Vincent opened one of his eyes to peer around the empty house. Guilt-na and lskhdgshg were out of the house at the moment taking asdhg to pick some flowers in the medow.

"There gone…." He sad to himself and sighed heavily. When he did his feet slipped from the pole that hung him in his bat sleep.

"ouch." He hissed as his head crushed against the floor. Thick anime tears streamed down his cheeks as he sat apologizing to the floor.

"I am so sorry Mr. floor." He said over and over. He glanced up at his hanging pole and noticed the lamp's glow reflecting off of it making him stare.

'It is so, pretty.' He thought before standing up and smiling. He jumped onto of the pole hugging it.

"You're so pretty!!!" He yelled while licking it over and over. He shrugged off his clothes while whispering sweet words of love to the pole.

"You have supported me in my weakest moments, now let me return that favor.' He purred while placing his manly opening above the shining pole.

"Here I come." He said. The pole suddenly came to life and screamed her girlish plea.

"please Vincent! Don't." She yelled. Vincent licked his lips while kissing the pole.

"It's okay baby. Don't worry I won't hurt you." He said and tackled the pole to the floor. The pole grew legs and stood up running threw the house with a naked Vincent chasing it.

"Come here baby! I won't hurt you! I just want to rape you!" he yelled after her. The pole only yelled louder while jumping over the couch. Vincent stood in the hallway looking at the couch.

"Come on now, don't be that way." He said as the house filled with silence. He waited for his darling pole to come out of hiding.

"Oh Vincent. I'm comin." She said while jumping over the couch with a giant Pocky stick and combat gear on.

"Dir you stupid bat!" she screamed. Vincent screamed with her and began running away from the possessed pole with the Pocky stick. She tackled Vincent to the floor and shoved the Pocky stick up his butt. Vincent screamed bloody murder.

"AHHH!!! BAD CANDY, BAD CANDY!!!! He screamed but the evil pole only shoved it up farther.

Guilt-na walked threw the door and saw the scene.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He screamed.

Everything froze instantly as the pole and Vincent searched for words. About five minutes passed before guilt na walked over with a deathly face.


His face suddenly brightened. "Can I join?"