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Chapter 3: Leaving...or staying?

"Kagome" Whispered Sesshoumaru and Atari

Kagome blinked her eyes at the two men in front of her. They did look familiar but she just couldn't place where she seen them before. She watched as the silver haired male took a step towards her, cautiously as if afraid that she'd vanish into thin air.

Neji narrowed his pale eyes at the strangers before turning to look at Sasuke who was staring at the man as well, as were the others. Turning to face the strange men again he found himself staring into glaring blackish red eyes. Startled he took a step back.

"Kagome, do you not know who i am?" Came the sudden question from the intimidating man.

Kagome tilted her head to the side. "Sorry. I lost all of my memories a year ago. I couldn't even remember my name until Kakashi-san showed it to me on my bracelet. The only thing that i seem to have known how to do with no trouble is fight."

Sesshoumaru and Atari were frowning at the start of her statement but towars the ending both men smirked.

"I would think so. You trained too long and too hard to just forget everything." Called Atari

"Kagome" Started Sesshoumaru "You need to come home now, okay. Everyone misses you."

"Home?" Questioned Kagome

"In Tenma Shouhekigakure; The village hidden behind the demonic barrier." Called Atari "Inuyasha is crazy with guilt and sorrow. He blames himself for what happened."

Kagome blinked confused, "Inuyasha?"

"Yes, his yours and Sesshoumaru-sama's brother. His younger than Sesshoumaru-sama but his older then yourself. He blames himself for what happened to you."

Kagome furrowed her eye brows at that statement not comprehending how her getting amnesia was the fault of her brother, it's not like he had caused it, right?

"How is it his fault?" She asked softly

"He begged you to take his team with you on a mission that you were sent on. You refused because you hated the females that was his students, but after much begging on his part you relented and allowed them to come with us. It would seem that his students were the ones we were sent after to apprehend. They set up an ambush for us; you, as our captain sent us away to get reinforcements while you would hold them off. Well..." Atari trailed off "You can guess what happened next."

Kagome nibbled on her lower lip, glancing at Sasuke who was looking at her from beneath his dark colored bangs.

Sasuke stared at the girl he considered a younger sister. He knew what she wanted without her actually saying it and he would support her 100 if that's what she really wanted and he knew thats what she'd choose after all she did want to regain her lost memories what better way than to return home with her brother. But how can he be sure if what he spoke of were actually the truth. Only one way to find out...

Turning his gaze towards the silent man he opened his mouth to voice his question. "How can we be sure that you are who you say you are?"

Sesshoumaru turned his golden stare towards the young male and he couldn't stop the small respect that surfaced when he saw the protectiveness that the Uchiha was showing for his Imouto.

"Her name is Kagome Taishou. !0 years old; turning eleven in October. She has a silver Inu pendant connected to a silver chain. On the Inu's forehead is a sapphire decorated crescent moon; his eyes are rubied and diamonds for claws and fangs. On her wrist is a diamond charm bracelet and a gold pendant bracelet that has her name on the plate which were decorated with sapphire, ruby, amethyst and emeralds. She also has a sword and a black wallet both of which held a emblem of a crescent moon. The crescent moon is the symbol of our house; The house of moons. Her royal title would be Princess Kagome Taishou." Called Atari

"Princess?" Questioned everyone in the room

"As i am a Prince. Our father rules the Western domain. When i came of age i started a village where i lived with you and Inuyasha. Several other demons made themselves home there as well as missing nins. When the village started populating and attacks became frequent. You sat up a barrier around the growing village which gave us the name we have till this day." Whispered Sesshoumaru

"Tenma Shouhekigakure" Called Atari

Sasuke took a step forward and placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder and turned her to face him. "Listen Kagome. Go with them okay."


Sasuke took hold of Kagome's smaller hands and led her out of the office and towards the enterance of the building the others followed behind them, but remaining silent.

"Go. It's going to be alright. Remember you wanted to know your past so you should return to where it all started." Sasuke called tightening his grip unconciously at that thought of never seeing her again crossed his mind.

Kagome eyes burned with tears. "But..."

she paused when she saw several shadows of figures appeared in the distance. They watched as the shapes took form and revealed seven male figures. A silver haired male stepped forward but stopped as he stared at Kagome before turning his gaze towards Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru, father is waiting for your return."

"Alright Inuyasha" Called Sesshoumaru as he started walking, Atari falling into step behind his Kage.

Sasuke looked down and released Kagome's hand pushing her ahead of himself.

"Sasuke..." Kagome trailed off when she saw his determained eyes.

"Don't hesitate, just walk forward and don't turn back" He called sternly before leaning over and whispering something into her ear.

Sesshoumaru paused in his steps as he heard the Uchiha's words; seconds later he heard the sounds of feet hitting the ground turning his head slightly to the side, his eyes widened to see Kagome running forward coming to a stop beside him.

"May i come with you?" she asked

"Of course you may, little sister" Called Sesshoumaru as he continued walking.

Atari grinned happy that Kagome was finally with them again even if she couldn't remember anything yet.

Arriving at the gates Sesshoumaru turned to look over his shoulder and stared at the Uchiha. He gave the boy a nod of appreciation.

Inuyasha blinked back tears as he saw the face of his little sister. When she stopped in front of him he encased her small frame in a big bear hug. Kagome smiled softly and returned the hug. She may not know them but her heart says something different. Her heart says that she does know them and in time she will get her memories back and when that happens; she will return to Konoha with her family and her forgotten memories but until than she will do what she has to and with Sasuke's last words playing in her head she followed her brothers.

'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.'

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