The Doctor charged out toward the cliff edge, flanked by the Guard's cover fire.

"Stop right-"

He was scant seconds too late! A bolt dropped the renegade guard next to him, but only after the other had hefted Arthur by his robe and dropped him over the cliff. He looked over the edge to see Arthur's screaming form getting smaller and quieter.

"Doctor!" shouted Maxil. "We may still have a chance to save him!" He ran back into the corridor, the Doctor hot on his heels.

He ran back inside the dome and slid to a stop before a computer monitor and keyboard. He began typing, moving a dial at the same time. "If we can just get the planetary transmat tracking to lock on - WHAT are you doing?!"

The Doctor, who had pulled out his sonic screwdriver and was about to use it on the computer, glared back. "I was just going to increase- oh." He looked sheepish.

"Top-of-the-line enhanced Gallifreyan tech, and he pulls a bloody screwdriver," muttered Maxil, hammering away at the console. He blinked. "Where's he gone now?"

"What do you mean, where's he gone?" snapped the Doctor. He pushed Maxil aside and glared at the monitor, then blinked himself. "Where's he gone?"

"Where's who gone?" said Arthur, craning his head to see the screen from behind him.

"Arthur! How the hell..." He stopped, and gave him an annoyed scowl.

The Earthman was wearing a very smug expression.

He was also floating two feet above the floor.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me you could fly? And how?" The Doctor had his screwdriver back in hand and was scanning it over him, studying it intently.

"I don't know why you're bothering with that, Doctor," said Maxil. "He's definitely human."

"Fine," said the Doctor. "Never mind." He stowed his screwdriver back in his jacket, still frowning.

"The Lord President is waiting in his offices to speak with you, now that this business is done," said Maxil. He turned and began walking back down the corridor. The Doctor began to follow, then turned and grabbed Arthur by his shirt collar. "Come on," he said, pulling him along. "And get your feet on the ground!"

He yanked, and Arthur hit the ground with a whump.

"That was rude," said Arthur, who then picked himself up. Gathering his bag, he took off at a trot after them.