Ok before I start getting any reviews (if I ever do lol)
I just want to start off by making a factual change clear in this story.

I've always percieved Angel Island and the Floating island to be
different places. I only noticed just recently when doing a bit of
research that they are in fact: The same place.

So for this story please bare in mind that the Angel island will be
a real island (in the sea) with all the zones from sonic3 while the
floating island will be the real deal with all the zones from S&K.

You have been warned...

Chapter1: Metalhedgehog

It was dark and the Eggman was busy at work. He was developing a new prototype in a secret base under the sea just off the coast of Angel Island. It was another metalsonic but a much larger looming monstrosity. In some way the eyes had some kind of resemblance to the original blue hedgehog but that was all. He wasn't quite sure what they would look like when he finally powered it up.

The construction room was a little shabby and he didn't have half the equipment he needed for a project like this, but somehow he'd felt that spark of excitement and created something different – something he had a feeling would one day lead him to success. He'd been watching the security videos of Sonic tackling him and his minions in the past and suddenly a thought had occurred to him that had revolutionised his way of thinking about his nemesis. He had always tried to duplicate Sonic in his attempts to destroy him. Silversonic, Metalsonic, Metalix had all been failures and Metalix his greatest failure of all. Something had gone wrong with the processor; the computer had malfunctioned, become self-aware and turned on him.

This new model was dark black with large alien spikes sticking up at razor sharp angles. He'd made them out of a new metal chainmail like structure so that they would be able to bend like the original hedgehog could. Half the gear had not yet been inserted into the design mainly because he was unable at this point to design it so that it would be compact enough. In other words he couldn't fit everything in.

The truth was that his greatest failure of all was his attempt to duplicate Sonic. The reason Metalix was imperfect was because Sonic was imperfect which made him unpredictable. This new model had only a partial resemblance to the original. He'd given it long sharp claws with a little influence from his reluctant past ally Knuckles. With glee he could just imagine it running the blue hedgehog through.

"Lets try," he yawned desperately, half exhausted. He stumbled almost tripping over a wire to a large computer at the other side of the room. He'd been at work for a long time. A huge industrial fan loomed over head spinning and letting in an eerie blue light from above. The sound had severely irritated him a couple of hours ago but now he had just come to accept it as background noise.

"Operate project Cybersonic," he said bending over the speakers. He had to support his weight with one hand.

There was a flash of sparks from the centre where the machine was located and then the lights went out and everything was suddenly darkness.

"Damn power," spat the Eggman feeling about for buttons and switches. He remembered the fear he had felt the first time he had been left with his own creations in the dark. When the death Egg crashed for the first time a huge amount of damage had been done to the infrastructure and he had been left in the dark with nothing but a pack of eight emergency flares. It had taken all of them to force start the emergency lighting.

Red eyes loomed in the darkness in the centre of the room.

"Hell-o Doctor Eggman,"

All that could be heard was the occasional spark and the constant hum of the fan. The Doctor turned with a gasp to see his creation alive. The red light of its eyes was all he could see by.

"Cybersonic!" he laughed excitedly, "how does it feel to be awake?"

"Good Doctor," said the voice. There were no lips to move and the computerised voice had a slight echo and was altogether almost friendly – but not.

"However;: there seems to be a problem with thirtytwo out of fortyfour of my systems. I am currently receiving on average over forty-seven thousand errors per second"

"Yes, yes of course you are Cybersonic," laughed the Eggman, "You're not finished that's why. You're sudden necessity for power has damaged the main generator of my base. I can't keep you online for very long. Do you know who I am?"

"Yes Doctor, you are the Eggman, my master and the eventual ruler of this planet"

"Good, good. Now Cybersonic I want you to do something for me."

"Yes Doctor, anything you command."

The doctor carefully stepped over the cable. The red eyes followed him in the dark. Slowly a red glow started to fill the room as the emergency lighting came on.

"Do you see that tin can up there on top of that shelf?"

"Yes Doctor."

"Can you please fire at it for me with the model36 bx miniature ion cannon"

"No Doctor I cannot." replied the machine. The red glow rippled over its black spikes like blood.

"Why not?" asked the eggman quickly.

"Because I do not have enough power to charge that device"

"Fine, fine of course…" said the doctor putting a hand to his forehead, "very well please target it anyway and give me an accuracy report from a shot"

"Done. Accuracy is currently at 24"

"Twenty-four percent!?" snapped the doctor, "That's not good enough what on earth's wrong with you?"

"My main brain is not powerful enough to control the equipped systems Doctor. I am sorry if this has caused you any trouble"

"Drat this…" snapped the Doctor sitting down angrily on the floor, "I've been working for six days and six weeks solidly on this project. As usual I've gone in way over my head"

"I am sorry Doctor. Without more processing power I cannot continue to function. As we speak several crucial sectors of my mind have had to be shut down to maintain my consciousness"

"Its useless what was I thinking? There's too much to run, its just too complicated, too small"

"Doctor my mind is terminating what should I do?"

"I'm sorry Cyber Sonic I will have to shut you down for now,"

"Shut me down? Please don't doctor"

The doctors eyes flashed angrily. His fist clenched, "What did you say?"


"Computer shut down Cybersonic."

There was a crackle of electricity and the red eyes went out. The doctor sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Dangerous," he sighed, "I'll have to replace the whole cortex to make it more reliable".

There were almost tears in his eyes as he looked up, "I can't have these things thinking for themselves"

He sat there in silence for almost five minutes thinking. That was his problem recently he couldn't stop thinking. He was having to take medication to get him to sleep. It was having a negative affect on his health and he knew it. He sighed gazing mindlessly ahead at the red blur. G.U.N had been coming down on him heavily recently. They'd shut several of his large bases down so that it was getting harder to run his operations. The Angelisland coastal base was very old. It was lucky that Sonic hadn't found it when he came through the first time – but then again it was three hundred feet under the ocean meaning finding it would have been a little difficult.

It had been a crucial beacon in tracking the hedgehog's movement across the island at the time and had served as a guiding beacon for the supply ships that had had to get round to the other side of the island to the much larger Launch Base zone. Launch base zone was a wreck now after G.U.N had found it. They'd accessed the main computer with that damned traitor Rouge and shut down a huge number of basses across the planet. The doctor was on the run and he needed something like this new design to give him an edge.

There was a noise of scraping metal and the doors next to him opened half way. A large white robot with blinding white eyes climbed in and looked down at the doctor. It was a very successful E10 model he had created years ago. He had nicknamed it Decimus as it was the only E10 out of ten similar models that hadn't had a major malfunction or been destroyed.

"Doctor are you alright?" the electronic voice was much quicker and much more precise. It was a joy to hear the robot speak again. Decimus always satisfied the Doctor. There had never been a robot that had been as reliable as Decimus in the Doctor's memory. It was his personal body guard, his lifesaver, it organised everything for him.

"Yes I am fine," he smiled, "help me up"

The robot extended a long metallic hand. The design was white and black and the shape reminded him of that old failure Gamma. Decimus had always been loyal though unlike the former. He hadn't put him in the major battles, the doctor felt him too important to just be destroyed. In truth he was quite fond of it.

"The base has suffered critical power failure, it may be wise to evacuate in case a breach of the sea wall occurs."

"Yes I understand," nodded the doctor, "I need Cybersonic kept in one piece though. I want it taken care of and I want this base running as well. I can't afford to have this base go underwater"

"That was a funny joke sir,"

"Please Decimus, I am not laughing. I am currently in no mood to laugh at anything"

"Yes sir," said Decimus gazing mindlessly at him, "I am sorry sir. I have a message for you sir"

"A message? It can wait,"

"I was informed by the main computer on the Iliad that it was very important."

"Very important?" growled the doctor with a roll of his eyes, "This can only be bad news. G.U.N has been hounding me across the planet along with that damn hedgehog. I've received so much bad news recently that its hard for me to distinguish what good news is. Go ahead give me the bad news."

"Yes sir. The Iliad informed me at 02:34 hours that the Red Mountain underground base has entered into a state of Red Alert claiming that an intruder has entered the site"

"An intruder!?" roared the Eggman, "It will be that blasted hedgehog again. I'll kill him… I'll murder him and his little friends this time. Damn it! Call the Iliad out of orbit, I want it docked here ready to transport me and Cybersonic to Redmountain a.s.a.p. I'll give that blue rodent a lesson he won't forget!"

"Immediately sir"

The Emerald hill zone had been one of Sonic's favourite places to relax in ever since the good old days when he had chased through it looking for the Eggman. It had become quite a tourist attraction these days and a number of small tourist villages had started up around the area. Sonic was currently staying at quite a pricey hotel just at the foot of the Emerald Lake called Indigo Palace.

As usual the blue hedgehog had taken to the sun and was out in a deck chair with a milkshake by his side. A very attractive hotel staff maid walked up with a glass plate full of yet more milkshakes. Rather than hand the hedgehog one and walk off as would be expected she placed the whole glass plate on the small plastic table next to him.

"Thanks!" said Sonic tipping up his Sunglasses with a grin, "Another hotdog as well please!"

"Yes sir coming right up!" she said with a small curtsy and hurried off. Sonic grinned and pulled his sunglasses down. They gave him everything for free here… except the rent of course. It was good publicity for them to have Sonic staying at their hotel. They didn't even serve hotdogs at the hotel unless he came. The chefs were from what they called a "higher dining society" and avoided anything that was easy cuisine.

His supersensitive ears had often picked up the staff complaining about his food orders behind his back, it didn't bother him though. It was worth it just to enjoy Emerald hill zone from a point where you could get inside when it started raining. Emerald hill zone was notorious for having some pretty rough storms in the rainy seasons.

"Sonic watch out!"

Sonic only had a few seconds in which to look up take off his sunglasses and then dash out the way as a huge dark shadow engulfed the sun; landing crashing on top of his deck chair sending milkshake everywhere.

What remained was a huge blue fighter jet with a familiar twin tail symbol on the side. A glass cockpit opened out and a two tailed orange fox jumped out landing neatly on the floor; a pair of brown goggles over his eyes.

"Tails what the hell are you doing?" said Sonic, "you almost squashed me like a pancake!"

"No time for that! Do you like it?" said Tails with a grin.

"Like what?" said Sonic sarcastically looking from side to side. "I don't see anything"

"My new aircraft of course! I'm calling it the Blur"

"The Bl-ur?" said Sonic nervously, "Wait a second!? This does not dwarf the fact that you have just squashed my deck chair and six, no wait… seven of my milkshakes!"

"Also I got us invitations," said Tails handing Sonic a small piece of paper.

Sonic snatched it irritably, "Great this is just getting better already. What we gonna see, Mario Party fourteen?"

"Haven't you heard the news? G.U.N is going to unveil a new type of microprocessor tomorrow at the Metropolis Science Fair. It's really important – this could change the face of science as we know it!"

"Sci-ence…" said Sonic disbelievingly, "cool. You go do that and send me a post card all about it"

"Come on Sonic! Its important and we need you there to kinda smooth things over with G.U.N. Lets be honest things between you and them haven't always been all that great"

"Yeah, yeah I wonder why that is? Maybe because they're all a bunch of money grabbing accountants bent on monopolising the world"

"Aw Sonic Come on!"

"Hey!" interrupted Sonic with a waving finger, "Lets not forget that they pulled the first move on me. I mean come on Shadow didn't even look like me. How did they get confused between black and blue? You can forget it"

"Sonic Pleeeeaaase!"

"Forget it kiddo I'm staying here and there's absolutely nothing in this world or the next that is gonna make me get in that new contraption of yours"

"Sonic!" shrieked a high pitch voice suddenly from the direction of the lake. A pink hedgehog in a tight red miniskirt was running up the hill with a large golden hammer in her hands, "Sonic I found you finally! I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"Ok Tails," said Sonic suddenly very serious, "I've changed my mind. I am going wherever you are going as long as it is: right now and far away from here"

"Excellent!" said Tails happily leaping back into the cock pit, "get in!"

"You don't need to tell me twice"

With a firing up of electricity and blue thrusters raising the jet into the air it blasted off at high speed just as the pink hedgehog stopped out of breath at the flattened deck chair.

"Sonic!" she called, "Is it my hair? Do you not like my miniskirt? Talk to me! Sonic!" she sighed looking at the floor, "Aw nuts he got away again"

The general entered the room. He had one red eye and one blue and was wearing a smart blue suit with two soldiers either side of him armed with large automatic weaponry. A scientist approached him in a white lab coat.

"Have you heard the news?"

"I've heard very little news lately. All I want to know is why you've called me all the way over to Metropolis on a Sunday. I hate you science types so this better be good – AND quick"

"Sir we've done a lot of good work here. Our discoveries and involvement in this new micro processor will revolutionise not just every day life but your own military forces as…"

"Is that all you called me out here for: to tell me this!?" shouted the general, "What the hell do you take me for? Get to the point man!"

"Yes sir! Right away! Well you see… it's a tricky one," nervously he scratched the back of his neck, "Last night we detected a foreign presence in our computer systems"

"That's impossible don't be an idiot!" retorted the General, "Nobody would be stupid enough to break into a top government network"

"Well that's what it looks like at the moment sir," he said gesturing to electronic doors that opened as he spoke, "Please follow me"

They talked as they went along through deep corridors and through rooms full of computers and machinery. They passed rows of G.U.N robots targeting dummies with weapons with live ammunition from behind bullet proof screens. They could hear the bullets being fired from behind the walls.

"You see sir at the moment we're really not sure who did this. The computers were completely unable to detect what happened. It was only by chance that one of our boys was doing a late night shift and happened to notice that our own computer, or rather someone else's computer was accessing our files"

"You mean to tell me you only just noticed? So how long has this been going on for?"

"Well that's what we're trying to find out and also why we need you here General. Our boys are trying to organise our defence on the cyber plains but we need you to help organise our defence on more physical terms;

excuse me; you there get this door open for me"

"Right away sir," said an assistant who swiped a card against a reader and entered a thirteen digit code into the panel.

Large metal blast doors opened into an enormous circular room with a huge computer pillar in the centre. It had a vast ring of buttons round its base. There were computers all around the room. Techies were everywhere in red coats walking back and forth and sitting at desks with headphones on talking to computers and writing things down.

"Meet Lillith, our super computer," said the lab technician with an air of pride.

"I don't say hello to computers," snorted the general.

"Very will then I will. Hello Lillith!" called the lab technician towards the ceiling, "Are you there?"

"Hello Doctor Morgan, how are you today?" said a pleasant female computerised voice.

"Fine Lillith. Listen… er Lillith I've got a very important General with me from er… G.U.N. I was wondering if you could tell me more about the security breaches that have been happening here?"

There was a hesitant silence.

"I'm sorry Doctor I have no records of any security breaches either now or in the entire history of my construction"

"Ok Lillith thankyou," said Doctor Morgan with a nod "That will be all"

He turned and smiled to the General who looked extremely unimpressed.

"She doesn't seem to think so," said the General with an air of sarcasm.

"Exactly, she doesn't' know! Either her memory has been erased or she has simply been prevented from knowing. Either way it shows an incredible hacker must have…"

"Spare me your admiration for this blatant terrorist," snapped the General, "We want to put him behind bars not give him a bloody medal!"

Doctor Morgan was interrupted by a man who tapped him on a shoulder with a clipboard in his hand. The man began to talk very quietly and had dark bags under his eyes as if he had drunk far too much coffee and spent far too much time out of bed. He continually stared at Doctor Morgan and refused almost as if unaware to acknowledge the other people in the room.

"We've found the files on the access breach; seems somehow that our hacker prevented Lilith from even realising that there had been a breach. The attempt happened in the early hours of the morning at about 2:03am. The hacker was looking at seemingly unrelated files but that's not to say that he or she didn't look at the plans involving the micro processor. What is most disturbing is that…"

The man paused looking up to see the General, "Er… is it safe to speak? I er don't want to…"

"Go ahead," said Doctor Morgan, "This is a General from G.U.N. everyone here is safe mark my word"

"Er… yes as I was saying," he continued in the same volume, "This er doesn't seem to be the only attempt that the hacker has made. It seems several attempts have been going on and now that we've been able to recognise the code for this one we've been able to trace the others as well. It seems these attempts have been happening far more often than we first expected it…"

For the first time Doctor Morgan who had previously seemed quite excited to have military company suddenly looked deadly serious. He put a hand on the man's shoulder and looked directly into his eyes, "How Long!"

"Well sir…," he began slowly his eyes shifting from side to side, "If what the backup computer's memory is telling us is correct… then it seems someone has been gaining information from our systems ever since systems went online"

The General stepped forward, "What exactly is it that you are studying here?"

The Doctor gulped taking time to speak, he seemed to regain a little bit of confidence suddenly, "We're not studying sir we're building. We've designed a new type of micro processor, a new kind of chip if you will that can do everything. Chips as you know are the basic building blocks of any computer but these ones we have designed can hold over one thousand times the amount of information compared with the best chips of today. Any new computer created out of these chips could be theoretically one thousand times more efficient. If it were to fall into the wrong hands…"

"Such as the Eggman's?" suggested the General with a raise of his eyebrows

"Yes perish the thought," chuckled the doctor nervously loosening his collar, the colour going from his face.

"Do you find something funny Doctor Morgan?" asked the General coldly, "because I don't. It seems you've called me in to sort out your mess, but don't think for a second that I'm willing to save your neck. For your part you can start by finding out every single piece of information about our terrorist as you can. I want to know where he or she made those downloads from"

"What about the science fair tomorrow?"

"Cancel it!" snapped the General, "I want this place locked down tight until we know exactly what's going on"

"Cancel it!?" exclaimed Doctor Morgan, "We can't! The planning has taken months of preparation; there are guests from all over the world!"

"I don't care!" interrupted the General again, "I want these computers disconnected from the web, I want phone lines down and I want every means of outside communication halted. I…"

A soldier standing next to him whispered in his ear, "We can't cancel it sir, the President is going to be there"

"I…," sighed the general shaking his head, "I…," his lip tightened, "Damn you fools. Damn you all for getting me out here on my day out. And for God's sake where's a damn chair when I need it? Don't you people ever sit down!"

"Sir I…"

"Shut up! Find me a room where we can sort something out for once rather than standing around like idiots. This is serious, far more serious than any of you fools seem to understand!"