A/N: It's only been a day, but I already feel so empty without "Razor's Edge."

This time, he rants on events and stuff instead of wrestlers.

And you should all go read the first "Razor's Edge" because it is my baby.

I knew you fools couldn't get enough of the Edgemeister. How pathetic. You all claim to hate me, but you come crawling back to me, begging for more. Do you realize how pathetic you fools are for this?

But since I am a generous Canadian, I'll give you what you want. It's only bound to make you all look more pathetic when you get addicted to it.

Just admit it. You all think that I'm freaking awesome.

What shall my first little rant of my sequel be about?

Oh, I've got it. I'll do the only reason that you fools "hate" me.

I'm going to talk about the most vicious love triangle in WWE history, the one between Lita, Matt Hardy, and myself.

I'll give credit to Matt Hardy for landing Lita. Not many men can do that. Then again, I don't see what Matt had in the first place. Clearly, I either have more, better, or something else that Matt didn't have. Yeah, I'm going to say that I have a dick while Matt doesn't. Lita needs that, man.

Matt Hardy's breakup video still makes me laugh to this day. I've stated it before, in chapter thirteen of "Razor's Edge." It is so pathetic. He seriously keeps a cardboard cut out of her in his fucking bathroom. I don't want to know what he does with that thing, and I'm pretty sure that Lita doesn't want to know, either. What a freaking stalker.

I don't understand why you people hate me for this whole thing. Sure, Lita and Matt were together for six years. That's not my problem. Yeah, I was married, but wouldn't any normal guy ditch his wife for a hot chick? Come on now, think with your non existent brains, but I think that's a tall order for you jerk offs.

I mean, you all knew about Matt and Lita's real life relationship since they were a television couple, too. You have no business meddling in my personal life. If there is someone that you should hate for all of this, it's Lita.

But if you do hate Lita, I'll spear you. You do not want to be speared by Edge.

Unless you're some hot chick. Then I'm sure that you want me to spear you, and I'm sure that I want to spear you.

A/N: These aren't going to be that long, I don't thinkā€¦and it's probably not going to be as long as the original.

I'll make a list of what I want Edge to talk about. Suggestions are welcome.