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Sakura was finding it very hard to breathe at the moment, although that might have something to do with the fact that her ex sensei's tongue was currently dueling with her own. They kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, before they finally broke apart both breathless and flushed with arousal.

"Sakura I want you to know that I don't just want this to be a one time thing…. I'd like the chance to be with you, in a real relationship." He smiled nervously when he said this.

"Kakashi, I want to be with you too and not as a one night stand……."

Kakashi sighed in relief. Ok so they were on the same page but why was she hesitating?

"Sakura is something wrong? You know we don't have to do this tonight, I can wait."

"Kakashi I really want to be with and I don't want to wait anymore but…. I've just never done anything like this before." Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment at her confession.

Kakashi had never really given much thought to Sakura's virginity. She was such a beautiful outgoing woman that he just assumed that she'd had sex before.

"Don't worry Sakura, we don't need to rush this, I'll go slowly so you don't feel uncomfortable and if I ever do something you don't like tell me to stop and I will."

Sakura appreciated his concern for her comfort but more than anything she was just glad that he didn't laugh at her for being a virgin.

Sakura quickly wrapped her arms around Kakashi's neck once more, as his hands found her waist, and they began their display of passion through their kisses all over again.

Sakura's need for Kakashi was growing, his tongue inside her mouth felt wonderful but it wasn't enough. Sakura pulled off Kakashi's vest and then began to trace her petite hands under his shirt, getting a feel for his firm yet smooth muscles. Kakashi immediately tensed and decided to forgo kissing her mouth and began showering kisses, licks and nibbles on her neck. If felt so good that Sakura couldn't hold back a rather impressive moan.

"Kakashi, she breathed, lose the shirt."

He smiled at her desire and then did as she requested.

After admiring his top half for a little while, Sakura decided to take thing a bit further. With that she quickly discarded herself of her shirt and shorts leaving herself in only her bra and panties.

Kakashi's hand and eyes began to wander her newly exposed skin. Kakashi then laid her down gently on his bed and crawled on top of her. He was kissing her all over now, in between her covered breasts all the way down to her flat stomach. Every time he kissed or licked her Sakura would gasp. It was then that Sakura removed his pants, making Kakashi hungrier for her, but he promised her that they would go slow so he managed to control himself.

When he began to massage her breast through her bra, Sakura's back arched slightly.

"mmm… Kak-ashi take it off". She whispered breathlessly

He quickly met her demand and in one swift motion her bra was discarded on the floor.

"Sakura, he breathed as he looked at her newly exposed breasts, you're perfect."

She blushed at both his praise and at the look he was giving her, it made her slightly uncomfortable that he was staring at her like that but she knew he liked what he saw.

Sakura's breasts were beautifully round and full, her nipples were already hard peaks and she just looked delicious in his opinion.

He bent down quickly and took one of her nipples in his mouth, while messaging her other breast with his hand.

"mmm, oh god, Kakashi that feels so good." Sakura's arousal was instantly heightened by the attention Kakashi was giving her breasts.

He was enjoying seeing her squirm underneath him like that; he knew that he was pleasing her because was letting out continued moans and tiny screams of delight whenever he sucked on her. But they had only just begun, and he smiled knowing that they still had a long way to go and that he still had plenty of other ways to bring her intense pleasure.

Kakashi then drew his attention to her panties, he started tracing an innocent line around them, he noticed her hitched breathing when he did that, he smirked.

"Do you want me to take them off now Sakura?" He asked in a husky voice

The sound of his voice was so sexy that Sakura had a hard time responding.

" Y-yes, please.".

He hooked his finger on either side of the garment and slowly began to pull them down. Once she was completely nude, Sakura could feel her face burn in embarrassment. She could not believe that she was letting him see her like this. These self conscious thoughts were all blown away however when she looked up and heard a groan from Kakashi. It looked like her nakedness was making it hard for him to control himself.

Kakashi lowered his head to her face and gave her a slow passionate kiss. He couldn't believe how gorgeous Sakura was; her hairless beautiful sex was so enticing that he had to continuously remind himself to take it slow. Sakura was very absorbed in their kiss that Kakashi took the opportunity to slide his hand down between her legs and touch her gently. He stopped and waited for a reaction, he heard her moan so he continued.

His hand urged her to spread her legs further, she did so , though rather nervously. He began rubbing her bundle of nerves gently and slowly. At this Sakura nearly screamed. She was no stranger to her own body and so she new how it felt to be touched there , but this felt so much better.

" Oh god Kakashi,mmmm….feels…..so…mmm..good."

She was dripping wet, and although what he was doing was pleasurable, it was teasing and it was driving her insane. Kakashi noticed how she kept bucking against his hand and he chuckled slightly before he slowly inserted one of his fingers into her hot, wet body. She was incredibly tight, even though it was just one finger, Kakashi could already feel her muscles squeezing hard, trying to pull him in further.

At the sudden intrusion Sakura screamed in pleasure and began assaulting Kakashi's mouth with hot passionate kisses that told him she liked what he was doing. For a moment Kakashi stopped his ministrations and took his hand away so he could hold her while he kissed her fervently. She groaned when he took his hand away, but then gasped sharply when she felt his arousal through his boxers. She then remembered how big he was and she ground her hips against his. This made Kakashi groan in agony.

Taking things one step further Kakashi decided to kiss and lick his way down her body, until he reached the space between her legs. The smell of her arousal hit him hard and he felt his cock twitch slightly.

Sakura was now so aroused that she was unable to even think, she new where Kakashi's head was and what he was about to but it just didn't register in her mind. Any thought was immediately clouded over by overwhelming lust, when she felt Kakashi give her clit a testing swipe with his tongue.

Her back arched and she gave her loudest moan yet.

" mmmmm, Kakashi ahhhhhhhhhhh" just then he began to lick her so fast she felt if the pressure wasn't relieved soon she would die.

Kakashi was quickly growing addicted to her taste, her smell and above all the sounds she made. And it was all because of him, he was making her feel so incredible.

He began to dart his tongue in and out of her opening, while rubbing her clit above. This drove her crazy, and he could tell she was close to her first release of the night.

"O god I've…..never mmmm felt ohhhh this damn good be..fore!" And then Sakura lost it. Her back arced off the mattress and Kakashi could feel her muscles contracting tighter against his tongue at the same time she let out a loud orgasmic scream.

He cleaned up all her juices before bringing his head up and kissing her passionately on the lips.

Sakura was much more demanding he noticed. Next thing he knew their positions were reversed and he was flat on his back with her on top of him.

"Sakura? What are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing? It's my turn to make you scream my name." She smiled seductively at him.

Next thing he new she pulled down his boxers and his rather large erection sprang free from its confines.

Sakura took him carefully into her hands, she wasn't sure what do at first, so she just stroked him and when she noticed his gasps and small moans she got even braver.

As she stoked and rubbed him she couldn't help but notice how hard yet soft he was. He felt so delicate in her hands yet it was still very very solid and hard.

Deciding to try something else, Sakura settled herself between his legs and took him into her mouth.

"mmmm… Sakura…. You oh god… you don't have to do mmmm this."

Sakura giggled slightly at his attempt at chivalry, it was obvious he was enjoying this and yet he wanted to be considerate of her.

" Don't worry Kakashi, I want to do this, besides I love seeing you squirm and moan at my touch." With that said she took him as fully in her mouth as possible and sucked, he let out a very loud moan that pleased her greatly.

Kakashi was in pure heaven, here was the woman of his dreams, sucking on him and enjoying every minute of it.

Sakura continued her ministrations on Kakashi for several minutes before, she suddenly felt him throb in her mouth. This however only encouraged her more and she quickened her pace. Kakashi on the other hand, summoned all the will power he possessed and pulled away from her.

"Sakura… you need to stop for now." He was panting and found it very difficult to explain why.

But it seemed that didn't need any further explanation. She understood; he didn't want to come yet, not until he was inside of her.

They smiled lustfully at each other for a moment before their bodies crashed together; Kakashi seized the opportunity to pull Sakura beneath him while kissing and nibbling her neck. Sakura Kakashi could tell was getting nervous but he knew that the pain that was going to come was inevitable.

" Kakashi.. please try to be as gentle as possible. K?"

" I will Sakura, but it is going to hurt so just brace yourself against me, and is you really can't take it, tell me and I'll pull out."

Sakura nodded, preparing herself for what was to come.

Kakashi spread Sakura's legs open as far as they would go, and settled himself between her legs. He used him arms to keep as much weight off her as possible, then he started off by slowly rubbing his hard length against her. He heard her moan and he could stop the eager groan the escaped his lips as well.

As gently as possible he began to work himself into her, at first only the head, then a few more inches. He felt her stiffen and wince in pain, but she didn't say anything so he continued. He was restraining himself with everything he had, he promised himself that he wouldn't begin to enjoy her tightness until he broke her barrier. Finally at last reaching her virgin barrier he looked at her, and when she had no objections he thrust into her feeling her barrier being pushed then finally break, At that moment Sakura let out a small painful scream and Kakashi couldn't hold back his hearty moan as he felt he tight muscles envelop him, and pull him the rest of the way in.

Sakura never imagined that losing her virginity would be this painful. But it was, she could feel his thickness invading her body, and although her body welcomed it, it also resisted.

Kakashi held his hips still, giving her time to adjust to his penetration. But still he wanted to make sure she was ok.

"Sakura.. are you ok?" He asked rather breathlessly


"Sakura…if it's too painful, tell me and I'll pull out."

At this Sakura's eyes widened. It hurt like hell but she didn't want him to leave from inside of her.

" No, don't leave just give me another minute."

Staying still for so long was killing him, but he didn't want to hurt her anymore than he already had. After a couple more minutes Sakura gave him the ok to start moving. And he did slowly.

When he first began to move it hurt her again but after a few slow gentle thrusts, Sakura started to feel immense pleasure.

" mmmmm … oh god… Kakashi ahhhh"

He was so big and was penetrating her so deep that the pleasure she was feeling was indescribable so she just grabbed on to Kakashi and touched whatever part of him she could reach; his hair, back even his nicely shaped ass.

Kakashi was feeling lightheaded by the pleasure. Now that the pain on Sakura's part had subsided, he found himself moving faster and deeper inside of her, and it felt so good.

" oh god.. Sakura, you're so..so tight."

"mmmm faster Kakashi, please."

So he sped up and as he did Sakura let out her loudest moan yet.

"So good" he whispered in her ear as he began pushing into her a bit harder.

He took on of her nipples in his mouth and then Sakura arched clean of the mattress, but not coming yet. She was close he could tell.

" Sakura, he whispered lustfully, I'm gonna go a bit faster and deeper, ok?"

"mmmm…k" that was all she could answer before she felt Kakashi moving faster and deeper within her.

" Oh god!! This f- feels a-amazing mmmm"

"That's it Sakura, let yourself give in to your desires, he was pounding into her at a now furious pace and her screams and his grunts and moans were getting louder, come for me Sakura." He commanded in a breathy whisper.

She couldn't hold it in any longer, she felt herself convulse uncontrollably, as her back arched up her muscles tensed. She could faintly hear her loud moan and orgasmic scream. But what really caught her attention was Kakashi's moan and the way his body too was shaking uncontrollably.

Kakashi was in awe at the pleasure being with Sakura brought, her feminine muscles were squeezing him tight from the inside, trying to make him surrender his seed. And watching Sakura scream and convulse from her orgasm was finally enough to break his control, he could no longer hold back and he allowed himself to surrender to the pleasure being offered.

Just as Sakura's orgasm began to subside, she feel Kakashi drive into her incredibly hard and looked up to see his face contorted in absolute pleasure, that's when she felt the hot splash of his seed from inside of her.

They lay there for several minutes, catching their breath, and gazing into each others eyes. Sakura had the fortitude to speak first.

" Kakashi…. that was the most amazing thing, I've ever experienced!"

At her words Kakashi gave her a smug smirk.

" I know, I've never felt this way during or after sex before." He bent down and gave her a kiss full of care, lust and love.

"Sakura…. I love you."

Sakura's eyes widened a fraction before she was kissing him again.

"Good. Cause I love you too."

Sakura could not believe how much her life had changed in such a short amount of time. Sakura and Kakashi would spend the next week in Kakashi's apartment making love and talking. And every morning when she woke up , Sakura would pinch herself just to make it wasn't a dream. She still couldn't quite believe that this was really happening.

Their friends and the community were surprisingly accepting of their relationship, some people even claimed that they saw it coming. They couldn't be any happier, well at least until one day about 2 months after they started dating, when Sakura learned that she was pregnant! Her and Kakashi were very happy that they took a chance on each other, things were turning out better than they planned.

And two weeks after that, the man that everyone in the village said would remain a self proclaimed bachelor forever, got married to a beautiful pregnant Sakura!

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