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Previously on T.B.D.O.M.L.I.P.F.A

His onyx eyes traveled down to the exact same article he had read a few moments ago.

Who was he kidding?

He was never wrong.

"Haruno Sakura will be our wedding planner!" she said excitedly





"Hell no!!"

"Why not!? C'mon Sakura! This could be a big step for the company!"

"I don't care! There is no way in hell that I will do that wedding!"




"F-five p-point eight BILLION." Hinata said as she hid a pair of scissors inside a file cabinet.

"What?" Sakura asked sharply turning her head towards Hinata. The Hyuuga was about to open her mouth to explain but Tenten beat her to it.

"That was his offer, 5.8 BILLION" Tenten repeated, saying the last word with emphasis.

The rosette immediately fell back down on her chair as the amount of money began to sink into her brain. '…I-if I take the job…I'll finally have enough money to-'




"I'll take it"




"FOREHEAD!! You don't know how much I've missed you!"

"I'm so sorry Haruno-san! I don't know what went into my daughter's head, tackling you like that. I assure you it won't happen again!"

"But daddy, Sakura is an old friend of mine!" Ino protested, stomping her foot on the ground.

This sentence caused Sasuke to narrow his eyes. 'Friend? Since when? Neither she nor Sakura mentioned that they used to be friends…' he thought, his head starting to connect the pieces of the puzzle together.




Ino nodded excitedly. "It'll be on October fifth!" she replied.

Sakura felt a pang of pain near her heart as she heard the familiar date. 'Great, that date will definitely make this wedding a whole lot easier to plan' she thought sarcastically with a slight roll of her emerald eyes.




Onyx bore into emerald and emerald bore into onyx. Both of the owners were able to read each other like an open book.

Anger? No…there was none of that.

He never felt any anger towards her, he never could. He just…well he just needed – no WANTED – answers. Alas, our raven-haired boy never got any answers no matter how hard he tried to search for it; he was never able to get the answer to the most annoying question in the world:





"Sasuke-kun! You can't leave! We still have a lot of things plan! And you still haven't told Sakura about-"

"You tell her. I'm going to go with the guys. Give her the keys to the house and they can have whatever room they want."




She soon found herself sitting down on the floor with her back pressed against the closed door as more and more tears fell from her heart shaped face. That night, Haruno Sakura cried herself to sleep.




Sakura's eyes widened when she saw a ring with a golden band and an aquamarine stone in the middle. She narrowed her eyes and brought Ino's hand closer to her face.

Sakura could feel tears form in her eyes when she saw the inscription on the ring.

To my angel

(A/N: Italicized and underlined means it a flashback of a flashback. Don't worry though! These things only appear during the recaps of the previous chapters)




"Haruno's what?" the white-eyed boy demanded, now having his full attention on Naruto.

'Oh, shit!' were Naruto's immediate thoughts.

"So, Sakura's planning Uchiha's wedding, eh? This ought to be fun," Shikamaru said with a smirk.




"Sakura…what's the matter?"

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Don't leave me…please…"

He begged her not to leave.


It broke her heart to see him like this.

"I know you still love me."

But she still walked away.

Soft and friendly music filled the room, the mixture of the guitar, bells and pianos could easily send a person to sleep. In this case however-it woke a person up from a not so comfortable slumber

A lump on the queen sized bed could be seen covered by a thick warm blanket; groans and curses could be heard coming under it. Moments later, a hand shot up feeling for the noisy object on the bedside table.

'This better be good'

Finally acquiring the ringing and vibrating cell phone, the hand disappeared back into the blanket along with the baby pink flip phone.

"What do you want?" a raspy female voice snapped

The sound of a familiar chuckle from the other end of the line caused the females ears to perk up.

"And good morning to you to, Cherry" came a sarcastic male voice.

The female immediately shot up from the bed and forced her eyelids open-eye crust had formed due to the crying she had done the previous night- the warm blanket still covered her from head to toe.

"…You sound like crap by the way" added the caller awhile later.

A vain could be outlined on the relatively large forehead of a certain pink haired girl; a smirk appeared on her thin lips awhile later, clearing her throat to prepare for a comeback at the morning insult she had just gotten.

"Like you sound any better, Bear!" Her soft angelic voice retorted (emphasizing on the last word) replacing the hoarse and raspy one she had woken up with.

Distant chattering from different people and squeaky wheels from what seemed like carts could be heard from the other end of the line. The girl rubbed her eyes to rid herself of the remaining eye crust; mentally cursing herself as she did so.

"Yeah well, I'm a guy…we're supposed to-"

"GAARA!! GET YOUR EMO LITTLE ASS HERE NOW!!" a female voice screeched cutting the man called Gaara in mid sentence.

Giggles could be heard coming from her end of the line causing Gaara to growl "Shut up Cherry. You're the reason why she's upset." He stated in a as-a-matter-of-fact tone, a smirk forming on his lips

"Eh? What did I do?? I JUST woke up!" protested the young female. Even if the girl couldn't see her friend she could immediately tell that his infamous smirk was on his face.

"My point exactly"

The pink haired girl scrunched her eyebrows as her mind began to comprehend what her friend meant.


'Was it her birthday?'



'Was I supposed to bring something to her?'

Close, but not quite there yet.


'Pick something up?'

Change one word and you've got it!

Here emerald eyes grew wide as realization dawned on her





"OWWWW!!" the girl moaned from the ground, her flawless face pressed against the navy blue carpeted floor. "You're still an idiot like always, Cherry" Gaara said with a small chuckle.

"Are you talking to Sakura!?" the female voice from earlier asked Gaara before Sakura could compose herself from the fall.

"Uh…yeah, why?"

"What do you mean why!? Where the hell is she!? We've been here for an hour and a half!"

'fuck' was the first thing in Sakuras mind once she had regained composure. "You better get you ass over here ASAP Cherry…unless you want Temari to start making a scene"

The line was cut after that. Sakura threw her phone on the bed and ran to her bag to get her clothes for the day

'I am so dead!!'




In the middle of all the flying clothes and moderately loud curses, a knock came from the wooden door. Sakura ignored the first few knocks and just continued to rummage through her bag

"Where are my pants!?"

Gradually the knocks grew louder and louder until it turned into a continuous banging.

By this time though, our pink haired star was now fully dressed and ready to pick up her friends at the airport.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Sakura was running a brush though her hair as she flung the door open. "What in Kamis name do you want!?" she snapped at the poor person in front of the door, who was-unfortunately- Tenten

The brown haired woman had immediately shut her eyes throughout Sakuras yell; she brought two of her fingers and wiped away micro droplets of spit that had landed on her face.

"Just wanted to see if you were still alive…"

The brunette spoke taking a few steps back to let both of them have personal space. Sakura raised an eyebrow and tossed her brush behind her and grabbed her purse from a chair.

"What time is it??"

Tenten glanced at her watch then looked back up at Sakura "12:30 wh-"


Before Tenten could finish her sentence; Sakura bolted out of the room and ran down the stairs. "What. The. Hell?" She glanced at her wrist watch once again; her chocolate brown eyes landing on the days date (A/N: Imagine those watches with the number of the month's day somewhere)

Tenten couldn't help but laugh upon realizing why her friend was in a hurry

"She is soooo dead"

"This is the final boarding call for flight 2348 for Suna. This is the final boarding call for flight 2348 for Suna, please proceed to the nearest boarding gate now."


"Excuse me please!!"

"Watch it!!"

"Pardon me!!"

"Hey there cutie!"


Sakura halted from making her way though the crowds of people in the airport and turned around with a very angry look on her face. Her eyes landed upon a brown haired man who didn't look that much older than her, with a very smug look on his face. Sakura-whos face was now red due to anger, stomped her way to the man.

"Oh I know you did not just slap me on my ass!" Sakura spat, only to receive a wider smirk from the pervert.

"So what if I did? Want me to do it again babe?"

The brunette walked smugly towards Sakura and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her towards him. By this time- a crowd of people who had nothing better to do had gathered around them.

"Let go of me you jerk!!" Sakura yelled, attempting to yank her wrist away only to have his hold on her tighten. With the mans free hand, he held the back of Sakuras head and forced it towards him

"Now, now, Honey we don't want to make a scene in front of everyone now do we?" Clearly the man was trying to portray both of them as lovers who might have gotten into an argument.

Sakura, try as she might failed to pry herself away from the man…hell she tried everything! From stomping on his foot to pinching him near the area where the sun doesn't shine- and he still won't budge.

'Shit!! Someone call 911!!' Sakura yelled in her mind once she noticed that fighting him was a lost cause. The crowd like any other however, didn't seem to be doing anything…they just stood there watching them as if it was all an act.

'What the hell are they doing!? Move your asses people!!'

Sakura could now feel the mans disgusting breath on her face. She attempted to jerk her head away and free her wrist-both attempts ended in vain.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' Sakura squeezed her eyes shut and waited for his lips to claim hers…

Two seconds was the amount of time their lips touched.

Five seconds was the amount of time it took for the man to end up face flat on the floor with a soon to be black eye.

Ten seconds was what it took for Sakura to re-open her eyes and see a very pissed of Gaara, a glaring Kankuro and an annoyed Temari.

"Try touching her again and I'll make you wish you were dead." The red haired man sneered gaining a touching 'awww' from the audience.

Big Mistake.

Gaara stood up straight and glared at the crowd "What the hell are you all staring at!? Mind your own damn business and scram!!" Almost immediately the herd of people dispersed back into their own little world.


Name: Subaku No Gaara

Age: 26

Occupation: President and owner of Sunas most famed five star hotel

Background: Youngest of the Subaku siblings.

Sees Sakura as his little sister and is VERY protective of her.

Used to be Sakuras 'sempai' in their High school days.

Others: Can have anger issues

Gaara slowly walked towards the unconscious man and gave him a slight kick to the stomach "That's for being an ass"

"Where's airport security when you need them to clean up the mess?" he added awhile later scanning the airport vicinity

"Tch, guys like him make me sick" Kankuro said keeping an intense glare at the unconscious man.


Name: Subaku No Kankuro

Age: 28

Occupation: President and owner of the most famed Suna grand theater

Background: Second of the Subaku siblings

Has the longest amount of patience out of all three siblings

He considers playing/making puppets as his hobby

"Looks like the guy got what he deserved" Temari said with a smirk and a cross of her arms. "Now then" The blonde woman spun around on her heel and faced Sakura-her smirk turning into a frown


Name: Subaku No Temari

Age: 39

Occupation: Works as the 'hidden brains' for both the Suna hotel and theater.

Background: Eldest of the Subaku siblings

(Mostly) Everything that the other two does HAS to go through her

Piss her off and you have a one way road to hell

"About you being and hour and a half late…" As Temari said this she took a step closer to the pink hared girl with every word. Sakura would see her life flash before her eyes, slowly backing away from the moving Temari.

"Ehehehe…Now, now Temari-san I can explain you see…I…Uhh…well…" Sakuras eyes darted from left to right trying to find an escape rout from the older womans wrath

"I'm waiting Haruno."

"I…uhhh…overslept?" Sakura sheepishly finished scratching the back of her head as she did so.

"Sa-ku-ra" Temaris voice was low and had a warning tone; an outline of a vain could be seen on her forehead and her clear blue eyes centered upon the quivering girl in front of her.

'Hehe, you are so dead Cherry.' Gaara thought as he watched the scene playing before him with amusement. "How fast do you think Sakura can run?" Kankuro asked standing beside Gaara. "We're about to find out" was the younger boys only reply.



And she did.

Haruno Sakura the famous wedding planer age twenty three ran for dear life all around the airport.

"I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry! I'm Sorry!!"

"Damn it Cherry, did you really have to jump on me!?" Gaara complained rubbing the back of his head where a small lump had formed, Sakura gave a nervous laugh "Sorry about that…But I had to! Temari-san was this close" She made a small space between her index finger and thumb for emphasis "to reaching me"

"And you thought jumping on me would prevent that how??" Gaara asked looking at Sakura with an eyebrow raised "Well I thought you would catch me! Who in the world kept on boasting that he had fast reflexes when he was a kid huh!?" Sakura retorted as a matter of factly. "Tch, whatever"

Silence filled the taxi they were currently in, Sakura was leaning her head on Gaaras shoulder while he was looking outside the widow watching the scenery fly by. Kankuro was at the other side of Sakura almost half asleep due to the five hour flight they had took while Temari sat in front glancing at Sakura from the rearview mirror every now and then.

"Sakura, care to explain why we're heading towards the Uchihas house and not yours?" Temari finally asked adjusting her position on her seat to get a better look at the girl, who only bit her lip and remained silent for awhile deciding how to explain to them the current situation she was in. Gaara looked at the Sakura with concern in his eyes and shook his shoulder a bit telling the pink haired girl that he too wanted to know why.

Sakura let out a deep sigh and sat up straight "Well I guess I can't hide in any longer huh?" Sakura began-pain was evident in her voice "You guys know that we…broke up right?" Both siblings nodded in union "Because of the whole…" Temari trailed not wanting the girl to relive the saddest day on her life.

Sakura lowered her eyes to her lap as her bangs covered half of her face a few crystal drops fell from her eyes which both Gaara and Temari did not fail to see, her whole figure began to shake as more and more tears fell. Out of brotherly instinct Gaara wrapped an arm around her and brought her closer to him "Shhh…It's okay Cherry, we're here for you, just calm down and take a deep breath then tell us what happened…" He said comfortingly.

It took a few minutes for Sakura to calm down, but when she did she told them everything; from the offer of Inos dad to the time she had broken down inside her room.

In the Uchiha mansion…

The time was 2:30 in the afternoon and everyone inside the household was wide awake doing their chores for the day, while their guests had a meeting with Ino and her father inside the main dining room. "Why isn't Sakura joining us today again?" Ino asked for the third time since the meeting started earning an irritated glare from Tenten "She had to pick up a few friends from the airport." She replied in between clenched teeth.

"When will she be back?" Haru asked looking over at the selection of colors for the table napkins.

"I'm s-s-sure she's o-on her w-w-way now…" Hinata stuttered glancing that the wall clock.

'Sakura-chan where are you??'




"Hatake-san please! You mustn't wake up the young master!" A maid pleaded running after a man with sliver spiked up hair who had a look of determination in his eyes…well eye to be exact since the other one was covered with a mask along with half of his face.

"He requested that no one must enter his room unless it's a mater of life and death!" The maid pleaded once again stopping at the foot of the stairs as the man climbed skipping two steppes at once. "Well if he doesn't wake up soon he will be dead!" his deep voice boomed clearly annoyed.


Name: Hatake Kakashi

Age: 36

Occupation: Uchiha corps director

Background: Has been part of Uchiha crop for 12 years.

Sasukes father figure(though he'll never admit it)

Can be perverted

Other: You'll always see him with an orange book in his hand-unless he means business

Reaching the second floor her walked over to Sasukes room and flung the door wide open no longer bothering to knock. The room was pitch black, the curtains were still closed diminishing the brightness of the rays of the sun and the only source of actual light came from the now open door.

"And I thought Uchihas never sleep past nine." the silver haired man said shaking his head as he walked across the room placing a hand on the curtains and sliding it open emitting the feeling that life was indeed possible in the room. The figure that lay on the bed scrunched his eyebrows and faced away from the light giving a grunt.

"Wake up Sasuke!!" Kakashi yelled pulling the blankets from the Uchiha "You already missed three meetings today and if you miss one more I swear to Kami I will make your life a living hell." He threw the blanket aside and began to shake the bed hopping to get a response from the boy.

"Screw the meetings and leave me alone" Sasuke replied venomously placing the pillow over his head "If you miss one more meeting our stocks might go down!" Kakashi said grabbing the pillow away from Sasuke and tossing it along side the blanket.

"I don't give a damn Kakashi! Now leave!!"

"Oh, well since you don't care I'm sure you'll be happy to know that SA has almost closed a deal with KI" (A/N: Made those acronyms up!) Kakashi crossed his arms and eyed Sasuke

"They what!?" Immediately the raven haired boy sat up from his bed and glared at the elder man. "How the hell can you let that happen!? We're the ones whos supposed to be teaming up with KI! The contract signing was supposed to be today!"

Kakashi cringed at the yell and at the appearance of Sasuke-he had deep eye bags under both his eyes and his hair was spikeier than usual…and not in a good away, not to mention the stench of his breath.

Wait. Eye bags + messed up face + bad breath a hang over?

"Did you get drunk?" Kakashi asked narrowing his eyes "Shut up and tell me why KI didn't sign the damn contract!!" Sasuke got out of his bed ignoring the major head ache he had and rushed towards the bathroom to his left.

"Last time I saw you this messed up was when Sakura broke up with you" Kakashi chuckled as Sasuke froze half way towards the bathroom "Don't start with me old man." He said icily over his shoulder sending shivers down the sliver haired mans spine.

'…bad timing Kakashi' he thought to himself raising he arms up in defense as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. Once Sasuke closed the bathroom door and opened the shower Kakashi clamed down and sighed

'Kids these days can't take a joke…'

"We're here." The taxi driver said pulling over in front of the black gates of the Uchiha estate.

Temari gave the taxi driver money for the fare then looked at Sakura who made sure her face held no traces of crying "C'mon, Hinata missed called me twenty times…I'm guess their having another meeting about the wedding with Ino and her dad." She placed her compact back in her bag and gave Gaara slight push to open the door.

Gaara gave Sakura a concerned look once again "What?" Sakura asked with a tilt of her head "…Never mind, C'mon" He opened the door and got out followed by Sakura while Kankuro and Temari opened the door on their end.




Sakura was about to knock on the door, but before her hand even touched the wood-the door flew open towards her direction sending Sakura flying backwards, she was about to fall on the concrete of the path way but luckily Gaara had caught her just in time.

Sakura gave a thanks to Gaara and looked up to see who caused her fall.


Hovering above her dressed in a business suit was Sasuke who had a tint of annoyance in his eyes and standing next to him was Kakashi who raised an eye brow. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Temari and Kakuro and gave a glare at Gaara who pushed Sakura back onto her feet.

"What are they doing here?" Sasuke questioned Sakura who avoided his gaze

"T-t-they…ummm…th-they c-came he-h-here to…ummm…" She lowered he head and twiddled her fingers, unable to finish he sentence. Gaara wrapped an arm protectively around Sakura shoulders and glared back at Sasuke who held the same glare outside and was mentally killing Gaara inside for touching Sakura.

"We're here to pick up her things. She'll be accompanying us in the hotel throughout our stay here." Gaara stated

Sasuke opened his mouth to reply but was cut off at the shriek of his fiancé


His left eye twitch and slowly turned around to face the blonde running towards him holding a picture of roses in one hand and a picture of lilies in the other. "What do you want Ino?"

Ino held the two pictures directly in front of his face "Which of these two make a better center…" she trailed of when she saw Sakura standing behind her future husband "Forehead!! You're finally here!! Now you can choose which one of these make a better center piece!!" she squealed pushed past Sasuke.

Sakura raised her head and gave a small-fake-smile "Lilies of course, they look much more elegant than roses."

"Lilies it is then!!" It wasn't long before she noticed three unfamiliar faces close to Sakura. "…Who're they?" she asked as Sasuke stood behind her wanting to hear an answer as well.

"Subaku No Gaara"

"Subaku No Temari"

"Subaku No Kankuro"

Ino nodded and gave a 'nice to meet ya' smile. "These are my friends from Suna…they'll be staying here in Konaha for business purposes, and I'll be staying with them as well" Sakura said softly lowering her gaze once more

"Staying with them…as in YOU leaving Sasuke-kuns mansion??"

Sakura gave a nod "Don't worry though! I promise I'll be available for contact 24/7 and won't disappear for any meetings regarding the wedding!!" Sakura quickly said when she realized Ino was about to stop her from leaving.

Sasukes face remained emotionless but inside his mind was racing with numerous thoughts.

"Awww…but-but-but you can't leave!! I need you here so I know exactly where to find you incase of an emergency!!" Ino whined

"But I promised I'd stay with them so they won't get lost when they go around Konoha…" Sakura said biting her lower lip 'Damn it. I knew she wouldn't let me off the hook the easily!!'

"I think we need to get her things now…clearly your fiancé is in a hurry to go to a meeting or something and we're just stalling him." Gaara said bring Sakura closer to him with a smug smirk, Sasuke merely glared at the boy.

"OH!! I know!! What if your friends stay here in Sasuke-kun mansion!?" Ino said excitedly

'Damn, I did not see that coming…' Sakura thought as her eyes widened in shock, as well as all the others, except for a very amused Kakashi.

"I-I-I-Th-they couldn't possibly I-I-I mean…we wouldn't want to be a burden t-to-"

"No! I insist!! It's for the best after all…I can still contact you whenever and know where you are and you can still be with your friends!!" Ino explained clapping her hands.

"B-b-but-" Sakuras mind began to search for an excuse on why they can't stay in the mansion, but none came seemed sensible enough.

"Can someone get the Subakus their luggage please!!" Ino yelled inside the mansion and immediately three maids came and took the bags to bring them upstairs.

"Won't Uchiha-san mind I mean, it is his mansion after all and I'm sure he doesn't want strangers intruding…" Sakura blurted out earning a bewildered glance from Sasuke

'Uchiha-san?? What the hell?'

"I'm sure he doesn't mind! Right Sasuke-kun??"


"Great!! Now you go to your meeting" She said, giving Sasuke a small push "While we need to get down to business forehead!! See ya inside!!" and in a flash the hyper active blonde was gone.

"Tch. We're leaving, let's go Kakashi." The two men walked past Sakura and the Subaku siblings without uttering another word.

"That was…unexpected?" Sakura said irritably

"It's gonna be hell in here isn't it?" Kankuro said crossing his arms to look at is youngest sibling

"That girl was far too perky for my taste." Temari said slightly twitching


After a few more minutes of talking, or rather complaining outside, the four of them entered the mansion and tried their best to prevent Gaara from straggling Ino for ruining his plan.

So there you have it. Sakuras attempt to leave failed and ended up staying there along with the Sand siblings.

This sucks.

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