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"Ban – chan?" Ginji asked quietly, completely disregarding the fact that it was three in the morning and his partner was trying to sleep, "You know Kazuki and Juubei?"

"What?" Ban mumbled, turning over, his back facing the inquisitive blond.

"Kazuki and Juubei." Ginji said again, staring up at the night sky, looking out at all the stars.

"Oh, what about them Ginji?" the brunette moaned, pulling the raggedy blanket over his head, trying to block out his best friend's endless, relentless questions.

"They're gay." He said it very simply, but there was a strange note of wonder in his voice. "They are a couple."

Ban shook the blanket off his head, and stared at his best friend blankly.

"You only just noticed?" he asked flatly. Ginji looked at Ban with his big brown eyes, and gave him a sweet smile.

"They have sex together." Ban blinked, stared hard at Ginji, and then shook his head, closing his eyes once more.

"You're a moron." He muttered. Ginji simply smiled, and snuggled closer to Ban, wrapping his arms around the brunette's waist, and pulling the slender body closer to his own.

"They're like us." he said, kissing Ban's neck softly.

"I suppose." Ban said, his voice drowsy and quiet, leaning into his lover's hold.

Silence reigned. The night was quiet, and still. The two Get Backers lay wrapped in each other's arms, under the canopy of dark velvet that was the night sky.

"Ban- chan?"

"What Ginji??!" Ban yelled, his eyes snapping open and his temper flaring.

"Who do you think tops?" Ban stared weakly at his partner, the anger fading away into a deep need for sleep.

"I don't know Gin." He said in a broken voice. "Please just let my sleep."

Ginji lay there for a moment longer, loving the feeling of holding the one and only Ban Mido in his arms. But soon enough,

"I bet it's Kazuki." He said, running a hand along the thinner man's frame.


On the other side of town Thread Master Kazuki woke up suddenly in his lover's arms.

"Are you alright Kazuki?" A deep voice asked him from the darkness that was their bed.

"Fine Juubei." Kazuki said, settling back down into said man's hold. "I just, …I could have sworn someone was just talking about me."

"Go back to sleep Kazuki." Juubei said drowsily, kissing his lover softly as he drifted off.

"Juubei?" Kazuki asked after a moment of silence. No answer.

"Juubei?" he asked again, nipping the other man on the shoulder slightly. Juubei groaned to show he was listening,

"In Ginji and Ban's relationship, who do you think tops?"

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