Title: The Space She Invades - Prologue: Matchmaker

Characters:Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Duncan MacLeod. Mentions of Chloe Sullivan and Sarah Blake (from SPN Episode #1.19: Provenance)

Disclaimer:The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators.

Summary: Dean has decided it is time for Sam to stop hunting and settle down.

The Space She Invades - Prologue: Matchmaker

They'd been settled in Seacouver for over a month. Duncan had set them up in one of the furnished apartments behind the Dojo while he took care of business and worked with Dean on his sword training. Sam felt like he was on holiday and he had to admit he was enjoying the break from hunting.

Dean banged into the apartment and headed straight for the bedroom. Sam followed to find Dean packing. "What's going on?"

"Get packed; we're heading to New York," Dean said curtly.

Dean hated being in one place too long but after the incident a few months back with the German, Duncan had felt that it was important for Dean to have regular stretches of sword training without the distraction of hunting. Sam was inclined to agree. It had been a close call and if not for Chloe…well Sam wasn't going to let his thoughts go there. "What's going on, Dean? Sam asked. "I thought Duncan wanted us to stay here a few more weeks."

"No offense but screw Duncan. I am done with his Nazi training sessions. We have things to do."

"What could be more important than making sure you're prepared?" Sam pushed. Dean had been in a foul mood ever since Chloe left but he didn't think this sudden desire to head to New York had anything to do with chasing after the intrepid reporter. He was sure there was something between the two but Dean had avoided the topic every time Sam brought it up.

His brother continued to pack refusing to answer the question. Sam stepped in front of him. "I know you're easily bored, Dean but why the sudden desire to go to New York?"

Dean sighed and looked up at him, "If I am going to live forever, you're getting a normal life. You'll never get that hanging with a bunch of Immortals and hunting across the country."

"Dude, I can handle my own life." Aside from one embarrassing attempt to hook him up with Chloe and few offhanded remarks about wanting some nephews, they hadn't really talked about the future. Sam had hoped Dean had let go of the idea of trying to create the perfect life for him.

Dean smirked, "I don't think so. When was the last time you got laid or even went on a date? And computer hacking with Chloe doesn't count."

"Seriously, what is your obsession with my sex life?" Dean just snorted. Suddenly it dawned on Sam why Dean had decided his future was in New York. Sure of the answer but wanting to hear it from Dean, he asked, "What do you think is in New York?"

"Sarah," Dean stated simply.

Sam sighed. He hated being right. When he'd thought Dean was dying, Sam had made the decision to embrace hunting in a way he never had as a teenager. He had put aside the idea of marriage and kids but it seemed that Dean had not. Now, Dean was Immortal and Sam couldn't explain why he was fighting against the idea of that life, especially if it might include Sarah. "We are not going to New York. I haven't seen Sarah in years."

"Come on lover boy, I know you email her all the time. Some pretty steamy stuff too." Dean smirked knowingly.

Sam was horrified. "How the hell do you know that?"

"I have my sources."

"Chloe! She hacked my email and told you about Sarah." Sam was irked about the invasion of his privacy.

"Yep, she's the one who gave me the idea. Guess she was good for something." Dean smiled ruefully.

Sam eyed his brother sympathetically but this was not about Dean and Chloe. "She had no right to do that."

"Please, you're totally gone on Sarah and you were never gonna do anything about it. Chloe was just trying to help."

"We're not going." Sam protested half heartedly. Dean must have sensed he was caving because he kept pushing.

"Oh yes we are. Dude, you shouted her name so loudly last night you woke me up. Plus, e-mail sex is no substitute for the real thing."

"It wasn't like that and I did not shout her name," Sam insisted. Though, he wondered if maybe he had because Sarah had been running through his dreams quite a bit lately.

"Okay maybe not but if you did talk in your sleep, you totally would have."

Sam was about to retort when Dean groaned and made a face. Sam knew that look. It meant Dean felt another Immortal close by. Grateful for the interruption, Sam went to answer the door.

"Just great, I was hoping we could slip out before Ponytail could stop us," Dean groused.

"Stop you from what?" Duncan asked as he stepped into the room.

Sensing an ally, Sam explained that Dean wanted to go to New York.

"Dean, you're not ready. I would have thought that the incident with an immortal almost taking your head would have knocked some sense in to you."

Sam snickered earning a glare from Dean

"Thanks for that vote of confidence," Dean quipped testily, "but more sword fighting can wait. We're going to New York to get Sam laid."

"Dean!" Sam was mortified. "Mac, it's not like that. Dean thinks I need a regular life. He has this crazy idea that Sarah and I need to get married and make babies for Uncle Dean."

Duncan just laughed, "It's okay, Sam. I'm getting used to your brother's sense of humor. You like this girl, right?" When Sam gave a small, reluctant nod, Duncan continued, "Then, I think it's a good idea."

"Traitor," Sam snapped. "What happened to 'Dean you need to be better trained'?"

Duncan shrugged, "That can wait because Dean is right. You deserve some normality, Sam. I've watched too many mortals waste their life trailing after Immortals. It's no way to live." The sadness in Duncan's tone made Sam wonder what mortal had 'wasted' their life for him.

He needed to hold his ground but he felt his resolve slipping away. Already Dean was bursting with self-congratulatory triumph. "See, older brother is right again. Now get packed."

"Dean..." Sam hesitated. He wasn't ready to tell Dean he was right. He did like the idea of him and Sarah together. Was a three year continuous email conversation a foundation for a relationship? Sam found himself hoping that it could be. Plus, the idea of his descendants having a guardian angel in Dean was very comforting. Finally, he consented, "You win. I'll call Sarah and tell her we're coming."

"Alright Sammy! Getting with the program." Dean cheered. Turning to Duncan he added, "I'll be back in a month and yes I will keep my sword with me at all times."

Duncan shook his head, "I don't think so. I'm coming along. Besides, I love weddings."

Sam stared open mouthed at Duncan. Before he could remind Mac that he wasn't even sure Sarah wanted to date him, Dean chimed in, "Sounds like a plan. Of course I'm gonna be the Best Man but you can be Sammy's Maid of Honor."