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Ban looked, well truthfully he looked like he was about to die. Really, honest to God, the invincible Ban Mido looked like he had just got the holy S#$ beaten out of him.

He felt like he had too.

"Ban, are you okay?" Hevn asked in concern as she watched the brunette seat himself on his favourite stool with a groan. "What happened?" Perfectly captivating blue eyes, darted over to the young woman immediately.

"I'm fine." He said after a moment, laying his head down on the bar, "Just really tired." Paul looked at him, over the newspaper he was reading, his face as expressionless as always.

"Coffee?" he asked with a sigh. Ban nodded, shutting his eyes, feeling, with a deep joy, that he would finally be able to get some sleep.

Or not…..

"Chief!!" Ginji yelled, bounding into the café, a wide smile plastered on his face. He ran up to Ban, and sat down next to him, giving the smaller man a huge hug, before beaming around at everyone else.

Paul raised an eyebrow but said nothing, busying himself with the task of making coffee.

"You seem….exuberant today Gin." Hevn said with a smile, as Natsumi giggled. "I take it you didn't have any trouble sleeping."

Ginji stared at her, his big brown eyes wide with….something….life maybe?

"Nup! I didn't sleep at all, until past four in the morning!!"

"Why?" Hevn asked in surprise. Ban's left eyebrow twitched. He was trying very hard not to murder his best friend….very hard…..

You love Ginji. He said to himself, trying to keep his primal urges in check, You love him, you love him, you love him…

Aw to HELL with it!

"He was up all night asking stupid questions!!" Ban exploded, making Natsumi jump, "And then we……" his voice trailed off, and a slight tint of red coloured his cheeks. He lay his head back down on his arms, not looking at anyone. Ginji however was smiling fondly at his partner.

"Ban- chan, are you…"

"Shut up Ginji."

"It's okay you know, normal…"

"Be quiet!!"

"It gets much less painful with each time…"

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!"

"Don't be moody Ban- chan! You were the one who asked if I wanted to try it!"


Paul's eyebrow went up even higher as he passed Ban his drink.

"So…Ginji," Hevn said after a moment, trying to keep a smirk of her face, she had a feeling she knew what Ginji had been talking about. "What were you talking about last night?"

"I was wondering who tops in Kazuki and Juubei's relationship." Ginji answered brightly. Ban moaned, and slammed his head on the counter.

"I've been wondering that too!" Hevn cried excitedly. "So who do you think?!"

"I think it's Kazuki…"

"No way! It has to be Juubei…"

"Nu uh! Kazuki would never …."

"Oh come on Gin!! Think about it!"

"I am!!"

The café door opened and said people walked into the brightly lit establishment. Ginji and Hevn went silent immediately, and Natsumi turned a delightful shade of lobster red.

"That's what I was talking about last night." Kazuki said to Juubei as they took their seats at the counter. "I know they were talking about us."

"Actually," Hevn said delicately, "I was asking Ginji who is on top in their relationship." She continued with a nod at the two Get Backers.

"WHAT?!" Ban cried, his head whipping up so he could glare at the large chested woman.

Kazuki tried to hide a snicker with an unconvincing cough. Juubei remained silent as ever.

"WHO"S ON TOP YOU ASK??!!" Ban yelled, "I DO OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!" he grabbed Ginji by the collar and kissed him hard as he dragged the blond out of the café.

"It's Ginji." Everyone said together, in agreement. Hevn turned her eyes towards Kazuki and Juubei, an evil smile on her lips.

"So, what about you two?"

Kazuki looked at Juubei, and Juubei looked back at him, they both knew what to do.

The Thread Master took Juubei's head in his hands and kissed him deeply, acutely aware of everyone staring at them.

"Damn." Hevn muttered, missing the almost silent gasp from Kazuki, and the smirk that was on Juubei's for a fracture of a moment.

Life's full of surprises.

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