Author's Update

Good day to all you fanficcers out there.

Ok so a small bit of news from my end. I have not for a signle solitary second forgotten about this story. I have been having nightmares about what I should do to continue this particular bit of storytelling. The issue is that unfortunately reality likes to interfere with the creative process. Primarily, the fact that my current job requires me to have a college degree. So most of my spare time has been spent taking whatever classes that I can take.

Interestingly enough, that is no longer an issue for me anymore. For those who may not know, I am currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, though that distinction will only apply for the next few weeks. I have been informed that I will be separating from the service, meaning that I will be a civilian once again. Now my time get's to be spent preparing for my transition from military to civilian life. Not sure when I will be freed up to continue my work on this site but the moment that I can I will make sure to focus my full attention on it.

Here's hoping that I haven't lost most of my audience yet.