Title: The Spirit Ever Lingers

Author: strangevisitor7
Rated: PG - 13
Fandom: HL and SPN; Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sarah Blake, Duncan MacLeod, Connor MacLeod, OFC - Katie
Pairing: Sam/Katie
Disclaimer: The characters you know and love all belong to their respective creators. Except Katie she's mine and dedicated to clarksmuse

Chapter Summary: Sam and Katie have burned Derba's Bones. Is Sarah finally free of her influence?

The Space She Invades - Chapter 11: The Spirit Ever Lingers

Dean sat in the living room in the early morning hours. Connor had taken the first watch of the lovebirds and was now asleep on one of the living room sofas.

On the other sofa, Duncan was asleep with Sarah leaning against him. Dean had removed the handcuffs and Duncan had been much more cooperative since returning from the dead. But Dean wasn't stupid; he still had his gun out, ready to shoot if crazy Duncan returned.

Debra, too, had finally calmed down when Duncan returned to the living. Dean avoided the whole "He's Immortal" talk by convincing Debra that he'd used a stun device. She was skeptical but had accepted the idea when Duncan didn't contradict Dean's explanation. Even in his delusional state, Duncan seemed to recognize that sharing the concept of Immortality with Debra would be a bad idea.

Connor and Dean had spent the rest of the day keeping a vigilant eye on the couple. As long as they didn't try to separate them again, the two behaved and were content just to be in each others presence.

Suddenly Sarah sat bolt upright and started screaming, "No! No, no." Duncan woke and tried to calm her.

"It's just a nightmare," he cooed.

Sarah was crying. "No, my love. This is goodbye." She reached up to stroke his face and then collapsed.

Dean was over by her side in an instant, trying to revive her. "Sarah! Wake up!"

Duncan stood up and was staring at Sarah. In a daze, he backed out of the way as Connor came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Duncan turned to look at him; confusion played across his face. "Connor, I'm sorry. I …," he hesitated and gestured to Sarah, "I thought…"

"I know. You weren't yourself." Connor reassured him. "We can talk later if you want." Duncan nodded and retreated to the far corner of the room.

Connor let him go and came to kneel in front of Sarah.

"Dean, what's going on?" Connor asked.

"I think Sam and Katie may be working their magic," Dean answered.

Connor took hold of both her hands "Sarah. It's Connor. Can you hear me?" He pleaded.

They waited. Sarah groaned and her eyes fluttered open. She blinked once and tried to focus. Sitting up, she looked around and stared at the man in front of her. She gave a little cry of triumph and flung her self at him. "Connor!"

He grinned and captured her in an embrace.

Dean reached over to touch her shoulder and pull her away from Connor. "Hate to break up the reunion, but I need to know if it's really you?"

Sarah looked at him and her eyes went wide. "Dean Winchester," she exclaimed. "Yes it's me." She stopped and grimaced as if remembering something unpleasant.

"What?" Dean asked.

She held up her wrist in a bit of a panic. "Get it off! Get it off!"

Dean laughed and grabbed the bracelet. This time it slipped easily off her wrist.

"Thank you!" She groaned and began rubbing her wrist.

""I'll just take care of this, Sarah," he emphasized her name and smiled. Dean left the couch to grab his duffle. He found the curse box Bobby had told him how to prepare and placed the bracelet inside. Later Dean would deliver it to Bobby who wanted to examine it before they attempted to destroy it.

"Sarah, I've missed you," Connor said as he took over the job of massaging her wrist. "What do you remember?"

"Nothing specific. Just a general awareness of being trapped inside my mind; flashes of faces, bits of conversation and the knowledge that it was the bracelet's fault. Why? What did I do?"

Connor smiled at her and moved to sit beside her. "Nothing, really. You just thought you were in love with Duncan."

"Who? Wait your brother Duncan? Or Sam's friend Duncan?"

Connor pointed to Duncan who gave her a sheepish smile and a small wave. "Actually it's the same Duncan." Connor explained.

Sarah looked confused. "Really? That's a coincidence but I guess that's to be expected when you hang out with the Winchesters." She laughed quietly.

"Yeah," Duncan said sourly as he leaned against the wall. Dean came to stand beside him.


"I'm fine, really. Embarrassed, but fine," he admitted and waved Dean off. The emotional turmoil of the past few days was receding quickly. The ache for Debra was still there. Later he would take the time to mourn her again but for now he just needed to put it behind him.

Dean grinned. "Good to have you back, dude."

Duncan nodded solemnly in return. "Good to be myself again."

Dean clapped him on the shoulder and went to sit down next to Sarah.

Sarah leaned over and hugged him. "Thank you. I know you had something to do with freeing me."

"Not me," Dean confessed. "Sam did all the dirty work."

Sarah looked around. "Where is Sam?"

Dean laughed. "It seems he had to go to Scotland to get rid off your pesky spirit. Took Katie with him. She insisted really. If all goes well, they won't be back for a couple of weeks."

"Scotland. Katie went? Well actually, that doesn't surprise me." Sarah grinned, "She's been begging me to introduce her to you guys ever since I shared what you do. She's always been a true believer in all that paranormal stuff."

"She really wanted to help you," Connor said. "She's a good friend."

"Wow, yeah I guess she is. Are they okay?"

"We won't know for a while. They had to hike pretty far from civilization to find the grave. It should take them a couple of hours to get back and find a working phone," Dean explained and tried not to think what it might mean if Sam didn't call. Debra's spirit was gone, so Dean was pretty sure Sam was okay.

Sarah nodded and squeezed his hand. "No offense Dean, but maybe you guys shouldn't visit any more. I think I've had enough of the supernatural for one life time."

Connor met Dean's eyes over Sarah's head. Dean shrugged.


"Yeah, Con?"

"We need to talk."

It took about three hours for Sam and Katie to make it back to the hotel and phone service. Once in the room, Sam called Dean.

"Hey Dean… I'm fine. Katie's fine… That's great news." Sam covered the phone and spoke to Katie, "Dean says Sarah is 100 Sarah and the bracelet came right off."

Sam laughed as Katie did a little happy dance of celebration. His attention was drawn back to the phone when he realized Dean was yelling at him. "Sorry, yeah, I'm here… that is none of you business, dude. Seriously."

Katie had stopped dancing and began laughing because she knew exactly what conversation the brothers were having.

She reached over and yanked the phone out of Sam's hand. "Dean, it's Katie." She moved backward away from Sam. "Yes we did!" she laughed. Sam caught her and reached for the phone. "And it was fabulous!" she shouted as he pulled it out of her hand.

Sam put the phone to his ear to hear Dean's self-congratulatory ramblings. "Yes, Dean, you are the best big brother in the whole freakin' world… No, I will not say it again… Goodbye, Dean." He snapped the phone shut and pointed a finger at Katie. "You will pay for that." He tackled her onto the bed. "Rule number one if you are going to be with me: Dean is the enemy, and we do not feed the enemy," he said with mock seriousness.

"Oh, and who says I want to be with you? Maybe I just want to use you for sex and the occasional grave desecration," Katie smirked.

"I can live with that," he smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

This Story is now complete. I hope you enjoyed it!