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Roxas smiled as he saw the beautiful blonde girl come towards him dressed in a short mini skirt and a pink halter top, giggling as he motioned her closer.

"Roxas, are you sure that your parents aren't around?" she asked, snuggling closer to him, trying to slip the blonde boy out of his shirt. Caressing his skin lightly with her pink nails and licking her glossy lips.

"Yeah, yeah…we have the whole week to ourselves…" Roxas pulled at her skirt, thanking god that his parents gotten a girl from the adoption agency.



The blonde boy woke up, startled to find that the beautiful, blue-eyed girl was nowhere to be seen. Where was he?

Oh…right…in the real world.

"What?" He yelled back to the voice. Why the hell couldn't his parents let him sleep in? Of course, to him and his twin, eight o' clock AM was sleeping in. Both parents were up at five, and demanded the boys were up by seven, at the latest.

"Come down and have some breakfast! You've already wasted half of your morning!" His mother replied.

Roxas rolled his eyes and looked at the clock on his nightstand. It read 6:45 in blinding green numbers. Damn. He could get ready for school in fifteen minutes…if his parents would only let him…

Jogging down the stairs, after he had dressed, ('Breakfast should never be eaten in pajamas,' his mother would always tell him. 'It's the beginning of the day, so treat it right.') and slipped into his spot at the already full table.

Sora, who sat across from him, was smiling. "I can't wait. We get our sister tonight, right?" He asked, stabbing his pancake. "We're going to play video games ALL NIGHT! Thank god it's a Friday!"

Roxas nodded, realizing that today was the day he'd been waiting for for months. The day he was getting a sister. "When are you going to get her?" He asked, hoping that god would smile upon him and make it after school, so he could come and help 'pick her out'.

"During the school day…so by the time you two get home, she'll be settled into the family room, since her room isn't quite done yet." Roxas mom, a tall blonde woman, replied smiling. She had been hoping for a daughter for a long time, since she lived in the house with three other boys.

Roxas cursed under his breath. "Well, that's cool. We'll finish our homework during the school day, right Sora?"

His brunet twin nodded, smiling. "Oh yeah! And tonight, I will have your head served to me when I kick your butt in video games." He gave an evil laugh, well, as evil as Sora could get.

Roxas just rolled his eyes and finished his breakfast, craving the moment the bell rang after school…


Running home, Roxas kicked open the door, to find a beautiful girl, the one from his dream, lounging in her bathing suit. "Hey, Roxas. It was getting a little hot in here so I thought I might…"

"Roxas!" A loud slam rattled the blonde boy's desk. "What are you doing?"

The blonde turned his head up, wishing he hadn't as he looked into Leon's cold blue eyes.

"Um…just…thinking…about…" Sora coughed somewhere behind Roxas. "How brilliant your eyes are." Roxas finished, giving the teacher his best and brightest smile.

"Detention…after school." Leon replied, walking off towards the front of the class again. "Ten minutes."


Hayner laughed as Roxas retold his math class detention story. "He didn't believe that you were dreaming about his beautiful eyes?"

Pence and Olette smiled sympathetically. "I'm sorry Roxas. But, you'll have the whole weekend with your new sister…ten minutes isn't going to mean much in the long run." Olette reminded him.

Sora nodded in agreement. "Plus, I'll stay with you, Rox. We'll see her together for the first time, so no races!" His blue eyes shown at his older brother.

"Thanks, Sora. I guess ten minutes won't mean much…"

"And it's not as long as it could have been!" Hayner told him, still giggling about the Leon incident. "Man, if I would have told him I was dreaming about his beautiful eyes, I prolly would have had to stay the whole night grading homework for him!"

"Yeah, well…if you wouldn't mouth off so often…" Pence chided quietly. "Roxas normally doesn't talk in that class…"

Roxas chuckled, hoping that ten minutes would go fast.


Roxas sat in his math room, trying his mind powers out on the clock. Just go…faster! He realized that whenever you wanted time to go fast, it took forever…and when you wanted more time to…daydream, it wouldn't. He knew that there was secretly a god somewhere in charge of time, just laughing at all of the mortals begging him to move faster.

Sora was sitting opposite him at the round table, also wishing the clock would move quicker. He gave a little smile to his brother, telling him to attempt patience. It was only ten minutes…right?

Leon walked back into the room with a blonde boy trailing him.

"Well?" the blonde asked.

"Just a minute, Mr. Strife. I promise this won't do anything to your grade." Leon told the student, giving him a small smile.

"I know, but I hate that radicals packet…I did awfully and I just want to know what the grade will be…"

"Cloud, you've taken even piece of extra credit I've given all year and done wonderfully on the tests, I'm sure it won't do anything to your outstanding grade." Leon replied, sitting down at his computer, obviously pulling up the grade of the young blonde boy that stood next to him.

Roxas glanced over to his brother, silently asking him if he saw the little smile his icy math teacher had just given that student. Creepy much?

Leon looked up as he saw Sora move. "Excellent, Roxas. You may leave."

Roxas and Sora both jumped out of their chairs, grabbing their things, and bolted out of the door before Leon could mutter, "It's a boy, Mrs. Walker…"


Both boys flew into their living room and dropped their things, expecting their sister to be waiting for both of them.

Instead, both parents were sitting on the couch reading…

"Welcome home, boys!" Their father greeted them, looking up form his novel. "I can't believe you were late…I expected you two to be home minutes before school had even ended."

Mother laughed. "I thought at least one of them would play sick…"

Roxas cursed himself. Play sick? No duh! Why the hell hadn't he thought of that?

"Well, we have to talk to you two…could you come here and sit with us?" Their mother asked, motioning to the couch.

Both boys sat down, expecting the lecture on rules. No pinching, no kissing, no raping (not that their parents would say such a vile word…but they could imply what they meant with evil glares), and no sexually harassing their sister in any way, shape, or form.

"The girl we had expected to get today had been adopted…but the agency asked us to take a new person that had just arrived…that had a rather…interesting case…and we said yes…so instead of a sister…"

Roxas saw what was going on here. He wouldn't get the blonde of his dreams…was he even going to get a human? Had all of the girls been adopted? Did his parents settle for a turtle had almost gotten run over? Was it's legs bandaged so that the two boys felt so bad for ever wanting anything BUT that turtle that they would take care of it themselves?

Roxas wiped a tear from his eye, thinking of his new turtle on crutches, walking into the room with two casts on it's little green legs.

"Roxas, I know you wanted a sister, but we felt that a brother would probably be a little more comfortable for the family, anyway…"

Roxas looked up at his parents. No turtle? A brother?

"His name's Axel. He's sixteen…and he's had a pretty hard life so far, so your father and I thought that we could give him some stability."

"Where is he?" Sora asked, looking a little disappointed in not getting a sister, but he looked excited by the thought of someone new in the family.

"He's in the kitchen, but-"

Before their father could finish, both boys ran off to the kitchen, to lay their eyes upon the last thing they thought their parents would let into the house.

Roxas took in the sight. Two tattoos under the boy's eyes. He had flaming red hair, obviously it had been dyed, although he had gotten the eyebrows dyed too, and Roxas had heard that that was dangerous. The black shirt the boy wore had both sleeves torn off, revealing thin, pale arms with a few scars colored in a pinkish purple.

Baggy pants hung low on the boy's waist, showing the thinnest line of black boxers underneath, and exposing an inch or two of skin under his belly button. This part of the new comer flared interest in Roxas.

Bright green eyes flashed to the two boys as they ran in, skidding to a halt a few feet from where the redhead was sitting. The emeralds were framed in dark eyeliner and enhanced by the little black diamond shaped tattoos under them.

The older boy swallowed whatever it was he was chewing and gave them a cocky smile. "Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?"

Roxas's jaw dropped as Sora smiled brightly. "I'm Sora! How are you, Axel?"

Axel just nodded his reply, taking another bite of the banana he had in his hand, which Roxas had missed in the first 'once over'. The redhead glanced over to Roxas, where the blonde was still looking incredulous, not believing his parents let this kid in the house.

Finally, the parents made it into the room, to calm the awkwardness. "Axel, these are our sons, the blonde is Roxas and the brunet is Sora. Boys, say hi."

Sora waved his greeting again while Roxas could just nod and pull his tongue back into his mouth. "I thought you two wanted a girl."

Axel laughed as Roxas's eyes never left him. "I AM a girl! Can't you tell?"

That just confused Roxas, whose brain was going a little slower than usual anyway. "What?"

"He's joking, Roxas." Sora muttered to his brother. "Axel, do you like to play video games?"


Sora pouted as Axel delivered the final blow, killing the little brunet's character for the fifth time in the last ten minutes. "Axel, I thought you said you were bad at this game!"

"Well, I hadn't played it in a long time, so I figured I was." Axel smiled as he stretched his arms; tired after the hours the boys had been in the rec room in the basement. "Roxas, wanna challenge me?"

Roxas looked up and shook his head. "No, Sora can play."

Sora shrugged. "Yeah. Are you good at DDR, Axel?"

Axel shook his head. "Nope. I have to stay on the standard level because I can't get up to challenge mode."

Sora moaned. "I'm stuck on 'Light'…"

The redhead just laughed. "We don't have to play it…why don't you and Roxas play? I'm getting a little sick of him staring at me anyhow." Axel turned to give a pissed off look to the blonde sitting on the other side of Sora.

"Ok. Come on, Rox…"

Axel jumped up onto the couch, avoiding the heads of his two new brothers who were leaning on the over stuffed blue sofa. "God this is comfy…" the redhead laid back, his head on his arms, and closing his eyes sleepily. "I think I'll just crash here…"

Sora snorted. "Mom and dad won't let you. They don't want any of us down here by the video games because they think we'll stay up all night playing them."

Axel laughed and ruffled Sora's spiky brown hair. "I think they'd let me if I asked…"

"I don't think so, but good luck." Roxas muttered.


Axel smirked as both of the twin stomped wearily up stairs to their bed. Axel had been right. He had gotten to sleep on the comfy, comfy…couch…zzzz….


Roxas stretched and yawned as he rubbed his eyes. He had gotten to sleep in until eight this morning! Thank god!

He ran downstairs to see if Axel was awake, only to be greeted by his younger brother. "Where's mom and dad?"

"They went shopping for clothes for Axel. They didn't really like what he brought with him, so they're buying him new stuff." Sora replied, taking a bite of his oatmeal, covered in sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon sugar.

"And Axel…?"

"Is downstairs, still sleeping."

"What? Not only did they let him sleep downstairs, but he's STILL sleeping?" Roxas asked incredulously.

"Yeah. They asked me to wake him up if he wasn't up by nine…but it's still only eight fifteen…"

Roxas sat down next to his brother, sighing. "He's so damn lucky."

Sora shook his head, turning his full attention to his brother. "Did you see the scars on his arms? Those looked really fresh too! He had a few scabs on his wrists that I noticed while we were playing video games."

Roxas rolled his eyes. "I meant that he was lucky mom and dad give him the special treatment."

Sora nodded, content with the answer. "I feel really bad for him…mom told me that his mom was dead and that his dad was in jail for killing her…"

Roxas held up his hands. "I didn't ask for his life story, Sora. I just wish I could sleep in, too."

Sora chuckled. "No, because if you wanted to, you could go back upstairs and sleep. Mom and Dad are gone…but you want to see him again, din-chya?"

Roxas glared as he grabbed Sora's oatmeal and gave the bowl a nice lick before handing it back to his brother and making his way downstairs.

The rec room was pitch black, which was probably the reason that Axel was still asleep. Mom and Dad never kept the blinds closed though, so Axel must have shut them before he fell asleep or early this morning.

Roxas crept over to the windows and pulled the shades up, then slipped back upstairs before Axel could catch him.

Sitting back down at the table, Roxas smiled at his brother, who was eating the oatmeal as if Roxas hadn't slobbered all over it. "I opened the blinds."

Sora just rolled his eyes and took another bite of his bowl of sugar.

A few minutes later, a very sleepy redhead made his way upstairs, missing a shirt and a real set of pants. The only thing the boy was wearing was a pair of long, baggy, black boxers.

"Hello, Axel!" Sora greeted him. "What would you like this morning? Apple juice? Orange Juice? Oatmeal with Roxas spit? Oatmeal without Roxas spit?"

The redhead just mumbled and plopped into the chair next to Roxas, while the blonde took in the sight before him.

The redhead's entire chest was covered in bright pink little scars, most of them were almost faded, but a few stood out almost as much as the boy's flaming red hair.

"It's…too god damn fucking early…" Axel moaned, trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

"Yes, well, we all wake up early in this family…it sucks." Roxas replied, taking a spoonful of Sora's oatmeal.

"God…it's…so…early…what muther fucker-"

"Such awful language!" Sora laughed. "Axel is definitely not a morning person!"

The redhead flinched at the loudness of the brunet's voice. "Apple juice."

Roxas frowned. Apple juice? Oh! Axel wanted apple juice. The blonde got up and poured the redhead a glass of juice then set it down in front of Axel. "There ya go."

Axel took a few sips and continued to rub his eyes. "What time is it?"

Roxas checked the clock, right in front of Axel, and smiled. "Eight thirty five." He replied cheerfully. "We have time to get dressed and go over to Hayner's."

"Hayner's? I told Kairi I'd take our sister to her this morning so that she could meet her!" Sora told him, taking another small bite of oatmeal.

"But Hayner, Olette, and Pence are waiting for us." Roxas replied, watching Sora in case he mad a move to grab Axel.

"But nothing! Riku wants to meet her."

Axel put the empty glass down on the table and stood up. "I'm not a girl. It's too fucking early to deal with this shit." He stood back up and walked down stairs.

Sora smiled. "He's definitely not a morning person…lets wake him up about noon, eh?"


Sora and Roxas were sitting at the dining room table finishing their homework they had started just an hour before when Axel finally woke up again.

He trudged up the stairs and flopped down right in the middle of the floor. "So, what are we gonna do today, kids?"

Roxas shrugged, glaring at the redhead as he called them 'kids'. "Well, you pretty much decided what you wanna do. I called Hayner, Pence, and Olette and they're coming over at about one forty-five…"

"But Kairi and Riku are coming over at twelve thirty!" Sora told them, proudly motioning to the clock that read '12:23'. "You get to meet my friends first, Axel!"

Axel nodded from his comfortable spot on the floor. "And your parents?"

"Still shopping." Roxas replied. "They're going to try to finish up your room today, so that you can sleep upstairs…or at least that's what they said when they called about an hour ago…they could be eating out too…or going to a movie…"

"Or…" Axel smirked as he let Roxas process the open-ended sentence he had given the boy. When Roxas just rolled his eyes, Axel noted that obviously neither of the boys were half as perverted as he could be. "Very well then. I should go get dressed, eh?"


Roxas and Sora were sitting on the couch when they heard Kairi let herself in. "Good afternoon! Where's your beautiful sister?" She yelled in a singsong voice.

Sora smiled and waited to reply until she came into the living room. "We didn't end up getting a sister…we got a brother."

Kairi's face fell and she turned to look behind her. "Did you hear that, Riku? Looks like I'm still stuck with you boys." She adjusted her pink dress.

Riku, the definition of masculinity, stepped into the room, and Roxas could feel Sora radiate happiness. For the past few months, Roxas grew increasingly aware that Sora was always happier when Riku was with him.

"I heard him, Kairi. I was right behind you." Riku told her, turning to smile at Sora, who gave him the best and brightest smile he could muster.

"Well, were is your brother?" She asked, growing impatient and weary that no one was giving her as much attention as she wanted.

"Prolly downstairs getting dressed. He just woke up about five minutes ago." Roxas replied, because Sora was too busy making googily eyes at Riku.

"And he's prolly pretty damn hungry, so someone should prolly make him some food."

Kairi turned around to see who would use such bad language in front of a lady and she gasped. "Oh…"

Axel was dressed just as Roxas had imagined he would: Black baggy pants that gave a view of an inch of black boxers with a small, white flame design on the right hip, A tight black shirt with spawlly white writing that Roxas couldn't make out. And of course, he donned his black leather gloves.

Riku however, gave Axel a smile and put out his hand. "I'm Riku, a friend of Sora's."

"Axel. The new kid, obviously. Got it memorized?" Axel replied, giving Riku's hand a quick shake before he let go.

Riku lifted his eyebrows as Axel pulled away. "You're hands are really-"

"I'm Kairi." Kairi turned, giving Axel her best smile. "I'm one of Sora's friends, but I hope that we can be friends, also!"

Axel just nodded, giving a annoyed look to Roxas, who totally understood. Kairi was his least favorite person in the whole school. She was a bitch and she did everything she could to be the center of attention. Roxas was glad that Axel seemed to pick that up.

"Well, are you going to ask me to have a drink with you sometime?" Kairi asked Axel.

Axel just laughed and turned to the two brothers. "I promised some of my friends that I would meet them for lunch, so tell your folks that I'll be gone for a bit." He smiled and walked out the front door, pulling on his black converse.

"Well, he was rude." Kairi rolled her eyed and smiled at the group of boys. "Well, what should we do now?"


Pence took another bite of ice cream and licked his lips. "Yum! How delicious!"

Roxas just smiled. Being here, with his three best friends and his brother (no Kairi, thank god) made him happy. These were his favorite people. Although, he had a feeling Axel would make it into the group of his favorites sooner or later.

All of them were sitting on the twin's front porch, relaxing. None of them had homework, no was supposed to be anywhere all night…everyone could just sit and waste some time.

Sora took a lick off of Roxas's ice cream cone. "That's no fair, Roxas. You took the best bit!"

Roxas rolled his eyes. He did love his brother, but god. "Sora, no I didn't. Do you wanna trade?"

Sora nodded and reached for Roxas's cone as they heard a group of boys come down the street.

Right away, Roxas noticed that the group included a redhead…well, a redhead running from the rest of the group.

"AXEL!" screamed the blonde one. "YOU ASSHOLE!!! GIVE ME BACK MY SHOE!!!"

Axel just laughed and ran faster towards his new house. "Not likely, Dem! You'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands."

As Roxas saw the pink-haired boy, he started to realize who these boys were. They went to his school…

They were called by many names. Bullies was probably the better known name, however.

Was Axel friends with these kids?

The pink-haired boy finally caught up with Axel and jumped him, pulling the redhead down onto the lawn of Roxas's neighbor. "You're an asshole for making Demyx run over here without a shoe. How cold hearted can you get, you bastard?"

Roxas couldn't fight the urge to go over and stand up for Axel…so he did.

"Get off Axel, punk!" Roxas yelled at the two boys, who were being joined by a third as Roxas made his way over. "It's just a shoe!"

Sora hissed at Roxas to sit down. Axel could probably take care of himself, seeing as the redhead was giggling while the pink-haired boy, or Marluxia (Roxas finally remembered their names. Marluxia, Demyx was the blonde, and Zexion was the new comer.) strattled his hips.

But, before Roxas could get any closer, Marluxia swooped his head down and gave Axel a furious kiss. "That's for being so cruel to poor Demyx." He gave Axel one more, only this time it was slower. "And that's for making us think you'd actually leave us here, asshole."

Axel just laughed. "Well, I think I need a little more punishment, Mar. You'd better kiss meh again."

Marluxia laughed as he slipped off of Axel, only to be replaced by Demyx. "I can't believe you made me run all the way from the park, here. You have such a cold heart, Axel." He pouted.

Axel put his arms in front of his face. "Zexion! Call off your boyfriend! He's using the pout of death!"

The quite one, with a dark bluish hair color, just rolled his eyes…well, he rolled the one you could see under the curtain of hair. "You deserve it, Axel. He probably stepped in shit on the way over."

Roxas's jaw dropped as he took in the sight. Was Axel just kissed? By a man? And he knew these punks? The punks that had been mean to all of Roxas's friends at least a million times since the beginning of this year?

Finally noticing that Roxas was staring, Axel pushed Demyx off of him. "Guys, this is meh new brother, Roxas. The cute brunet over there is Sora…and I don't know who the hell the other three are."

Roxas nodded, crossing his arms defiantly.

"Roxas, Sora, this is Marluxia, Demyx, and Zexion. They're meh best buddies." Axel smiled as he draped his arms over Demyx's small shoulders.

Roxas couldn't reply. He just walked back into the house, nodding goodbye to his friends.


"Roxas! Supper time!" His mother called again.

He had spent the rest of the afternoon in his room, avoiding Axel. But, it didn't help that the only thing that separated Axel from him, was a door.

Axel's room was right next to Roxas's, and they used to be joined, but when Sora and Roxas both got their own room, their parents decided Roxas didn't need the extra space and added in a wall to split his room into two.

Axel had spent the whole rest of the afternoon talking on his cell phone, which he apparently had just packed too deep into his things, and he had just found it. Of course, it was on the new family plan for his new family, but he had all of the numbers of his friends…and all Roxas could hear was him talking to those friends of his.

Remembering that he had actually been called down to dinner, Roxas slipped off his bed and opened his door, only to be confronted by Axel.

"Oh, Axel-"

But, before he could finish his sentence, Axel had pushed the little blonde back into his room, shutting the door behind himself.

"So, just feel like giving me the silent treatment all of the sudden?" Axel asked as he pushed Roxas to sit on his bed.

"Well, your friends-"

"What about my friends?" Axel asked, giving Roxas a nasty glare, daring the blonde to say one word against them.

"They're bullies!" Roxas yelled, standing up and facing Axel. "And I can't believe I'm stuck with one of them! I was going to get a sister! But I'm stuck with you! A self absorbed punk!"

Roxas covered his mouth with both hands, realizing what he had said. "Axel, I-"

Instead of the outburst Roxas expected, Axel chuckled and pushed Roxas back down onto the bed and smiled. "You think I'm selfish? You think my friends are mean? Looks like someone needs to spend a little more time with me and my friends." Axel placed both of his hands on either side of the little blonde's head.

Roxas's breath caught in his throat as Axel came closer. What was going on…?

Axel smiled as Roxas's breath slowed and his eyes closed, waiting for something to come next. "I'll have to find you Monday when school starts, eh?"

Roxas just nodded, keeping his eye closed. "Yeah, I guess so."

Axel smirked and slipped off of Roxas. "Well, dinner time, kid."

Roxas frowned as Axel walked out of the room. What was that?


"Well, Axel, how was your first full day here?" Their mother asked.

"It went well, actually. Thank you." Axel smiled at his new parents, and then gave a little wink to Roxas.

What the hell have my parents gotten me into?



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