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Summary: Team 7 finds an injured girl a few years younger than them-selves, while out training. When she awakes they find out that she lost her memories. The only thing that is known about her is her name and that's because she wore a gold pendent with her name on a charm bracelet around her left wrist,

They also know that she belongs to a very wealthy family much like the Uchiha clan or the Hyuga, for she wore a silver pendent Inu, with ruby for eyes, a sapphire crescent moon on his forehead and diamond for claws. The most they can suspect is that the necklace was a family crest and she was her clan's heir.

Several years later an male makes his way into Konoha for a meeting, recognition flashes through her eyes and memories that were lost to her for a whole year comes flowing back to her.

AN: The Chunin exams have passed already so this story takes place after it but before Itachi and Kisame makes their entranceSasuke did get curse but he will NOT be going to Orochimaru. Jiraiya taught Naruto the Rasengan earlier than the series.

I am going to try some-thing new since most of my pairings involve around Kags and Sasu because I love the pairing, but I want to try another match up, so do not flame me because you hate the pairing or the story. If you do not like it then you know that back button…Click on it and GET OUT…I am too busy to deal with flamers.

The pairing is…

Kagome and Neji

Naruto and Ino

Hinata and Kiba

Chapter 1: Finding the lost heir

Four shinobi' wearing the leaf forehead protector walked deep into the forest, three of these nins looked about twelve-thirteen and were following an older male of about twenty-six-twenty-seven.

The older male had dark gray hair that stuck up and onyx eyes. He was wearing a blue pants, blue shinobi sandals, a gray long-sleeve and a green vest, covering his left eye was his forehead protector and a dark blue mask covered his lower face. In his hand was an orange book that he held up in front of his face.

Walking slightly behind him was a female with shoulder length pink hair that had the leaf forehead protector holding her hair back and jade green eyes. She wore a pink dress that had slits up the sides stopping at mid-thigh revealing red shorts. On her feet were blue shinobi sandals.

Beside her was a male. He was shorter than the female beside him with spiky golden blond hair and bright blue eyes that sparkled with happiness. He wore an orange pants and an orange jacket zipped up and blue shinobi sandals. On his forehead was his forehead protector and across each cheek were three whisker-like marks.

The last male walked beside the blond boy. He had onyx black hair that went to the nape of his neck. His forehead protector was around his forehead as well. He had obsidian black eyes and was dressed in a black high-collared shirt that stopped right below his bottom lip; on the back was a white and red fan and black shorts that ended at his knees. On his feet were black shinobi sandals.

"Kakashi-sensei, where are we going?" Asked the blond boy

"Shut up Naruto" Hissed the female punching the top of the blond boys head

"Ow" Naruto cried out rubbing the top of his head

"You are such an idiot Naruto" Called the female turning her attention to the other boy in the group she continued, "Why can't you be cool like 'my' Sasuke-kun"

The boy identified as Sasuke 'tsk' at the female's statement. "I belong to no one least of all to a whining, clingy, weak girl like you Sakura" Called Sasuke coldly crossing his arms

"But Sasuke-kun" Protested Sakura

"Alright, that's enough. Sakura refrain from hitting Naruto, he was only asking a question." Called Kakashi

"Sorry sensei" Whispered the female

"Now, Naruto, to answer your question we are going to be training out here."

"What is the purpose of that?" Asked Sasuke turning to look at his sensei

"You can get more training done out here. Trees you can climb to practice chakra control, walking on water to also practice chakra control. You can spar against each other, practice your jutsu and…"

"And…" Called Naruto

"And I can read my book in peace. Now go train."

Team seven sweat-dropped at the answer before heading out to train.

"Hey Naruto" Called Sasuke

Naruto turned to face his teammate "What…?"

"Spar with me…"

"Um…Alright, sure Sasuke-teme, prepare to lose." Shouted Naruto with a grin

"Heh, yeah right loser" Called Sasuke with a smirk

"Arg, Sasuke-teemmeeeee…" hollered the blond boy as he charged towards the slightly older male with his fist drew back.

Sasuke dodged the punch and ducked the kick. Twisting around him, he struck Naruto on the back with his elbow.

Naruto winced a bit and stared at Sasuke. Kakashi observe the two from over his book. Sakura stared at Sasuke.

"What's wrong dobe?"

Naruto growled at the nickname and summoned a clone, "I'll show you, Sasuke-teme"

Sasuke watched at Naruto formed a ball of chakra in his hands and his clone help form it.

"Hm" He brought his hands together 'Ox, rabbit, monkey' dropping his left arm, his right hand gripping at his left, lightning crackled down his arm.



Were the unison shouts from the boys as they charged at each other.

Naruto sidestepped Sasuke's Chidori hit, pivoting on his left feet he made a move to slam the Rasengan into Sasuke's side, but the younger Uchiha jumped backwards to avoid the hit.

Landing softly on the ground Sasuke looked up at Naruto. "Hn, you have gotten fast dobe"

"Heh, so have you teme." Naruto folded his hands behind his head.

Sasuke looked down at his feet when he felt wetness. His eyes widened in shock.

'Blood' was the thought that went through the Uchiha's head.

Looking around him, he tried to find the source of all this blood.

"What is it, Sasuke-teme?" Called Naruto running over when he saw Sasuke turning his head back and forth trying to find something.

Kakashi watched over the two boys while Sakura stayed where she was standing.

Sasuke walked towards the left side following the trail of blood until it led him towards a small clearing that held wild flowers, a huge tree and a small pond.

Walking into the clearing Sasuke looked around spotting a small black figure lying amongst the flowerbed, he headed towards the figure.

Upon reaching the figure his eyes widened in shock, He ran towards the body and kneeled beside the female that was unconscious and in a pool of blood.

Gently he placed two fingers near her jugular area checking for a pulse.

"Kakashi-sensei, come quickly." Called Sasuke as he carefully picked up the girl and dashed out of the clearing.

Kakashi stood up and ran over towards Sasuke, "What happened?"

"I do not know. I was standing in blood over there" Sasuke motioned with his head "I followed the trail that way and came across this clearing. She was lying in a flowerbed beside a pond, in a pool of her own blood. I checked her pulse. It's slow but there."

Kakashi nodded his head and took the girl from his student's arms. "Alright, I'll take her to the doctors. You three head back to the village," That said Kakashi vanished in a puff of smoke.

The three genins of team 7 raced back towards the village.

Sasuke because he was curious about the girl, Naruto because he was worried about the young girl and wanted to know if she was going to be all right and Sakura…Well she just wanted to be with her Sasuke-kun.

"Kakashi-sensei, how is she?" Asked Naruto

"I would not know Naruto, the doctors has yet the return from the ER."

"Oh, but do you think that she will be fine?"

"She will be just fine, Naruto, I'm sure." Kakashi smiled at his students.

The doors opened and a doctor stepped out.


Kakashi stood up and faced the doctor as did his students.


"The young girl you bought in, do you know who she is?"

"No, Sasuke, here, found here like that in the forest"

"Well there are two things that we know for sure about the girl"

"They are?" Asked Sasuke

"Come with me and i will show you."

Team7 followed the doctor silently.

Sakura took the time to wrap her arms around Sasuke's gaining an annoyed look and the said Uchiha yanking his arms away from the clinging girl and picking up his pace to fall into step behind Kakashi.

After walking for a while, the doctor stopped and opened a door with the numbers 2245 and stepped inside motioning for the four to enter.

The four stepped inside and looked at the young girl.

She was lying on the bed, hooked up to machines and the heart monitor beeping every second. Her long silver-ish white hair were hanging off the bed and barely touching the floor.

"She's pretty" Called Naruto

"Yes, she is quite the looker isn't she?" Replied the doctor

Naruto and Sasuke nodded their heads.

Sasuke's eyes widened when he realized what he just did.

"Did you just agree to the doctor's reply, Sasuke-kun?" Whined Sakura clutching onto Sasuke's arms

"Get off me, Sakura" Sasuke pushed his female teammate away from him.


The doctor blinked at team 7 before motioning to the girl's neck and wrist.

"Whoever she is, and where-ever she is from we know for certain that she belongs to a high ranking noble clan."

Team 7 looked at the beautiful silver Inu pendant that adorned the female's neck on a silver chain. On the Inu's forehead was a crescent moon decorated with sapphires. He had rubies for eyes and diamonds for claws and a sharp pointed thing that was sticking out of his mouth, a fang probably also made of diamonds. Around her wrist was a diamond charm bracelet with a gold platted pendant that read 'KAGOME'' decorated with sapphire, ruby, amethyst and emeralds.

"Gee, those things look fairly expensive." Called Sakura eyeing the necklace

"Kagome, that's her name. It's very pretty." Called Naruto

"When you brought her in she wore a cloak, well when we stripped it off her it revealed those weapons"

The doctor pointed towards the corner of the room where several weapons were laid upon a desk, beside it was a pitch black wallet with a silver crescent moon.

"We didn't get a chance to check the wallet for identification and if it proves to be useless than I guess we really won't know any-thing else about her until she awakens and that is if she does not suffer from amnesia."

"Where is she? I want all of you out searching for her?" Demanded an ice cold voice before cold, emotionless gold eyes glared at the shinobi's before him. "Explain to me again, what happened?"

"Well we went out on the mission to locate and capture the informant and found out who they were working for, we turned our backs for a sec and you were right about your suspicions. Kikyo was the traitor. She attacked Kagome-chan with several arrows before Orochimaru appeared and sliced her with his Kusanaga couple of times. We jumped into the fray as soon as we could get passed the lower demon that Orochimaru summoned we attacked the two fiercely drawing them away, but, when we turned Kagome was gone. We looked around the area but couldn't find her any-where that's when we returned to the village."

"I see. I want you all out searching as soon as you are healed up. Follow any leads, any-thing that sounds like it will be Kagome. I want her found, alive. Do yo understand?"

"Yes Sesshoumaru-sama"the response came

"You are dismissed." several poofing sounds were-heard than silence.

Sesshoumaru sat down in his chair stiffly, glancing at a photo that sat on his table, it was a picture of a female with pure silver hair and ice blue eyes rimmed with gold. She was dressed in a form fitting two-layered kimono the bottom being silver and the top being pure black with silver swirls, and sapphire blue crescent moons, On the back of the kimono was a giant silver Inu with a navy blue crescent moon, Twin maroon stripes on each cheek and a strip of maroon over each eye lids. The Inu was lying on a fluffy looking white cloud. In her hands was a giant sword the tip of the blade resting over her shoulder.

Reaching out Sesshoumaru grasped the frame. "Kagome…I will find you, I swear…"

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