she stood next to Sakura at the back of the room admiring the couple take their first dance as husband and wife.



Name: Hyuuga Hinata

Age: 23

Occupation: Works as Sakuras assistant planner for fun

Background: Heiress to the Hyuuga martial arts facility

One of Sakuras closest friend

Will stutter like there's no tomorrow when a certain blonde boy is around

Other: Can be EXTREMLY shy


"Thanks Hinata-chan, I guess our work here is done then. Now lets get outta hear before the best man starts to hit on you." Hinata couldn't help but giggle at the rosettes comment and followed her out the ballroom door.

Next day.


Long time lovers Tsukiko Hikaru; heir to the Tsukiko Oil Company and Takahata Hiyoshi; Owner of Takahata corp. Finally married, "I've never seen such an elegant wedding in my life!" commented Hiyoshis mother after the wedding "Haruno Sakura lives up to her legacy as 'Konohas Number one wedding planner.'" She added soon after.

Truly this marriage will bring…

"...Sakura…" whispered a man with raven black hair and stunning onyx eyes.



Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Age: 23

Occupation: CEO of the Uchiha Corp

Background: USED to believe in love

He USED to be engaged to Sakura during their college years

And he'll do ANYTHING to find out what he did wrong that made him lose her

Other: He dislikes his fiancé very, very, VERY much


He sat on the spinning chair in his office which was at the top floor of the Uchiha corp. building. The man, clearly in his mid twenties, was wearing a black business suit with a light blue polo inside his jacket.

His eyes, scanning newspaper looking at the picture of the happy couple and their family outside the church: the front page contained a few shots of the church and the ballroom all with an elegant yet bold design.

'Her style hasn't changed one bit.' He thought a small smirk forming on his lips. It took him a few minutes to read the rest of interesting articles, after all as CEO of Konohas largest corporation he had to know all about the current issues happening.

Once he was done he folded the news paper and neatly placed it inside his left drawer'…No matter how famous she is, one thing's for sure…she'll ne-'




Name: Yamanaka Ino

Age: 23

Occupation: Heiress to the Yamanaka Corp.

Background: Moved to Sauna when she was in the third grade but she came back to Konoha during her first year in college

Has her own fashion line, which features her designs that she created out of the blue

Has a strange obsession with flowers

Other: Is Sasukes CURRENT fiancé


His train of thoughts was disrupted by a loud shriek of his name followed by a loud bang on his office door. Sasuke could feel is left eye twitch as he heard the oh-so-familiar yet oh-so-annoying voice. A sigh escaped from his lips before giving permission for the person to come in.

"Sasuke-kun!" She repeated, entering his office with a newspaper in her hand "I've found the perfect wedding planner!" She excitedly approached the onyx man

'…Oh dear Kami.'Were Sasukes immediate thoughts as he realized what his petite blonde soon-to-be-wife was going to show him. Then again he hoped that he was wrong "What do you want Ino?" he asked his voice emotionless as ever.

The blonde woman stopped in front of his organized desk and slammed the newspaper in front of him; knocking down the documents and papers he had organized form most important to utterly useless in the process.

"Like I said Sasuke-kun, I've found us a planner! Daddy already made a call to her office and he said that she'll definitely accept with the money that he'll offer!"

His onyx eyes traveled down to the exact same article he had read a few moments ago.

Who was he kidding? He was never wrong.

"Haruno Sakura will be our wedding planner!"


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