Debra sat in the waiting room at the doctor's office nervously glancing at the door periodically at the door hoping to see Ray walk through to join her. He hadn't talked to her since Sunday and she knew the chance he would come was unlikely. As she looked away from the door her eyes fell on a couple across the room, young and clearly very much in love. He gently rubbed her belly and smiled at her. Debra held back tears as she remembered that she and Ray were once like that. She picked up a magazine and leafed through it waiting for her name to be called.

Across town Robert was getting ready for his shift when there was a knock on the door. He opened it to see Amy standing in front of him.

"Hi Robert," she said smiling.

"Amy, what are you doing here?" he asked nervously.

"I want to talk to you. Can I come in?" she asked.

"Of course. Do you want anything to drink?" he asked helping her off with her coat.

She turned around and Robert froze for a moment staring at her round belly, "No I'm okay."

"Well what did you want to talk about?" He said sitting down on the couch.

She sat next to him and took his hand, "Robert, I want to come back home. I don't want this to continue to come between us."

Robert smiled, "I promise you Amy I only love you. I want you."

"I know." She said leaning in to kiss him.

He pulled away and stared again at her growing belly, "How are you feeling? Are you okay?"

She took his hand and put it on her belly, "We're fine. She's perfectly healthy."

"She? You mean?" Robert managed.

"Yes Robert, we're going to have a little girl." Amy's eyes shined with pure happiness as they melted into another kiss.

Debra lay in bed trying to read a book. She was too tired to really concentrate but her mind wouldn't let her sleep. Her concentration was further interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Mom," Ally poked her head in.

"Hi sweetie, shouldn't you be in bed?" She asked.

"Well I am heading that way. I just thought you might like some warm milk." She said entering the room and handing the glass to her mother.

"Thank you, honey. Maybe it will help me sleep." She said taking a sip and setting it down on the nightstand.

"Would you like some company? The boys are in bed and had their bath." Debra had as usual spent most of the evening after dinner in the bedroom while Ally got the boys ready for bed. Ally hated seeing her mother falling apart but really didn't know how to help her.

"Well, sure but you don't need to be up late. I appreciate how much help you have been but you need to keep up with your homework and get enough sleep." Debra said.

Ally got in bed and snuggled up to her mother like when she was a child, "I did it before dinner you know that and I don't mind making sure the boys took their bath and are in bed. You need someone to help you."

Debra put her arm around Ally and kissed the top of her head, "I don't know what I do without you guys," she paused, "Um, did you talk to you dad today?"

"Yeah and I don't think he's any happier than you are. I just don't understand why he doesn't come home already."

"Oh, honey, he's really upset and I can't really blame him. But I don't want you to worry, everything will be okay." Debra assured her daughter.

Ally looked up at her mother and studied her face. The dark circles under her eyes revealed the many sleepness nights she had. Ally knew her mother was trying to protect her but that things might very well not be okay.

"Well when I was at grandma's uncle Robert called and told her he and Aunt Amy are back together. So why can't Dad come back?"

Debra was surprised to hear of their reconciliation but was happy nonetheless, "Ally, I don't have the answers. Your dad won't talk to me so I don't know why he won't come back except he's hurt and angry."

"Doesn't he care about us anymore?" Ally asked and the question tore Debra's heart out.

"Of course your dad loves you very much, you and the boys. That hasn't changed, no matter what is going on between he and I."

"Does he care about the baby? Doesn't he want to be here for it?" Ally kept pushing for answers Debra didn't have.

"Of course he loves the baby. Look Ally I know you have a million questions and I wish I could answer them but I can't because I don't understand myself. Now let's get some sleep, okay?"

"Okay. I love you Mom." Ally said hugging Debra after turning out the light.

As darkness surrounded them Ally could hear her mother's soft cries.

The next evening Ray sat watching tv in Frank and Marie's living room. Ally walked in from the kitchen and plopped down next to him. He barely looked at her.

"Dad, when are you going to talk to Mom? She really misses you. Don't you miss her?" She asked pointedly.

"I don't want to talk about it. This is between your mother and me and I don't really care if she misses me." he said angrily.

Ally stood up in front of the tv so Ray would have to look at her, "None of my business? You're my parents of course this is my business. She is falling apart over there. She hardly gets out of bed and barely eats which is not good for the baby. She cries herself to sleep every night. When are you going to get over yourself? You know Aunt Amy forgave Uncle Robert and came back home. Why are you being such a jerk?!"

"Alexandra Marie Barone, you don't speak to me that way!" Ray shouted.

"Well someone has to. How do you think this affects me and Michael and Jeffrey? Mom messed up but you're hurting her and don't tell me you're happy over here. But do whatever you want Dad, because it's all about you!" Ally stormed out the front door leaving Ray by himself her words ringing in his ears.