Many eyes, including Harry's and Ron's, widened as Hermione Granger entered the Great Hall for breakfast that Monday morning. She sighed. She had been expecting this. Never in her six, now seven years at Hogwarts had she ever appeared in such a short skirt. Pretending nothing had ever happened, and ignoring glances from all the boys, she found her way to her seat next to Harry and Ron.

"Er, Hermione?" said Ron, unable to take his eyes off of Hermione's thighs as she sat down. "What's up?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Nothing, let's eat," she responded. She bit her lip as she thought about what had happened the night before.

Hermione was sitting on her bed with a book when Parvati and Lavender, her roommates, were picking out their outfits for the day after. All the students had been allowed to wear free dress for their seventh year.

"Parvati, you cannot even dream of wearing that top!" cried Lavender suddenly. Hermione looked up from her book, annoyed. Parvati was wearing a collared shirt in pink. "If you are even dreaming of winning Harry, you gotta show some more cleavage!"

"You know, Harry's dating Ginny, and you both know that," said Hermione coldly. Lavender shot her a glare and a smirk. "That's my point, Hermione!" she replied, taking out her wand. She pointed at Parvati's shirt and murmured something. Soon, the shirt cut and sewed itself into a sexy pink top with a plunging neckline, right as Parvati wore it. "Nice, thanks, Lav!" Parvati squealed.

Hermione rolled her eyes, and Lavender caught it. She scoffed. "Hermione, what are you rolling your eyes for? I mean, if you need help with your outfits to win guys over, we can help you…but at your point, I wonder if even that will help you get laid…" Both Parvati and Lavender giggled, much to Hermione's fury.

"Well, excuse me, but I do not need any help from you whatsoever. I have no trouble on my own." Hermione said coldly. Lavender smirked.

"You wanna make a bet on that, Hermione?" she asked, twisting a bit of her hair with her finger. "I'll run around the Quidditch field naked if you can get laid within a month from now…by a guy of my choice, of course"

This was a ludicrous proposal, but something came over Hermione. Before she could stop herself she blurted out, "bring it on!" She glared at Lavender, who smirked even more.

"Okay, then, it's on. If you can get laid by a guy of my choice within a month, I'll run around the Quidditch field naked. But if you can't…and I'll have some truth potion in handy by then…you have to do the same."

"Er…sure," Hermione replied a bit hesitantly. What was she getting herself into? But she couldn't back down now…

"What's the matter, Hermione? You yet a virgin?" said Parvati mockingly. "Then you better get laid twice within a month…you don't want your first time to be because of a bet…" she sneered. Hermione's cheeks turned pink.

"Well, anyway, I get to pick the guy," Lavender said. "And don't worry Hermione, no one fat or disgusting…" Parvati looked a bit disappointed at this, but Lavender smiled at Parvati knowingly. "You have to get laid by…Draco Malfoy."

"Hey, Herm, you okay?" said Harry, waving his hand in front of Hermione. She shook her head awake. "I- I'm fine." She caught his glance lingering at her thigh and felt awfully ashamed. What has she gotten herself into?

She could not dare tell Harry or Ron about the bet she had so foolishly made, but she could not stand the shocked stares from Ginny. She eventually told her.

"DRACO MALFOY?!" Ginny yelled, receiving a warning look from the librarian. She hushed her voice at once. "You have to sleep with Malfoy? Why'd you make that bet?"

Hermione was uneasy. "I don't know, I was awfully stupid…just got so caught up in the moment when they went on about me being virgin-"

"You are a virgin?" gasped Ginny, her eyes widened. Hermione stared at her miserably. Even the sixteen year old had been laid.

Ginny's cheeks turned pink at Hermione's reaction. "Well, it was Harry," she explained.

"You slept with Harry?" said Hermione, shocked.

Ginny nodded, her hand trying to hush down Hermione. "Yeah, last year."

Hermione was even more miserable. Ginny had been fifteen when she got laid! She covered her forehead with her hands.

"Wait, so how do you plan on seducing Malfoy?" asked Ginny, trying to change the subject. "I mean, I know you're attractive and all, but he's bastard enough to care about bloodlines."

Hermione sighed.

The next day was Tuesday, and Hermione had no class in the morning. She headed over to the library. Soon, she spotted Draco Malfoy, himself, walking in. Without thinking, she hid herself. He walked over to a desk, took out a book and a piece of parchment, and began to leaf through the pages. And again, without thinking, Hermione rushed over to the shelf right in front of his desk, pretending she had not noticed him. Feeling her short skirt riding up, she reached for the top shelf on her tip toes. She kept this on for a moment and grabbed a book at random, as if it was the one she was looking for.

"Interesting," said a voice as she began down the row. She turned. Draco Malfoy was staring at her, his face expressionless and his voice indifferent.

"Wha, what is?" she managed to ask, both dreading and expecting a remark about how she had exposed herself. Draco pointed one of his long, pale fingers at her; at first she thought he was pointing at her breasts.

"Your book, Granger, your book. I didn't know you were interested in those." he said, smirking. Hermione stared down at her book. How to Cook Striped Spiders; Volume Two, it read. She felt her cheeks burn as she looked up at the top shelf. It was full of books with ominous titles such as How to Boil Blood Without Making it Stick to the Pot or Baking with the Vampires. "Interesting appetite, I must say, Mudblood." he said with a sneer.

"It's…a hobby read," she quickly said, wondering if she ever had the hobby of cooking spiders. Draco merely shrugged with a smirk. Hermione doubted she'd ever get laid by Draco Malfoy at this pace as she walked out of that row into a dark corner of the library.


Hermione turned. There stood Zacharis Smith, his eyes wide open and staring at her breasts. This time she knew he was staring at her chest, for she had thrown the nasty book on a pile beside her. Her cleavage was revealed deliciously in her tiny blouse with the top two buttons undone. He gave her a lusty smirk as he approached her slowly.

"Didn't know you had a body like this, Granger," he whispered, pinning her to the wall behind her. Panic rushed through her. She tried to wiggle herself free, but his firm hands pinned her steady by her shoulders. His lips were nearing her neck...closer...closer...

"Smith, get off...get off..." she said softly, squirming. She didn't want to draw attention...his lips were devouring her neck...traveling down...


There was a red beam of light, and Zacharis Smith fell, unconscious. Hermione, buttoning up her blouse, looked to see who had stunned Smith. To her surprise, there stood Draco Malfoy. A few other students gathered up at the noise, and so did Madam Pince, the librarian. She at once saw Zacharis Smith, lying unconscious and Draco Malfoy with a wand. And there also was Hermione Granger, looking confused and angry at Smith.

Those two students attacked that boy, Madam Pince thought angrily. "Granger, Malfoy, detention, three weeks in the library, every night at nine. Somebody take that boy to the hospital wing immediately!" she said, glaring at Hermione and Draco.

"Wait, but I-" began Hermione, but she caught Malfoy's expression and shut up. He was glaring at her with pure hatred.

"You got in to detention with Malfoy?" bellowed Ginny, her expression misbelieving. They were in the common room alone, sitting by the fire.

"Yeah, Smith tried to...yeah, and Malfoy stunned him. I have detention for three weeks for every night of the week with him," sighed Hermione. Suddenly, there was a queer expression on Ginny's face.

"What?" said Hermione, confused.

"This is perfect!" whispered Ginny excitedly. "I've served detention in the library before, and Pince always leaves for a drink. And that means-"

"-we're alone," finished Hermione, her eyes meeting Ginny's. Ginny nodded excitedly.

"Yes! And it's at night too, and you're all alone in the big library with Malfoy! It's the perfect chance. Once Harry and I-" Ginny stopped suddenly, her face blushing.

"Oh my god, I don't even wanna know," sighed Hermione, throwing her hands in the air in exasperation.

"How's the seducing going, Hermione?" said Parvati with a sneer as Hermione returned to her dorm room.

"Pretty well, thank you," Hermione lied, ignoring the belittling giggles from Lavender and Parvati.

"It sure seems like you are trying," ridiculed Lavender, "but there are limits, Hermione. Perhaps it'll be less humiliating to run around the field naked-"

"No!" shot Hermione, glaring at Lavender. "You just wait and see."

She made extra sure her skirt was as short as it could possibly be for the day after.