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Sakura stood in front of the mirror, and a reflection of herself stared right back at her. She tucked a strand of her pink hair behind her ear and took a deep breath. "Wow! You look beautiful," Ino said, joining Sakura in the small room. "Are you ready?"

Sakura turned around, smiling at her best friend. "Give me a couple more minutes?" she asked. Ino nodded and left while Sakura turned back to the mirror to study her reflection again. "Well the day is finally here," she said, smoothing out her wedding dress and making sure everything was perfect. "Am I ready?" she asked her refection. Of course it didn't answer her, but Sakura could see a little bit of doubt in her reflection's eyes.

She glared at herself in the mirror. 'You can't back down now!' she told herself. 'You've been waiting for this day for months and now it's finally here so go out there and just marry Naruto already.' But she still didn't move. Instead, she closed her eyes, trying to muster up all of her courage. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, so why wasn't it feeling that way? She had stayed up all last night, tossing and turning in her bed, worried about how fast the next day was approaching and what it would bring.

'Do I love him?' she thought. She had asked herself that question probably a thousand times over the past few months, and every time she told herself that she was stupid for even thinking that question. Of course she loved Naruto, and it was true. She did. She wouldn't have said yes to him when he asked her out on their first date and she definitely wouldn't have said yes to him when he proposed to her, if she didn't love him a least a little bit. The problem was that she didn't love Naruto as much as she loved someone else. Someone who probably wouldn't care if she lived or died, but she still did love him more than Naruto, and the sad part was that she knew she always would. 'I'm an awful person,' she thought.

She thought about the two young men who she loved so much. There was Naruto, who always stood by her side and protected her, and then…then there was him. He would had left her on a bench unconscious, right after she had told him she loved him. He would had betrayed them all.

Naruto was the safe choice, while he was the dangerous one.

Naruto would always be there for her while he had already left.

Naruto would never break her heart, but it already had been broken. It had been broken by him.

Sakura suddenly wished that she was anywhere but in that small little room in the perfect wedding dress, and getting ready to marry the perfect man. She wanted to run; just run away and hide so she could think this all over for a while.

"Having second thoughts?" she heard a deep voice say from a couple feet behind her.

Sakura opened her eyes in surprise. She was so sure that she hadn't heard anyone enter. She whipped around to see who had spoken and gasped in shock.

"What are you doing here?" she breathed out.

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