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Sakura was walking towards the training ground to meet her team for morning practice; on her way there she managed to knock down and old woman and her grandson, a mailbox and several young children. There was a very good reason for this however, recently Sakura had become VERY distracted with images of her half naked teammate ( ex sensei), streaming constantly in her mind.

She had seen Kakashi-Sensei shirtless many times before, and although she always took a moment to admire his physique she never use to dwell on it this long. All that changed last month, when Kakashi had come to her apartment to get his yearly physical. He felt most comfortable with her then with other doctors and he hated hospitals so she had no objections to being his medic and letting him come over.


" Ok Kakashi take off your shirt and pants please."

"My pants?"

"Yes your pants, this is a physical and I need to check your reflexes….. your lucky that I'm not asking you to strip n

aked!" Sakura couldn't help but smile evilly at him as if warning him not to be difficult or else.

"Okay, okay I get it, he said with a small smile. But you know I wouldn't mind getting examined by you naked" It was his turn to give her an evil smirk.

She knew that he was just teasing and trying to get a rise out of her but she couldn't help but blush slightly at his statement.

"Kakashi you are an insufferable perverted OLD man!" she teased backed at him with a smirk, he hated being referred to as old.

Kakashi gave her a small frown but started taking of his clothing nonetheless, leaving himself in just his mask and boxers.

The rest of the examination went by fairly normally, she checked his pulse and blood pressure, his weight, reflexes and his sharingan everything was routine that is until….

" Ok let's see I think I've done everything I need to do, Sakura said while checking Kakashi's medical chart. Your not old enough to need a prostate exam… yet (smirk)."

" Ok so that's it then? I can go right?"

Sakura knew that Kakashi hated checkups but she was surprised at just how eager he was to leave, this made her suspicious. She continued looking at his medical chart and at the very end she noticed a small note undoubtedly left by the Hokage Sama.

Please note that this patient is in his Thirties and has yet to receive his preliminary prostate exam! It is urgent that he receive it soon!He's not getting any younger)

Sakura smiled at the last remark, she knew that male shinobi in there mid to late twenties were required to take a preliminary prostate exam, but she assumed that Kakashi who was 32 would have taken his already.

" Ok Kakashi… take off your boxers"

"What! No, Sakura I'm not getting that stupid preliminary exam!" Kakashi was defiant in his answer, nothing could change his mind, except maybe the will of one pink haired medic-nin.

" Oh come on Kakashi it's necessary! I'll be quick and it'll be over before you know it. Or don't tell that your… ashamed of the rest of your body? I'm sure it's not that small." Sakura had to suppress her giggles because as soon as she said this a dark look came on Kakashi's face; he was a very proud man.

" Sa-ku-ra, he breathed through gritted teeth in annoyance at her antics. I assure you that I have nothing to be ashamed of!"

This was a long pause and neither said anything, then finally Kakashi lowered his boxers to the floor and laid himself down so Sakura could examine him.

Sakura tried her best to remain professional about the situation, but it was just so hard when she was in the presence of a very naked Kakashi. She was completely wrong about him being small, he was very big, and he's not even hard! Oh god! Sakura suddenly found herself thinking very dirty thoughts about her ex sensei.

" Ok Kakashi just hold still, this is only a preliminary exam so it wont be that thorough, but I do have to feel around a bit." As soon as the words were out of her mouth Sakura had to fight down a blush.

"Ok fine."

Sakura proceeded with the examination; she looked up at Kakashi and saw that he had a pained expression on his face. Is he really that uncomfortable with me touching him this way? She thought sadly. Then suddenly she felt Kakashi harden slightly in her hand. Realization dawned; he was trying very hard not to become aroused. Sakura should have been embarrassed by the whole thing but instead she was curious she decided to take advantage of the situation to see if she could affect him further.

Although she wasn't touching him anymore than necessary, she did stroke him more sensually than the exam called for. At this point she felt him harden even more, at the same time he let out a groan. Sakura couldn't help but feel proud of herself, but she decided to stop because she didn't want things to get out of hand.

As soon as she had announced that she was done with the exam, Kakashi quickly put on all his clothes and made to leave her apartment, only stopping to whisper,

"See you at team dinner tonight."

End Flashback

Sakura knew that she was attracted to her ex sensei, but it wasn't until that appointment a month ago did she realize that she had been harboring feelings for him as well. It felt so good to be with him, and she would like nothing more than to make all her fantasies come true with him. But ever since that day everything just went back to being the same, he never mentioned it and she feared that he never even gave it a second thought.

"Hey Sakura Chan!"

Sakura looked up and smiled at her teammate Naruto, she never even realized that she had already arrived at training; everybody was there, even Kakashi? Damn she must be very very late.

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