Wilson rubbed the palms of his hands against his eyes in an attempt to ward off another stress headache. It was only three days till Christmas and it had been a long day! He had given three new patients varying degrees of bad news today. To top it off he had bumped into Cameron in the hall and dumped an arm load of patient files across the hospital floor and it had taken him the last two hours to sort them back into their correct order.

Wilson straightened out and rolled his shoulders in an attempt to release some of the tension. As he opened his last case file of the day he noticed a loose sheet of paper that was clearly not supposed to be there. Turning the sheet over Wilson noticed that it was in fact a letter……..to Santa:

Dear Santa,

Daddy says I have been bad this year. You know that already. I know that I am six years old and Daddy says I am too old to write to you but this is really important. I know that I am bad and make Daddy mad all the time but if you could maybe help me this once I will never write and ask you for anything. I don't have brothers or sisters so you won't need to come to our house ever again!

My Mummy is very sick. I don't know what's wrong 'cause they send me out when the doctor comes but it must be bad since mummy can't come home for Christmas. Daddy said that me taking up all her time with my questions and never keeping still made her tired and she got sick. I don't want to make her sick. Please could you just make her better. I will try to be good I sware. My mum is in room

Wilson frantically turned the page over and then searched for the next page in the file but it was nowhere to be seen. This poor kid was probably somewhere in the hospital scared and alone. Who the hell was this kids father? Wilson was by nature a compassionate man and he knew what illness could do to family members but his temper boiled at the thought of a fully grown man telling a six year old child that their mums illness was their fault! No one had the right to do that to a child! He had to find this kid!!!