Nick was curled up on the break room couch, a still deathly cold Greg curled up against his chest. Greg had clung to Nick ever since he was rescued Greg. Nick didn't mind Greg's clinging- he was enjoying the fact that Greg was still there at all. He though he had lost him.

Grissom walked into the break room, looking down at the papers in his hand.

"Nick," Grissom called, making Nick look up from the shivering Greg. "Get to work. You're on a case now, Nick." Grissom handed him one of the papers that he was skimming over. Nick took one look at it quickly, and then handed it to Greg. Nick stood up then knelt down to the floor, Greg crawling onto his back. Greg wrapped his legs around Nick's stomach and waist, hugging him close as Nick stood up easily.

Nick was piggybacking Greg, and Grissom just stared at them awkwardly.

"Nick…" Grissom said, blinking at them.

"What?" Nick asked, not seeing whatever it was that Grissom was seeing.

"You can't take Greg with you!" Grissom suddenly snapped. "You can't process a crime scene with Greg occupying you, Nick!" Nick grimaced and so did Greg, the same sullen expression on their faces.

"He was frozen, Grissom!" Nick struggled for Grissom to understand that he had to keep Greg with him.


"How will he keep warm?"

"Give him another blanket and put him the heated DNA lab! He has work to do anyway! You do too, now go!" Nick grumbled at this and walked out of the break room with Greg on his back. Grissom watched as Nick set the freezing Greg down in one of the DNA labs chairs. Nick gave Greg a warm hug and kiss. Greg hugged and kissed him back, then waved to Nick as he departed.

Greg was on the fence, caught between the field and the lab, but right now, Grissom wanted him as safe as he could get and still work.


Almost the end of shift when…

Greg groaned, feeling the cold bite him hard still. "Hodges!" Greg groaned, lolling his head back to look at him. Hodges went over him, looking down at him, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Hodges said, imitating Greg's groaning call. Greg groaned again and Hodges bent over, picking Greg up. He turned out of the DNA lab and turned then into the break room. He bent over the couch and dropped Greg down onto it. Hodges took in a deep breath, realizing he couldn't hold Greg, noticing he was too weak to carry him.

Hodges, still breathing deeply, walked out of the room now after throwing Greg yet another blanket, tired of Greg's moans and groans.

Greg's eyes on the hallway, he saw Nick walk down the hallway. Greg perked up immediately and bolted for Nick, almost tackling him over in a hug.

"Niiiiiiiiiiiiicky!" Greg groaned as he fell into Nick's arms, nuzzling his cheek against Nick's shoulder.

"Greg, I'd love to hold you too, but…" Nick started, pointing to the first interrogation room. "I have an interrogation to attend to." At this, Greg's eyes opened instantly and he slouched down, arms still around Nick even as he sank to the ground. Greg's arms around Nick's legs and ankles, he slouched more so his chest was on the ground by Nick's feet, his hips up in the air. He groaned, arms now behind him and not on Nick, he wormed away, much like an inch worm, back into the break room.

Nick laughed hard as he watched Greg inch-worm away, his ass still in the air, arms back behind him dragging on the floor. Nick stepped into the door way of the break room, leaning against the doorway as Greg was about three-quarters of the way to the couch.

"I'll warm you up after the interrogation," Nick said and Greg rolled his head to Nick, a little smile on his face.

"Can we go home after that?" Greg asked.

"Yes, we can go home after that." Nick said with a gentle nod and smile. "If the interrogation goes well, at least."

Greg nodded then continued inch-worming his way to the couch. Nick laughed as he watched, then started down the hall for the interrogation.

Ecklie walked into the break room, plopping down on the couch across from Greg. He sighed softly, lolling his head back with a grimace. Suddenly, he felt something curl up on his side. He looked to his side to see…

"Sanders!" Ecklie screeched. "What the hell are you doing?! Get off me!" He said, trying to push Greg off him.

"I hate you!" Greg groaned. "But you're warm and I was frozen and… raaaagh!" Greg groaned.

"Get o- off of m-me!" Ecklie searched for words as he struggled to push Greg off him. "If you want your job, go bug someone else!" Ecklie said, and suddenly, the cold boy was gone. Now, he was struggling with something that wasn't there.

Ecklie looked around him, but no sign of the young CSI.

Greg ran back into the DNA lab, and then hugged Hodges. Hodges was startled at first, but noticed it was Greg clinging to him for warmth and he stopped caring, though he couldn't walk with a CSI on his back.

"Greg!" He said. "Get off me! I can't move!" He said after a few minutes of stumbling steps. "Go hug Nick or something!"

"But-but… Nicky's in an interrogation!" Greg groaned.

"Go bug Grissom!"

With this, the sudden weight on his back was lifted, replaced by cold air. He shivered awkwardly.

Grissom stepped into his office, looking at his papers in his hands. Something caught his vision from the corner of his eye, and he looked up to see his chair spinning, someone sitting in it as it spun.

"Greg?" Grissom said, staring at the person that spun around in the chair. The CSI was curled up in his chair.

"Grissom!" Greg said as he spun. "I'm cold! And it's cold!" Greg shivered as he slowly came to a stop, facing Grissom now in the once spinning chair. Greg was shivering, curled up under three blankets.

Grissom sighed, taking off his glasses to look at the freezing CSI. "How can you still be cold? Under three blankets?"

"It's cold!" Greg groaned, curling up further in the blankets. Grissom sighed again, putting his glasses down on his desk. As Grissom watched Greg, he moved toward his employee, catching the back of the seat. Hands on the back of the seat, his pushed Greg out of the seat and sat down him self. Greg crawled along the floor, sitting in front of Grissom's desk now. Grissom stood up and craned his neck to see Greg curl up in front of his desk. He pursed his lips gently and raised his eyebrows, then sat back down in his seat. He felt like he sat back against something and he turned to see what it was, but was startled by the answer.

"G-Greg!?" Grissom said, placing a hand over his heart to feel it race against his chest. "How'd you get over here so fast?!"

"It's coooooold!" Greg groaned, curling up behind Grissom. Grissom sighed quickly, hand still over his heart. He turned back to his papers after Greg refused to leave from where he curled up behind Grissom.


Grissom looked up, hearing someone step into his doorway. Greg's head arched up and then Grissom felt the space behind him open up again and he turned around to see no one sitting behind him anymore. Then, he turned back around to Nick. But, Nick seemed to be preoccupied, Greg in his arms before either Nick or Grissom noticed he was there. Nick looked down to him. Nick blinked at him and Greg nuzzled his cheek into Nick's chest, shivering gently, the shivers and chills gentler now that he was curled up with Nick in his arms.

"What'd you do while I was gone, Greggo?" Nick asked, blinking at the CSI in his arms.

"It was horrible!" Greg groaned, nuzzling his cheek into Nick's chest still. "I had to curl up with Ecklie for warmth!" Greg hissed at the mention of Ecklie and the memory, curling up further in Nick's arms after some groans. "It was disgusting! Then, I had to hug Hodges!"

"I can't tell which is worse…" Nick said to himself.

"I, personally, think Ecklie is worse than a lab rat," Grissom looked up from his papers to Nick as he answered. Nick nodded, looking to the corner of his eye as he though about it.

"Can we go home, Nicky?" Greg groaned, curling up in Nick's chest still, wrapping his arms that were around Nick's neck tighter.

"Grissom?" Nick asked, looking from Greg to Grissom as he said Grissom's name.

"Do what you like," Grissom said, looking at his papers now. "Be safe." Grissom said as Nick smiled and turned around to leave.

"You too," Nick said and Greg smiled, nuzzling Nick's chest and shoulder.


Somewhere in the midst of it all, Nick heard the song "Never Let Me Go" by Family Force Five play, noticing that Greg was probably playing it from his headphones. Greg had his headphones next to them, the song playing as they snuggled tightly together.

Nick began playing little reels of the adrenaline he felt when he went to rescue Greg from the icy truck, playing little sections, curing Greg's kidnapper.

He was grateful for Greg's safe return, yes. He was thanking God that Greg was safe, yes. But… he was disappointed in himself for leaving Greg's side. He still cursed himself over that, even though Greg had persisted that it wasn't on the way home. Listening to this song didn't help either.

Nick sighed gently next to Greg's ear and Greg's eyes slowly opened, awaking from his gentle sleep. Nuzzling himself further into Nick, he reached for his MP3 player, changing the song, knowing it was bugging Nick somewhere in the back of his mind. Now playing was "I Love You to Death" by the same band, Family Force Five. Greg's eyes closed again as he curled up in Nick more and more.


Nick walked into the lab, Greg on his back. Sarah raised a very peculiar eyebrow, looking at Greg. Greg was shivering and she felt the need to laugh.

"You still cold, Greggo?" Sarah asked, stepping closer to Nick and Greg. Greg nodded with a shiver, eyes closed

"Yeah, he's clung to me all day," Nick said, sighing gently.

"You'd think he'd be warm by now," Sarah said and Greg's eyes opened instantly. He mouthed to her saying "No! Don't tell him that!" Sarah smiled, catching Greg's drift. Greg was flushed over, obviously burning in Nick's touch. "Then again, Greg was frozen, so I'm not surprised." She said with a smile and a little laugh.

At least it was true to some extent. As Nick walked away with Greg on his back, Sarah thought about it.

Greg wasn't cold- he just wanted Nick to keep holding him.

Author: His Little LabRat

Story: Cold Feet – completed

Chapters: Three (3)

Author's notes: Actually, this was a joke going around between me and one of my best friends. I just had to do it, being it was stuck to my mind like glue! Please review and be on the lookout for more of my stories, I want to know how my stories are and I might put up follow-ups to this or chapters or something! Hahaha! Thanks for reading!