Operation: C.L.A.S.H.

Controlled vigilante


Astray to

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Harden leader

Chapter 1: One Month Later

It had been at least one month since Number 1's disappearance into becoming a member of the Galactic Kids Next Door. Father, likewise was still obsessed with the idea of finding him for stealing his pipe along with also making him pay for the trouble he had caused being a KND operative.

"I can't believe Nigel Uno had managed to have foiled my plans for quite some time" said Father who was sitting in his chair with his new pipe in his mouth, "you Delightful Children have shown to be a grave disappointment with me."

"But Father, please let us give you our latest plan into at least eliminating the remaining members of Sector V" said the Delightful Children who were behind his chair.

"Alright" said Father as he turned his head toward them, "I'm listening."

"We have developed a Delightfulization Helmet that would act in a mind control of anyone who put it onto them" said the Delightful Children.

"Hmm, interesting" said Father, "perhaps we should really give the new leader of Sector V a test of her skills. Who have you managed to place the helmet on to give her that test you Delightful Children have planned?"

"Oh, let's just say he happens to be a vigilante by the name of El Tigre from Mexico" laughed the Delightful Children, "oh Manny, could you please come in here and display some of your powers to Father?"

"Yes" said Manny in his delightfulization controlled trance.

Manny immediately used his claw powers from his El Tigre suit and cuts a nearby table in half.

"Hey, don't test it on that table!" cried Father, "It costed over 90 dollars!"

"Sorry Father, but we needed to have something for El Tigre to test on before we test it out on Sector V's new leader" said the Delightful Children.

"Well, this better be worth my time" sighed Father as he got out his cell phone to call to order a new table, "you Delightful Children use this El Tigre to cause trouble for Sector M, in Mexico."

"Oh, certainly, we will certainly use this to provide a trap for Sector V" laughed the Delightful Children.

Meanwhile, back in the tree house that was owned by Sector V, the remaining four members were still quite upset with Number 1 having to leave the group.

"I can't believe it's been a month since Number 1 left us" sighed Number 2 who never built anything new after Number 1 had left.

"I know we all miss Number 1" said Number 5, "but Number 1 would have wanted us to continue on with our lives."

"Yea, I guess you're right" sighed Number 4, "but it's too bad he had to go off into space to fight adult tyranny there."

But as soon as Number 5 was just about to head back to her room, a computer screen came out of nowhere of what seemed to be coming from Sector M.

"Sector V, this is Number 75 of Sector M" said Number 75.

"What's your status?" asked Number 5 as she and the remaining members of Sector V came to the computer screen.

"We're being attacked by an unknown enemy" replied Number 75 as he stated to Number 5, "our forces are pinned down. Wait, it broke through the first barrier, no wait, second, third, it's coming right through here!"

Suddenly the metal doors in the Aztec pyramid being used as Sector M's tree house was broken right through.

"This is Sector M, we need assistance immediately!" cried Number 75 as he began to fire his weapon at the unknown enemy that was breaking into the main part of Sector M's place to which the computer screen just immediately went black on the computer screen.

"Come on team" said Number 5, "we got to head toward Mexico where Sector M is located, trouble is afoot."

"It's no fun with this mission if Number 1 isn't here to enjoy it" said Number 3.

"Look, just go" said Number 5 as the remaining members of Sector V were heading onto the shuttle Number 2 was prepared to pilot, "Number 1 would have wanted this."

"Buckle up" said Number 2 as he got into the pilot's seat, "cause we're heading south of the border."

As the shuttle carrying the remaining members of Sector V took off, Number 5 couldn't tell what was going to happen with Sector V with her as its new leader. The shuttle took a few hours trip toward Mexico but had finally made it at where Sector M was located in an ancient Aztec pyramid that looked a lot like the tree house Sector V originally owned.

"Come on team" said Number 5 as she and her teammates readied their weapons, "let's go see what the heck just happened here."

The remaining members of Sector V then began to pour out from the shuttle and noticed the entire ancient Aztec pyramid that Sector M had been using as its base was in total ruins. Even more so than it was before.

"Wow, this place is a dump" said Number 4.

"There's got to be some Sector M operatives still left inside" said Number 5 as she came across what looked like a destroyed entrance way that was blocked, "looks like the entrance inside is blocked. Something with some sort of sharp claws has somehow managed to do a great deal of damage here."

"Oh, oh, I bet a kitty cat or something managed to find its way through Sector M's place" said Number 3, "maybe it's that crazy cat lady?"

"I don't know about that" replied Number 2 as he was looking at the very sharp claw marks on the metal doors, "this doesn't look like her IMO."

"Well whoever or whatever it was it sure did some damage to members of Sector M" said Number 5.

Suddenly Number 5 could hear a weak voice for help under some rubble nearby.

"Quickly, I heard some calls for help this way" said Number 5 as she began to dig through the rubble to pull out an operative from Sector M.

"What's your number kid?" asked Number 5.

"N-n-n-number 76" replied the girl.

"Quickly, Number 2" said Number 5, "get her to a med lab quickly."

"You got it" said Number 2.

"The rest of you, follow me into Sector M's torn up hideout" said Number 5.

But as Number 2 took in Number 76 to heal her wounds, Number 5 and the other members of Sector V went deep into what use to be Sector M's base to look for any other sort of survivals or whatever or whoever did this. Meanwhile a strange shadow appeared not far from the ruins with the Delightful Children beside it.

"They're all alone now" said the Delightful Children, "it's time to test Number 5's abilities."

The Delightful Children then began their malevolent laughter.