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Summary: Tifa and Cloud are struggling to deal with the new boy that the have found, but Marlene is determined to make friends.

This pairing suggested by: Me!

"Self induced catatonia." Tifa sighed, distress obvious on her features. She always believed in helping children, orphans, but the new one had her at her wits end. He was sick, shy, scared, and currently not responding. "No child should know how to do this." She waved her hand in front of his face. He didn't even blink.

Cloud crouched down, gently placed one hand to the side of the boy's face. For a second, the wall of numbness dropped and he saw a flicker of terror, before the hollowness reappeared, stronger than before. The older blonde glanced up at Tifa.
"He's using it as a coping mechanism. Gaia only knows what happened to him."

"I thought he was getting better earlier, really I did." Tifa gently ruffled the boy's dirty blonde hair. He had been brought home by Cloud, sullen and dressed in rags. He had only whispered a few words. Enough so they knew his name, that he was alone, that he couldn't remember more.

Then Cloud had ruffled his hair and hugged him and this had happened.

There was the patter of feet out in the corridor and Marlene appeared in the room her brown hair tied out of her eyes in an elegant plait, ended by Aerith's ribbon. Cloud got up to tell her to leave. He didn't want her to get upset by the state the boy was in. She ignored the older man and sat down next to the smaller blonde.

"Hello." She beamed up at him cheerfully. His eyes showed no flicker of recognition, his breath quickening slightly, his bony chest fluttering under his faded shirt. "I'm Marlene. Who are you?" He looked at her blankly.

Marlene blinked up to Tifa.
"Can he talk?" Tifa shrugged.
"He can, but he doesn't want to. Maybe you should let him get some peace."

Marlene shook her head and moved closer to him, wrapping one slender arm around his shoulders.
"Nod once if you can hear me." The boy's head shifted ever so slightly. Down then up.

"Nod if you want me to leave." No movement, then the slightest shake of his head.

"Nod if you wanna be my friend." The head went down and up again. Marlene beamed, immensely proud of her small victory.

"I'm Marlene Wallace. What's your name?"