Disclaimer: Not my characters
Pairing suggested by: City of Dis (Who gave me the information about her appearance and role in game, the rest of the stuff about her was made up by me, sorry for inaccuracies)
Pairing: Cloud x Jessie
Summary: Jessie and her final moments. The third reason was something she didn't even acknowledge to herself.

Everyone in AVALANCHE had their reasons. You needed them to do a job like this, to silence the questions in the back of their mind about whether what they were doing the right thing. Some had clearer reasons than others. Barret had his daughter, and fought to give her a better future, while Cloud and Tifa fought for the past they had lost.

Jessie didn't. At least not in the way the others did. Her parents had died peacefully, and she had no children to protect. She just did it because she knew in her heart it was the right thing to do. She had trained to work for Shinra as part of their technology department, but as she learnt more about her job, she learned more about what Shinra had done. It got to the point where she could no longer stomach working for them. So she left her training, and fled to find those who she could work with to bring the corrupt regime down.

She found the fledgling group of terrorists, and realized her expertise could help them. Initially she had been looked down on by them, because she was a pretty girl with no combat training. She proved them wrong though, when she showed them her skills with dynamite, and manufactured the ID cards that gave them access to places that before they had never dreamed possible. That earned her their respect, and gave her a second reason. Not only did she fight to protect her principles, she worked to protect her friends.

It was those friends who would later be blamed for her death, by the people she had fought against and who had left her to die. It was deliberate, her death. The rescue team found her near dead under the remains of the plate, and they recognized her as part of the AVALANCHE group. It was Tseng who delivered the final shot.

Tseng would remember her, more than the others he assassinated, because she had been unafraid. She had stared straight up at the gun, and whispered one word as he pulled the trigger.


Cloud was her third reason, the one she wouldn't even admit to herself. Though he didn't pay as much attention to her as he did to Tifa, he treated her kindly, showing her more affection and respect than she had had since her parents death.

As the bullet passed into her, she saw a final flash of those beautiful blue eyes. They held so much trust, so much kindness. A promise that he believed in her. He never doubted her, always treated her with respect. She watched him from the lifestream, guiding and guarding the man who had guarded and guided her.